Episodes 17 and 18 of  Love in Trouble show us Ji Wook stepping up his game and killing the fangirls along the way. I'll recap them for you to see how the story keeps going.

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Love in Trouble
Episodes 17 & 18

The episode starts with Ji Wook explaining his feelings as he rushes to Bong Hee’s side, realising these feelings had started before, he doesn’t know when exactly, he just knows he tried to stop them because he was scared. However, he finally realises and accepts his feelings, so he goes forward and kisses Bong Hee.

It is a good and dreamy kiss, and although Bong See gets caught up, she pulls back and walks away with an expression that shows she’s holding it all in, not knowing what else to do (same, sister, same). Ji Wook watches her leave and does not stop her, going to his room with a troubled expression.

Meanwhile, Chan Ho isn’t dead! But he might be, Hyun Soo is in the car, with a knife, threatening him to drive somewhere. Chan Ho uses a chance to hit the break suddenly and escape, but Hyun Soo goes after him. They fight each other, the forensic guy crying out he cannot do it anymore, but Hyun Soo only laughs. Chan Ho sees a way out by jumping into the river. Hyun Soo talks to himself, saying 4 have disappeared, 3 more to go.

I still don’t get that.


Back to the leads, Bong Hee gets out just in time to find Ji Wook there. She declares they should talk and he agrees, but he doesn’t get to properly confess his feelings when she tells him to stop. She doesn’t want to change the situation, she’s comfortable and above all, she doesn’t want to be shaken up. Ji Wook realises he is too late, he regrets ever pushing her away. They way he stares at her, so longingly, is killing me. Please stop.

Then we see Chan Ho getting out of the river. He survived the jump! Have no idea why I am so soft hearted when it comes to him.

Somewhere else, Representative Byun is helping an old man with his recollection cart before getting in his car and call for a designated driver, but as he’s about to call, he sees the cart going back, in the direction of an oncoming woman. The man drives quickly, colliding against the cart to stop it, saving the woman. But the man had been drinking before and for that, he gets in trouble.

The next morning while Bong Hee tries hard not to think of the kiss, Ji Wook goes to run, and the awkwardness is so thick when they run into each other, but he does not say anything until later. When he comes down after a shower and change of clothes, it’s his turn to talk. He admits to know he’s late and he respects her decision, but he asks her to respect his feelings and allow him to like her (cue to fangirl scream). If, one day, she changes her mind, then please like him. He leaves her breathless, like literally, but he walks away like a cool man, although he’s in a similar state.

The morning meeting doesn’t go well, Ji Wook and Bong Hee don’t even notice the people around them or what they have to report. Representative Byun exposes his situation, saying how wronged he feels and that he’ll ask for a trial. Nobody supports him, instead attack him for drinking and driving.

Ji Wook tells Chief Bang how Chan Ho suspiciously cancelled the meeting, so he asks to look into that. Then he spots Bong Hee and his thoughts take another course. His jealousy shows when Eun Hyuk joins her. The young lawyer tries to cheer her up and listens to her rant, even encourages her to be strong and go with Ji Wook when he comes to invite her to go see Chan Ho.

In the car it’s awkward, she gets angry for not being able to control her thoughts and takes it out on Ji Wook, angrier because he keeps being charming and cute (#StopNohJiWook2017). Yes, yell at him for that. How dare he? But then Ji Wook reminds her he is her boss and he’ll act like that.

So they check at police station, but Chan Ho has taken sudden holidays, but he isn’t at home either. They go there but can’t get in. Ji Wook is trying to persuade Bong Hee to sneak in when the landlord confuses them for a newlywed couple and invites them to see the room. Following the excuse, they ask to take a look around alone finding a picture of Chan Ho and some other two men.


Ji Wook obviously shares the picture with Chief Bang, still trying to keep it from Bong Hee, not wanting to hurt her until there’s anything definitive.

District Attorney Jang has called Prosecutor Na and Yoo Jung, asking them to take the case of his murdered son. He admits to plant one of the murder weapons, but he thinks the other is also fake and Ji Wook planted it, because Bong Hee being the murder is the only logical option. Prosecutor Na is obviously on board.

Bong Hee comes to offer her help to Representative Byun with the case, so he is all charming and stops calling her Miss No Evidence as she prepares for the case. Bong Hee is pampered by her colleagues and Ji Wook gets jealous, so he also makes sure to go to her, trying to help her. I envy her so much.

Bong Hee goes to see her mum to rant, Ji Wook’s mother eavesdropping like always. It’s only bickering there.

Meanwhile, Chief Bang is still investigating Hyun Soo when said young man spots him and escapes before he’s seen. He goes to the bar and realises the lawyer is still keeping an eye on him.

Lawyer Noh is having a nightmare about Hyun Soo in which he stabs someone, he doesn’t know when, but he wakes up anxious and apprehensive, clinging to Bong Hee, glad she’s all right. Taking pity on how shaken he is, she stays five more minutes with him. Ji Wook gets as close as her as he can, being able to fall asleep. She watches over him, stating she won’t fall for him, no matter how beautifully he looks.

Such a hard task. I totally fell.

The trial for Representative Byun comes and Bong Hee tries her best, but he still is sentenced to pay the fine. She runs before Representative Byun gets her hands on him. After the trial, Bong Hee walks with Eun Hyuk and Ji Wook, passing by a restaurant where Prosecutor Na and Yoo Jung are having dinner. Upon seeing them, Yoo Jung can’t stop herself and goes to confront them, but her battle is a lost cause and she only humiliates herself. Eun Hyuk and Ji Wook try to reassure Bong Hee but I don’t think it was necessary.

When Yoo Jung leaves the restaurant, drunk, at the other side, Eun Hyuk walks along, watching over her.

Chan Ho’s car is found and Hyun Soo planted the knife in the car to incriminate him, so the news report the young forensic as the real murder of the chef. The lawyers watch the news of the TV, just like the others.

Hyun Soo asks Bong Hee to meet, where he confesses to her he lied about his alibi because he didn’t remember it exactly, but he wanted her to believe him. She’s a bit suspicious now. Then they are walking away when Bong Hee spots the man that hung her banner, Hyun Soo hides as he helped the man back then, saving the number of Bong Hee saying he had something to report. The young man tests the old man to see if he remembers him, which isn’t the case.

Darn it!

They are at that when Ji Wook calls her, telling her to bring Hyun Soo along to have dinner together. In the house, Ji Wook tries to taunt the murderer, but he doesn’t react. Bong Hee talks to Ji Wook, asking him to not keep information from her anymore and that now she has her reservations regarding Hyun Soo. Eun Hyuk eavesdrops their conversation, wondering if there’s something he can do.

An unexpected visit shows up, however: Yoo Jung. She joins to have dinner and while they are at that, she announces she’ll re-investigate Hee Joon’s murder, clearly hinting that this time she’ll find evidence to convict Bong Hee.


I really want Hyun Soo to get caught, but then I realise it's. not even halfway in the K-drama and I get frustrated. But then I forget it all because Ji Wook is way too charming. It gives me heart palpitations, am I the only one?

I'll be back with a new recap soon.

Until then!


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