Oh dear, episodes 15 and 16 of Love in Trouble were a heart attack divided in two doses. I am surprised I survived, but I am also glad because tomorrow we have new episodes and I can't wait to see how the story continues. If you don't remember exactly all what happened, let me refresh your memory with this recap.

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Love in Trouble
Episodes 15 & 16

The episode starts with Ji Wook supposing that Hyun Soo’s alibi is just based on the pictures he saw on the board in the bar, the suspicion he is the murderer going stronger. Then they run into each other and Ji Wook fakes smiles and makes him go back to drink with him, finding the rest of his law firm completely drunk and past out. His face is so embarrassed and resigned, because it seems that scene is becoming a regular thing.

They drink together and Ji Wook tries to pose questions to get "closer," but the murderer isn’t that dumb to fall in his trap. And then the rest of the squad wake up, wanting to keep drinking and playing the truth game. I love those special little muffins.


The next morning is hangover morning, and someone enters to give Bong Hee some water, but she keeps sleeping. Then someone enters again with medicine, but I’m pretty sure it’s not the same person, the former had a watch on his wrist. The latter is Chief Bang, and Bong Hee upon seeing him, shows her surprise and disappointment, hurting him again. Turns out, Ji Wook asked Chief Bang to take the medicine for Bong Hee. He also asks him to do a normal check up on Hyun Soo, but does not explain why, not even to Bong Hee who happens to eavesdrop the conversation.

Some snippets of the truth game are revealed, how Chief Bang regrets quitting his job, and how Bong Hee is so proud and comforted for having won the case. To both of them, Ji Wook tries to do something about it, so he promises to compensate Chief Bang and hides the possibility of Hyun Soo being the real murder from Bong Hee.

Yoo Jung is in charge to prosecute the chef’s sister, and when they run into Ji Wook and Bong Hee, he asks her to tell him more about the crime scene and what really happened, but she refuses and walks away.

Hyun Soo is happily walking around after having punished a bad guy, he walks past a young girl who disappears. I figure she was either a young sister or the girl he loved and she was raped and killed, that’s why he kills rapists now.

Hyun Soo also recalls Bong Hee asking why the murderer did that to her and Hee Joon. In his mind, he explains it was because she saw something she shouldn’t, and Hee Joon was there when he shouldn’t have. Then he realised she didn’t recognise him, but he’s stayed around. He thinks that for as long as she doesn’t recognise him, he’ll be so good to her.

Bong Hee receives a call from Hyun Soo, so Ji Wook sticks by her side to listen to their conversation. Yoo Jung watches them with teary eyes and Prosecutor Na finds her like that, getting disappointed. But being the nasty girl she is, when she sees Bong Hee, she walks by bumping into her.

How mature.

When Bong Hee and Ji Wook are leaving, they run into District Attorney Jang. Obviously she is scared, but she will step in, yet Ji Wook stops her and goes first. She wants to take him with her, but he stays to threaten the older man to never touch Bong Hee again. Obviously, she’s angry that he butted in and asks him to never do that again. I love her so much when she acts like this.

She keeps the strong front until she’s alone, where she lets herself show the hard time she’s going through. Ji Wook watches her from afar.

Eun Hyuk puppy has been trying all day to get the others to join him for a few drinks, even having some cake, but hangover as they are, they refuse. So the puppy goes alone and nooooo, it was his birthday, he lights up the candles for himself. My heart aches. There is someone who seems to remember: Yoo Jung. She stops, coincidentally, by to wish him a happy birthday, even give him a present but he doesn’t give in. She asks him if he really hates her and he says he does. The truth game though reveals that although he hates her so much, he can’t really hate her. Aw, the poor puppy.

Ji Wook does remember it’s Eun Hyuk’s birthday and tries to send him a text, but he regrets and types again… and again… and again, until he bumps into Bong Hee, sending just a siot (ㅅ) which can be interpreted as sending and F, the beginning of a curse. Eun Hyuk just laughs at that.

At night, Hyun Soo meets with Go Chan Ho, the tall cute forensic guy, who is clearly scared of Hyun Soo. The real murderer yells and pins the other boy against the car, angry because he missed the footprint and button. He gives him a warning to finish what they started. Three have gone missing, four more to go… are they targeting a specific group of people? Chan Ho is obviously scared and I wonder how Hyun Soo got him into this.


Bong Hee looks like she’s doing better, she says she’s not in a one-side love, she’s now just a fan and she’s watching over Ji Wook. Eun Hyun says he relates and wants to help her, and for that they get really close when Ji Wook shows up at the balcony, making him jealous. Hahaha, clever puppy. Ji Wook is about to spray them with water, but Chief Bang’s judging look stops him. I love Chief Bang.

Bong Hee and Eun Hyuk enter talking about how she’ll meet Hyun Soo, so Ji Wook obviously tails her. The murderer is all nice, promising to keep buying her meals to thank her, when Ji Wook enters. She is angry he followed her, Hyun Soo is now aware Ji Wook suspects him. He’s angry.

Then Bong Hee goes to her mom to rant about Ji Wook, how she makes her feel. Even I feel sorry for her and want to give her a hug. The cause of her heartache comes to see his mother, but the lady to stop him from seeing the weirdos inside, meets him outside. She recalls how when he was a kid he kept crying, unable to sleep, as she promised she’d never leave him. Poor traumatised baby.

Ji Wook keeps trying to figure out the motive behind Hyun Soo's crime, and as he thinks he recalls seeing Chan Ho’s face in every trial, so he rushes out. The forensic denies knowing him and Ji Wook doesn’t believe his excuse, so he tell him that he’ll protect him if he does speak up, leaving his card with him. Chan Ho seems to really consider it.

Yoo Jung found the frame and tells Ji Wook to come if he wants to see it. He goes, but only for business. She shares her findings about the quote of punishing a man who raped an engaged girl. Oh, there’s motive now.

Bong Hee gets a call from Chan Ho, saying he knows who bought her shoes and asking to meet. But Hyun Soo has tapped his phone and hears the conversation. Oh no, oh no.

Bong Hee calls Ji Wook, but he doesn’t see the missed calls until later and when he sees the text message telling him where she’ll meet Chan Ho, he runs to the park.

Bong Hee arrives, but she has a bad feeling and instead waits in the parking lot. Meanwhile, Chan Ho is pacing, waiting, scared. Or is it just me the one scared? Hyun Soo calls the forensic, looking for him, and he finds him! Oh no, oh no, don’t kill the tall cute forensic guy!

Ji Wook arrives at the park, finding Bong Hee there. Obviously, he yells at her for being reckless, but she defends herself, saying she did wait instead of going there because she was scared, she wasn’t as foolish as he accuses her of being.

They get back home and Ji Wook apologises. As Bong He lost her contact lenses, she gets closer to see if he’s really sincere. Happy to see he is, she smiles but before she steps back, he grabs her by the neck and pushes her for a hug.


He hugs her tightly, closely, and when he pulls back (and gives my heart a break) he just stares intently in her eyes before he grabs her face and kisses.



Now I feel depressively single. But we aren’t even halfway through the K-drama, so this isn’t going to be rainbows and butterflies after that kiss. Oh boy, what type of problems are coming for them? How much is Bong Hee going to hurt after this?

Luckily, tomorrow new episodes come out! Whop whop!

Until then!


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