A new week and before more episodes of Love in Trouble come out, I'll recap episodes 19 and 20 and tell you what you've missed on this story so far.

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Love in Trouble
Episodes 19 & 20

The episode starts with Ji Wook inviting Hyun Soo to dine with them, and the surprise appearance of Yoo Jung. It’s an awkward dinner, especially because Yoo Jung tells them she’ll be taking care of the re investigation of Hee Joon’s murder and she is believing Bong Hee is the murderer. The real murderer is at the table, but he doesn’t react much even if Ji Wook throws some baits. They don’t get much. As viewers, we see how Hyun Soo was waiting for Chan Ho when he came out of the river.

When dinner is over, Eun Hyuk drives Hyun Soo and he also tries to get something out of the young man, but fails.

In another car, Yoo Jung recalls how she found out Bong Hee and Ji Wook are living under the same roof.

Said two are at home, Bong Hee comes to help Ji Wook while he does the dishes and I want to die because he continues being sweet and flirty. But she splashes some water on him. Well done, my heart needed that.


Eun Hyuk gets a call from a client. She sits next to a stabbed dead man, her husband. Eun Hyuk rushes to her and as the police take her, the lawyers recalls how she confessed she did not kill her husband but she’s going to confess she did, and he has to keep her secret. That’s a dichotomy lawyers face, they must keep a client’s secret but they cannot lie or hide the truth in trial. That’s a choice Eun Hyuk must make.

At home, Ji Wook and Bong Hee are talking, he brought her some of the bitter tea she gave him. They talk more about Hyun Soo, how he didn’t find more but still has his reservations. And even if he didn’t find anything aside from the false alibi, he wants her where he can keep an eye on her 24/7. She teases him or tries to, but Ji Wook is smooth and uses all that to make her heart flutter. Or just mine, I don’t know, he’s too cute, save me.

The next day, Ji Wook asks Chief Bang to continue investigating, to interrogate the assaulted woman Hyun Soo saved because he suspects there’s something related with abuse of women.

Yoo Jung is interrogating the murderer-not-real-murderer mother, and she accepts all charges, but alleges it was due to constant domestic violence that weakened her mind. Yoo Jung is a bit suspicious but doesn't push further. Eun Hyuk just states he always does what his clients asks him for, he doesn’t believe them… except for Bong Hee, he believed she was innocent.

In the law firm they have their meeting and Eun Hyuk reports his case, but Ji Wook smells something fishy and decides he wants to help, even if the other lawyer doesn’t want him to butt in. Meanwhile, Yoo Jung and Prosecutor Na continue trying to find Chan Ho’s whereabouts.

Eun Hyuk is trying to persuade his clients again to tell the truth, but she’s set on admitting to have murdered her husband.

At the law firm, Bong Hee stops to bring tea for Ji Wook, asking him why he’s so set on helping Eun Hyuk. So they talk about the case, among lovesick stare and the like. I’m so envious, I swear.

Ji Wook enters the room while Eun Hyuk is preparing the client’s son for the trial and he starts posing questions himself, pushing the boy, suspecting him, seeing in him some of Hyun Soo. Eun Hyuk stops the preparation and sends the boy home. But they have an argument after that, where Eun Hyuk confesses his client didn’t kill her husband, she is just protecting her son. As lawyers, they are obliged to keep her secret, but Ji Wook shouts at him for his decision to do what his client asks him to do.

The trial comes and Eun Hyuk pleads his case, but the prosecution doesn’t think his arguments strong enough and the judge rules the woman should go to jail for her crimes. During the trial, Bong Hee and Ji Wook come to see, and she watches how the mother looks at her son, reassuringly.


Suspecting there’s something there, she starts working herself on the case, really getting into it and showing how she becomes a dirty mess during the process. But she finds out the man wasn’t killed by anyone, instead it was a natural dead and the woman only altered a dead body, so she should only be formalised for that reason. Ji Wook is proud of her findings and hugs her tight, even if she’s smelly and dirty, saying she’s dirty… but pretty.

Aw, that’s true love.

The new autopsy reveals Bong Hee was right and the mother only gets sentence for stabbing a dead body, which is much better and gives some peace of mind to mother and son.

In the district prosecution offices, Prosecutor Na runs into Bong Hee and because they can’t talk, they end up in a cat fight. Ji Wook has to stop them and the other watch with second hand embarrassment.

Ji Wook manages to leave everyone out the lift and go with Bong Hee only, where he gets in her space and makes her heart flutter. He’s shocked his moves are working, but she tries to shrug him off saying she likes her mother best. His selective hearing hears how she said she likes him.

Touched by the case, both go visit their mothers, but we learn something new. Ji Wook goes to see his mum, but she is in a columbarium. I am very confused right now.

Ji Wook gets a call from Hyun Soo because he knows Ji Wook keeps investigating him. Ji Wook apologises if he offended him and the like, and they do have a civic conversation, but it’s tainted with lies and pretence.

When the lawyer gets home, he doesn’t want to tell Bong Hee about Hyun Soo, but he knows to hide a truth, he needs to confess another truth so he tells her about his parents. He lost them both to a fire, the mother he has now is Representative Byun’s wife and she was his mother’s friend, who adopted the kid after the accident. He loves her and considers her a mother. She tells him she has a similar situation, except she has two dads, but she’ll tell him that story another day.

They call it a night and he tells her to go to sleep. She understands he means together, which only makes him flustered. That confession makes them hyper aware of the other and when they almost bump into each other as they exit the room, they get caught in each other’s eyes and start pulling closer and closer. Until their mugs collide, startling them and breaking the spell.


Ji Wook goes to bed happily, but his nightmares are about the fire, his father reaching out for him in his last breath. A new man shows up, and we get to see a face before we jump to see Bong Hee in bed, taking a look at her diary with the pictures of her family… and we see the face of her father, the same face of the man in Ji Wook’s nightmare.


When things are bright and fluffy and cute, a new clue that reveals their ill fate is revealed. My heart aches. But there has to be more to that story, we'll only learn with patience and not missing an episode! I'll see you all for the next recap.

Until then!


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