Marakeshsparrow: Ugh! So many things were frustrating me in these episodes (but in the “hurts so good” kind of way). First of all, I am so ready for Bong Hee to be declared innocent (even though she technically already was). I really hate that one girl who’s trying to win Prosecutor Cha’s favor. She’s so determined Bong Hee killed her douchey ex-boyfriend, and also the D.A.! He nearly strangled Bong Hee over his hatred of her and the injustice is eating me up inside. ALSO, there’s the whole issue of Cha Yoo Jung trying to win Ji Wook back even after cheating on him. And now there this new murder and a “seemingly” innocent suspect? Gah! I was humming in my seat with anxiety the whole time I was watching!


Love In Trouble (Suspicious Partner)

Starring Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun

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OhSoEnthusiastic: Girl, I have so many feelings about All of those things. First, I hate that little miss ‘I totally messed around with your boyfriend before he died, but clearly, you’re the evil one here’ girl...thing...abomination! She’s the worst. And I must express disappointment with Yoo Jung. I had so much hope for her! A crime fighting besties duo sized amount of hope! But no. She’s just a standard, cardboard cutout second female lead. I mean, she STILL hasn’t apologized for cheating. She just showed up and was like ‘Did you miss me?’ Um, no. The D.A.’s behavior has completely confirmed what I thought about him though. He walked into the cake shop and started talking about his son, and I just knew it. His grief is so strong that he just wants someone to pay for it, anyone, and it might as well be Bong Hee. I am concerned by this new kid their defending. At first, I thought he really was innocent. But he keeps making these...smiles that feel off to me. Maybe they aren’t, and that’s just how he looks when he smiles, but he looks like he’s getting away with something, and that throws a lot of things into question. Is the guy we think is the murder Not the murderer? Is he a red herring like I thought might be the case?

Marakeshsparrow: I just have to say quickly--I think there is still hope for Yoo Jung. She’s being a typical annoying second female lead, first love back from the past, right now, but I think the fact that she and Bong Hee liked each other so much from the first is a good sign. Like, maybe she’ll get over this whole love triangle thing fairly quickly and become an asset to their team?

OhSoEnthusiastic: Oh, I’m still riding the Yoo Jung redemption story train, cause she was way too awesome in the beginning for this to be all they do with her. Come on, writers! Make it happen!

DeShonda: I also still like Yoo Jung. But as I predicted last week, things are getting complicated between all of them. As far as the behaviour of the District Attorney he was wrong for putting his hands on Bong Hee, but I can understand his frustration because he lost a son. But to take it out on her is not right. I am waiting for the day that she is no longer a suspect in that murder.

Marakeshsparrow: Yeah, after these last episodes I have to take back some of my suspicion regarding the D.A. He definitely seems to be in a lot of pain, and it would make sense that he can quite rationalize things, and that it’s easiest to just take out all his anger on Bong Hee. Doesn’t mean I have to like it though. He’s still a “person of interest” in my eyes. So let’s move on to this new murder and new suspect. OhSoEnthusiastic, you brought up a point I was going to mention--the fact that Ji Wook kept catching the delivery guy suspect giving an odd kind of smirk. It’s definitely made him not seem totally innocent. But we also saw Mr. CSI Murderer at the scene of the crime with the body. I’m thinking there’s definitely more than meets the eye with this crime since there was a whole bizarre cover up when his body was first discovered by that woman. Why did she want to make it look like a robbery?

OhSoEnthusiastic: Well, the D.A. thinks she got away with murder, so he’s understandably angry about it. It’s not a rational anger, but it’s at least explainable. I’m honestly not sure what to believe about the murder right now. I mean, it kind of Has to have been the serial killer who killed the chef, because why would we spend so much time on a murder that Wasn’t committed by him? But this delivery kid is still making me question it. Maybe he didn’t kill him, but he did write out the words on that picture we saw? Which brings me to the next odd thing about this case. Did the Chef rape someone? Did I misunderstand the subtitles there or did it say something about rape? Cause if so, it sounds like the Chef was a rapist…

DeShonda: Something about that murder is definitely suspicious. I had the exact same question that you had Marakeshparrow, what is the deal with trying to cover up the murder? It makes me think that maybe the woman was in on it perhaps. Just like you all, I’m very suspicious of the delivery guy and I am still watching every move he makes. He is just too sneaky for him not to be the murderer.

Marakeshsparrow: So here’s a thought I had. Maybe the woman who discovered the body had somehow been abused by the chef? Even if she was like a wife or girlfriend, that still doesn’t mean she couldn’t have been raped. Is it possible that maybe the delivery guy was somehow in on that aspect of it? Not the murder, but some sort of shady dealings the chef had? And if that’s the case, is the murderer some sort of sick avenger of wronged women??? Hahaha--ok now my head’s spinning a bit.

OhSoEnthusiastic: The way I understood it, it sounded like it was a young girl who had been raped. My suspicion, then, is that she was the delivery guy’s sister or other relative or close friend, so maybe he Did have some sort of murderous intentions towards the chef, but he got there After the murder had already taken place, so he (like an idiot) took the opportunity to write on the picture, which led to him being a suspect. That’s the most logical explanation to me. And then it would explain why the wife tried to make it look like a robbery gone wrong. Women whose spouses are caught doing these kinds of things often respond by denying it, to themselves and/or everyone around them. It’s some weird, backwards form of self preservation. Maybe she didn’t want to admit to anyone that her husband had done something like that.

Marakeshsparrow: Ahhhh! That’s a really good guess! And actually would make more sense that she would cover that up to save his and her own good name. I was thinking maybe she was just mortified and didn’t want people to know what had happened to her, but I think your version seems more probable. The thing is though, I really want a case to go well for Bong Hee. And I want her to not constantly be preyed upon by people who think she’s a naive bleeding heart, or someone who can help them get away with murder. So whatever the case may turn out to be, I’m hoping, and thinking, that this suspect did not actually commit the murder. But then the leaves us with, why did the serial killer CSI guy choose the chef to kill? And when is this whole amnesiac plotline going to play into things?

OhSoEnthusiastic: Yeah, I want this case to go well for her too, which is why I’m a little frustrated that they may be setting us up for another ‘He’s not guilty. Oh wait! He is!’ case. How’s she gonna gain any respect if the writers won’t let her?

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