Well, it looks like our drama is in trouble...of pushing us all away. It was a week of little plot movement (unless you count spinning wheels) and lots of frustration, with noble idiocy holding the car keys, the murder mystery taking a backseat, and story development being ignored entirely. Join me, DeShonda, and Marakeshsparrow as we discuss these recent episodes.

OhSoEnthusiastic: Well, I don’t know about you guys, but this week felt like we were spinning our wheels the whole time. I kept waiting for something to actually happen. We barely spent any time on the murderer and the murder mystery. Our lovebirds were mostly frustrating to watch. And I honestly don’t even remember much else that happened, cause it was so……………... Anyone else?

DeShonda: These episodes did focus on the relationship of Ji Wook and Bong Hee a lot and less on the actual murder. I was wondering what the outcome would be when Ji Wook realized that Bong Hee’s father may have something to do with the death of his parents. I was hoping that he wouldn’t push her away, and he didn’t. But instead it was Bong Hee that pushed him away. When the pieces of this puzzle were coming together, I was wondering how Bong Hee would react to the news.

Marakeshsparrow: You guys…. I'm super annoyed with the ways things are playing out with Ji Wook and Bong Hee. I was really hoping this wouldn't be enough to drive them apart. To Ji Wook’s credit, he was doing everything he could to hang in there and not let it bother him. And then Bong Hee is the one to push him away??? Aaaarrrghhhhh so frustrating!!! I've decided: I'm officially bored with this whole “your father is responsible for my father’s death” thing. Snore!

OhSoEnthusiastic: If they hadn’t already played the noble idiot, I can’t be with you card, I don’t think I would be as damn irritated by it showing up now. This is a legitimate issue that could cause problems for their relationship in the future, and it’s a story element worth exploring. But we’ve already been here. We’ve already done this. Can we move on, please? And all that time wasted on this non-story story element could have been spent with the murderer. We’re all dying to know if he’s woken up with all of his ‘senses,’ so to speak.

DeShonda: These episodes did focus on one particular murder, and that’s of course the murder of Ji Wook’s parents and who may be behind this horrible act. As we are nearing the end of this series, I did like seeing some more of Ji Wook’s past. We learned that he was told to say that Bong Hee’s father is the person who murdered his parents. And truth of the matter is, he was a very young kid who doesn't remember. And speaking of kids, I was in love with the youngster who was Bong Hee’s former Martial Arts student. He was such a cutie! And did you notice how many similarities he and Ji Wook have? They both witnessed murders at a very young age, and it was very hard to talk about and get over. They both have terrible nightmares about what they saw which is the cause of their sleepless nights. Ji Wook and the boy have a lot in common, and it was great to see Ji Wook soften up to him.

OhSoEnthusiasitc: There was some good, forward movement in regards to Ji Wook’s father’s murder, and some things are definitely a lot clearer now. I’m now 100% positive Bong Hee’s father was framed. But this development honestly happened too late in the drama for me. We have, what, about 4 full episodes left? I know the episodes are separated into 30 minute increments, but if we think of them in the traditional hour episode blocks, there’s about 4 or so episodes left. That’s not enough time to tie that whole story up when you’ve spent so little time on it most of the drama. It is nice to see Ji Wook have someone he can relate to though, because they’ve experienced something similar to him. That’s often a very important part of healing, being able to find others who’ve been where you’ve been.

Marakeshsparrow: Agreed, agreed, /agreed/! Maybe if they'd established this earlier in the series I'd be more invested. I know we were getting snippets of Ji Wook’s past from the beginning (and I still think the D.A. Is responsible for his parents’ deaths) but there wasn't even /talk/ of Bong Hee’s dad until a couple episodes. Why can't we stick with the main story line? I really feel like the writers have gotten lost.

DeShonda: I think in these last few episodes the writers are going to pick up the pace a bit more. These episodes were like fillers leading up to the main event. I am wondering what is going to happen with Hyun Woo. He did wake up when Bong Hee entered the room. I am scared for her because he is so unpredictable. I hope he does not attack her. I still am interested in Hyun Woo’s story about why he is a serial killer. I know we got a glimpse of this and discovered a lost love was involved. So hopefully the writers will bring more of his story to light.

OhSoEnthusiastic: I’m still interested in his backstory too, if only because it’s such an important part of the story, but we’ve gotten literally no information about it. Who was this girl? What happened to her? We need to know and fast. And if the amnesia is still going to be a thing in this drama, then this would be the moment to introduce it. It’s really late in the game to do so, but better late than never, lol.

Marakeshsparrow: OMG the amnesia. I'm more or less giving up hope on that element. It's so late in the game I don't really care. I just want to know what happened to the girl he once loved.

DeShonda: I keep forgetting about the amnesia element. I guess because we haven't seen it as of yet, it’s forgettable. It could very well come into play within these last episodes. And don’t forget, someone has to die still. I just hope that the last episodes are not rushed. But you are right, time is running out, unless we get some surprise extended episodes.

OhSoEnthusiatic: I’m positive they’re going to drop the whole ‘two people in this room are going to die’ bit. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if they just dropped the whole amnesia bit too. This drama has been pretty inconsistent the entire time, and that was such a random plot point, almost like a last minute writing decision. And I hate to say it, but there’s really no hope of the last few episodes not being too rushed. They’ve spun their wheels so much at this point that I don’t know if it’s even possible for them to tie everything up at all, let alone satisfactorily.

Marakeshsparrow: Here's hoping they're able to save this drama before it's too late! But I have to admit, I'm not keeping my hopes up.


Love In Trouble (Suspicious Partner)

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Anybody else as totally over watching this drama spin it’s wheels? Do you think they’ll be able to wrap things up satisfactorily or will this car end up stuck in the mud and have to be towed away? Please share your opinions with us in the comments, and we’ll see you all next week!

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