A new week means new episodes of Love in Trouble. I'm sure just like me you watch many other K-dramas so to help you have everything fresh in your memory before this week's episodes, I'll recap episodes 13 y 14 for you.

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Suspicious Partner
Episodes 13 & 14

Episode 13 starts with Bong Hee running to Ji Wook, confessing her feelings. But as he is wary of that beginning, he tells her not to like him. Embarrassed she accepts the rejection but asks for one last hug. It seems he won’t give it, but then, surprising her, he grabs her in his arms, wondering if he’ll regret rejecting her.

Ji Wook isn’t at ease when they go inside, it doesn’t even seem he sleeps while Bong Hee cries her eyes out. The next morning, caring as he is and feeling awkward, he tries to help her when he finds her trying to reduce her swollen eyes, but Bong Hee stops him, asking him not to be nice. She will reset herself and get rid of her feelings, but if he’s nice, it’ll be hard for her. 

This is why I like Bong Hee, despite she has all the traits of the typical pathetic female lead, she also is very straightforward and doesn’t desperately cling to him, she has pride.


Ji Wook still feels bad so instead of being nice only to Bong Hee, he cooks a big meal for everyone. Representative Byun figures there’s something fishy and shares with everyone how he saw them hugging the previous night. Without prior agreement, Ji Wook and Bong Hee deny such claims and make it seem the older man didn’t saw correctly.

Then, the team work on the case again. I thought it was finished but nope, only postponed. They keep gathering evidence, Ji Wook still has a bad feeling and doesn’t fully believe their client. Bong Hee says she’s looking for the couple to confirm the client’s alibi.

Meanwhile, Yoo Jung is sure Hyun Soo is the culprit and she recalls how when she was interrogating him, as she was leaving, he smirked. OH BOY! What was that? Don’t tell me he’s fishy and he really killed the chef. But what about the tall forensic guy?

Me is confused.

Anyhow, Yoo Jung and Prosecutor Na are set on prosecuting the guy, when they run into Deputy Attorney Jang. The man turns around like reconsidering what he saw. Does he recognise Yoo Jung or Prosecutor Na?

Bong Hee is out, trying to dry herself out because her body is made of tears and she doesn’t want to cry in front of Ji Wook. Eun Hyuk finds her and tries to cheer her up, staying with her until Ji Wook comes out, saying he’s heading to investigate the crime scene. Bong Hee obviously goes with him.

They look for CCTV, finding one that could work. Then sneak in the murder house, trying to figure things out. They are at that when someone else goes in, so they rush to hide. The other person turns to be Yoo Jung (how awkward for Ji Wook, to be with those two). She basically threatens Ji Wook to have a talk with him. It’s nothing personal, she shows him pictures of the victim of Hyun Soo’s previous crime. He beaten a guy to pulp, trying to step up to defend a woman. That was vicious.

Ji Wook visits Hyun Soo to question him and show him the pictures. Hyun Soo loses it, getting so worked up. Given, the person in the pictures was a horrid person, but his rage is something fearsome, too. Hyun Soo claims he only uses violence with a reason, and claims he didn’t kill the chef but now he doesn’t look that innocent to me, and remember, the chef raped a girl so there’s a reason for violence.

Oh dear God.

Ji Wook is worried Hyun Soo might be guilty. Representative Byun tells him his father was the same, worried he prosecuted innocent people or let go guilty ones.

In a bar, somewhere else, the other three members of the law firm are drinking, getting completely wasted when Ji Wook finds them, getting angry because drunk Bong Hee equals dangerous Bong Hee. But he still takes her home while the other two men manage themselves. In his drunk stupor, Eun Hyuk gives Yoo Jung’s address to the designated driver. Aw, poor puppy. He’s like Bong Hee, trying to get over someone but it’s hard, we can’t control our hearts, can we?

At home, Ji Wook drops Bong Hee on her bed, looking after her. He stays staring at the girl for a while, his hand unconsciously reaching out for her, but Bong Hee turns away from his touch.

Oohh, having regrets already, Wook-ah?

Ji Wook stays all night working and the next morning he makes sure to yell at the three workers for getting drunk the night before. They all look like scolded puppies.


Bong Hee has to check the CCTV footage, but she needs to unlock Ji Wook’s laptop so she goes to him. Without acknowledging her, he just lends her his finger but when she leaves, he has a troubled expression.

So they keep working hard, Eun Hyuk using all his charms and insistence to get the restaurant employee to talk. He gets form her that the guy was a gigantic jerk and his sister was always cleaning after him. Bong Hee finds that said sister wasn’t at the house at the time she said. Ji Wook congratulates her for her finding, but he realises he’s being too kind and inappropriate by patting her head. He just smacks her back then and awkwardly walks away.

So the trial comes and Ji Wook fights all claims from the prosecution, invalidating them. He does the same with he witnesses’ testimonies, pointing out how the person the old neighbour saw didn’t carry anything with him, so how could it be robbery? He shows evidence of how the sister wasn’t at the time she pointed out but hours before. To make that lady confess, he accuses her of murdering her brother. She breaks and confesses she only tried to hide the rape accusations, the videos of his behaviour on the telly.

Like that, the prosecutor’s claims all fail and it’s exposed Hyun Soo was framed. Win for Noh Firm.

Tired, Ji Wook falls asleep on his sofa, so when Bong Hee goes up to get bathroom supplies and finds him, she takes pity and tries to take only his tie off. But Ji Wook wakes up when she’s doing that and while she babbles excuses, he just stares at her. She tries to leave but he stops her, asking her to stay. With her there, he falls asleep again and so does she. Chief Bang, who I think is my favourite character, finds them there and stops the other two from seeing them sleeping together.

At night, the firm goes to celebrate their first win with Hyun Soo, Ji Wook is still uneasy so when he receives the call from the couple from the bar, he goes to talk to them. Indeed, Hyun Soo was in their video, proving his alibi. But when Ji Wook notices the board, he spots pictures of all the points Hyun Soo gave in his alibi. Ji Wook speculates the only truth in the client’s alibi is the bar to leave a trace of his persona, but the rest is all fake and he did kill the chef.

In the bar, Bong Hee shows her tone deaf talent, and obviously the others tease her but she claims only one melody is important, the murderer’s melody. She sings it for them again, but no one can recognise it. No one except Hyun Soo! He was the one whistling it, in all those cases. He was at the court trial, he was the one with the shoes. HE WAS WHO KILLED THE CHEF, WITH THE TALL CUTE FORENSIC GUY!

Why do I feel so betrayed?! I believed him!


Later, when Ji Wook is coming back, he runs into Hyun Soo, wondering if he pardoned the real criminal.


I honestly feel betrayed. I had believed Hyun Soo. No wonder he called Bong Hee, he knew her, it wasn't that Yoo Jung recommended her how I thought first. I feel dumb, honestly. I was led to believe there was only one murderer! Now I'm so curious to know how those two guys are related.

I'll come back soon to recap the other two episodes and we'll be ready for this week's episodes!

Until then!


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