Episodes 11 and 12 of Love in Trouble show us how Noh Firm handles their first case. We also get to understand a bit better how the murderer thinks and work. I'll recap these episodes for you all.

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Love in Trouble
Episodes 11 & 12

The episode starts with Ji Wook’s entrance after the fight and Bong Hee still seeing his battle wounds, that latter she attends carefully. He falls asleep and she watches him, but later it’s the opposite and it’s Ji Wook watching her sleep, even using his hand to support her head. It’s when he’s doing that when Bong Hee wakes up. He doesn’t want her to misunderstand, but he can’t even explain what she shouldn’t misunderstand. She’s just pulling his leg and even scares him that she might attack him during the night. I agree with Bong Hee, it’s so easy and funny to mess with him.


Then it’s the next morning when they have their first day. Ji Wook narrates about beginnings, how these aren’t perfect but exciting nonetheless, and as example it is how everyone just talks over each other instead of really working. Those five are really special and I’m not sure they’ll manage to get the hang of it soon.

Later, Attorney Byun (or should I call him Representative Byun?) asks Ji Wook about his relationship with Bong Hee, because they saw her getting out from the same room as him. Ji Wook denies everything.

Talking about Bong Hee, she runs into Puppy Eun Hyuk and she realises he must be the friend that Yoo Jung cheated with. She doesn’t hide knowing about it and when they are talking later, she asks what all of us must’ve been wondering: why does Eun Hyuk always laughs as if it’s a joke. He says it’s the only way he knows to stay close to Ji Wook. The puppy…

Ji Wook sees Eun Hyuk and Bong Hee getting along and even if he denies it, I’m with Chief Bang here thinking he’s jealous. I love the way Chief Bang looks at Ji Wook, it’s the same grin I have when he gets jealous. I should gif that too and make it a meme.

Ji Wook says not to be jealous but he rains on them later. Well, springs water only on Eun Hyuk to keep him away from Bong Hee. Cute and childish.

Bong Hee’s mother meets her new boss and she’s this close to quit, but in her pitiful situation she has no other option but to endure it. They are going to be in laws, they better get used to it.

Finally we get to understand a bit more the murderer. So he isn’t just on a killing spree, no, he’s punishing bad guys, apparently. The famous chef raped an engaged girl, and his wife knew this because before leaving, the murderer left a message for her that she hid. She makes the murderer look like robbery and murder.

The framed man doesn’t even understand why he’s there and when Yoo Jung is interviewing him, he asks if there would be anyone who’d believe him. It seems she recommends Bong Hee, and that’s why he asks her to be his lawyer. The lawyer thinks it’s because like her previous clients, he wants tips on how to get away with murder, but in fact it’s because she is the only one who’d believe him.

She is going to visit the framed guy and asks Ji Wook to go, but he refuses until Eun Hyuk offers himself. His jealousy makes him go with her. I love jealous Ji Wook. My favourite type of Wook-ah.

Ji Wook doesn’t really believe their client’s alibi, but Bong Hee does believe him and as they leave the police station, they argue about that. They are actually cute and domestic when they argue over and over about the same thing.


So Ji Wook has continued playing the whole girlfriend with Bong Hee to Yoo Jung, his excuse is not to make her a liar… yeah right. Anyhow, as Yoo Jung really believes they are dating, she asks Prosecutor Na if she really believes Bong Hee is the murderer, and this woman replies anyone can be a murderer, and she does believe she killed Joon Hee.

Yoo Jung goes to see Eun Hyuk, angry he’s also ignoring her, but Eun hyuk tells her unless coincidentally, not to meet again. Obviously, that hurts them both.

Same night, District Attorney Jang is out to buy some cake as it was his son’s birthday when he sees a happy Bong Hee. That enrages him and he goes after her, hating her for being happy on a day like this. He grabs her by the neck and screams how if he weren’t educated he would’ve killed her. She claims again she didn’t kill his son, and finally he says something that makes sense to me. He tells her to find the real culprit because until then she’s all he has to blame.

Bong Hee gets home and shows a tiny evidence that proves their client’s alibi, enough to believe he’s innocent. She conceals her neck bruise but he does notice something happened. She doesn’t want to talk about it, and he respects that.

As a team, they continue working on the case, realising the evidence to blame their client is very weak. It’s when Ji Wook and Bong Hee are trying to confirm their client’s alibi that it starts raining. As they don’t remember where they left the car they have to find shelter anywhere. While waiting, there’s a moment when Ji Wook watches her with a kind of infatuated look, as if his heart was fluttering. He is surprised by this and tries to escape the environment and mood.

The trial comes and Yoo Jung is looking quite sick, so Prosecutor Na takes the lead to accuse the framed guy. Ji Wook stands to refute the charges and express how the prosecution don’t have real evidence to prove their client stole something, then it couldn’t have been robbery and murder, ergo he didn’t kill the chef. That’s how they win the case.

It’s when they are leaving the court that Ji Wook notices how sick and feeble Yoo Jung is, and he can’t ignore it so he goes to help her and drive her home. Eun Hyuk takes Bong Hee home.

Once Ji Wook and Yoo Jung make it to her place, she tries to make him stay and explains that she loved him so much but felt like he didn’t love her enough so she was thirsty. However, after breaking up she realised she only wanted him and preferred dying of thirst than being apart.

At home, Bong Hee is restless, finding every excuse, scared Ji Wook won’t come back. She even waits for him outside and when he shows up she runs to his arms, confessing she likes him. Ji Wook sees to be about to accept her, hesitating, but he thinks better and lowers his hand and instead he tells her not to like him. At the same time, in voiceover he narrates that some beginnings end before they actually start. Beginnings are something to fear.


Ah manta hat was good. For a moment I really thought Ji Wook would take Bong Hee, my heart did break a bit when he lowered his hand. But it can't be that simple and fast, right? We aren't even halfway through this K-drama so we still have a lot to go.

The next episodes will come on Wednesday, so wait patiently.

Until then!


Love In Trouble (Suspicious Partner)

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