A new K-drama has come to delight us, starring Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji HyunLove in Trouble Is a romantic comedy with some mystery in it, and t brings us a different role for Ji Chang Wook from the ones we are used to, like Healer or The K2. I'll recap all the episodes for you, making use of gifs to relive some moments of the episodes. 

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Love in Trouble (Suspicious Partner)
Episodes 1 & 2

The episode starts with Eun Bong Hee, giving the introduction to the setting of the story, but everything really started when she rushed to take the metro. In the same car is No Jin Wook who can't take a seat so he ends up standing next to Bong Hee, who at her other side has a pervert. In a car full of people, she assumes the one touching her bum is no other but Ji Wook and, obviously, confronts him in front of everyone, turning him into a drunkard pervert, and then blocking him from getting off the metro.

The reason why she was heading to that hotel was because as she studied she received a text she doesn't want to believe, but as she waits in the hall, our Bong Hee spots her boyfriend leaving with someone else. It was true, he was cheating on her. Her boyfriend, shamelessly, tries to say it was just a mistake and he still loves her and all that yada yada. We've heard it before, we don't buy it. Thanks.

At the same hotel, Ji Wook meets an old man who seems to be a close friend to him. While he rants about the weird woman he met, said weird woman is ending things with her boyfriend, but not until she gets her own one nights stand. The man doesn't believe her capable of such so Bong Hee promises she'll sleep with the first man she bumps into. As she turns around she almost bumps into an old man and manages to avoid him, consequently tripping. As she gathers her pride yet loses her contact lenses, another man bumps into her. Provoked by her ex boyfriend, she asks this man to sleep with her, at least he's young and handsome (very handsome if I may say so myself). To her surprise is no other but the "pervert" from the subway who will sleep with her.


Ji Wook doesn't really want to sleep with her, just wanted to help her in that situation and to walk away. But as her ex boyfriend chases her, outraged with her brazen attitude, she doesn't let go of Ji Wook and rides the taxi with him. Obviously, it's only for a bit and she tries to pay him back, inviting him to drink, yet he refuses. 

Bong Hee goes to drink alone, rejecting anyone else trying to make her company, until Ji Wook shows up to return her makeup cushion. Taking advantage of the situation, she practically forces him to stay and drink with her, but obviously she is the only one getting drunk.

She wakes up in someone else's house and with the light of a new day, she recalls fragmented memories of the previous night when she got drunk. Ji Wook tried to take her home but in her state she didn't provide any useful information. When he took her home, she threw herself at him and that's as much as she remembers, whether they slept together or not is a mystery.

Embarrassed and clueless as to how to proceed, she runs away before he comes out of the shower, in a real mess. But hey, at least she doesn't have her makeup all over her face. We have to be grateful for the small blessings in life.

As Ji Wook is called by his friend who was extremely curious as that was totally not Ji Wook's style, getting involved with a woman, we understand why he stepped out. He was cheated on by his girlfriend and that scarred him. He understood her pain and desperation and decided to help her.

No Ji Wook is a prosecutor, and he was chosen the worst prosecutor as he always gets the criminals convicted, he's merciless and he's proud of that.

Meanwhile, Bong Hee has become a cheater. Her ex boyfriend spread the rumours she cheated on him and there's no way she can rectify this, so she's embraced her new role as the cheater and a crazy wrench.

As time passes by she gets some memories of her night with Ji Wook, she just isn't sure about what she remembers. But that's irrelevant as she's to start a new stage of her life as an intern in the prosecutor district office, under someone's mentorship. Little does she know that that someone is no other but No Ji Wook. And here she gives us what I call "I regret all my life choices expression." But as she considers herself doomed already, she confronts him again and asks him if they slept together at the end or not. That surprises the other employees in the office.


Their relationship isn't good, Ji Wook overworks her and tortures her in that way, so Bong Hee is really having a hard time, dealing with awful people, even the pervert from the subway who mentions something about seeing a murder and being scared for his life. It gets worse for Bong Hee with her ex boyfriend around. She continuously sings a threatening song about killing him, her way to bother them every time.

Time passes by and she gets by, but her ex boyfriend still nags her and tries to humiliate her, so Ji Wook comes to the rescue again one of those times, knowing how she feels in that instance. This time he acts as if he was in love with her. With reluctance and holding his repugnance for her unkept state, though.

The cheating couple leaves them and Ji Wook tells Bong Hee the only way to get back at her ex is by becoming better than him, not an immature song. In the light of a spring day, he really looks cool and if Bong Hee doesn't fall a bit for him she is not human. Just saying.

That night, as she goes home, she tells him that if she makes it without killing him, she'll congratulate him. Ji Wook tells her to never show up in front of her as a criminal for he is merciless.

That warning comes back later, because although Bong Hee has worked hard all her life, some things do go how we expect. When she went out to buy some beer, many things worked against her, like the blackout that left no record of her whereabouts, or her transaction and the convenience store with an uninterested employee, which nullified her alibi. When she comes back, she finds the body of her ex boyfriend on the floor and that is how she becomes a murder suspect.

Ji Wook comes into the interrogation room, reminding her how he said to never show up in front of him as a criminal because he's merciless.



Oooohhhh, this story looks so interesting already. Although pathetic, Bong Hee isn't unbearable as other female leads; she is kickass as a black belt in taekwondo, and she has a great mother who supports her. Ji Wook and Bong He's fates seem intertwined already, in a very complicated way, but that makes it more interesting. 

We don't get much into the story of the other leads, just some snippets with Ji Eun Hyuk, who is the man Ji Wook's ex girlfriend cheated with. Eun Hyuk seems so fond of Ji Wook, like a lovesick puppy, which is most curious. I hope we get to see more of that in the future.

I'll come back soon to recap the next episodes.

Until then.


Love In Trouble (Suspicious Partner)

Starring Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun

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