Love in Trouble gets better with every passing episode, the characters growing more and more in us, so before the stories continues I shall recap episodes 21 and 22 for you all.

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Love in Trouble
Episodes 21 & 22

Episode 21 begins with Ji Wook morning jog and Eun Hyuk running into him. Obviously, Ji Wook tells the other man to get lost, but Eun Hyuk is persistent and clings to him because he knows a difficult time in his life is coming. So he clings to Ji Wook till they make it home, where Bong Hee is happy to see the two of them. Easily caught in the game, Ji Wook gets jealous and tries to put Bong Hee and Eun Hyuk apart, but it seems it was their plan all along. I love how easily Ji Wook falls for it.


Ji Wook tells Chief Bang to stop all investigation on Hyun Soo as this man is aware of it, but it seems Chief Bang can’t just let it go and watches the picture of Chan Ho, just like Hyun Soo is staring at it somewhere else. In his copy of the picture, one of the men is crossed and Hyun Soo is about to do the same to Chan Ho, but hesitates. Does that mean he didn’t kill Chan Ho yet? He should keep him alive to frame him of all the murderers and get the prosecutors and lawyers off of his back.

Ji Wook and his family go to the columbarium to pay their respect to his deceased parents, his mother cries that it’s all “that jerk's" fault. With what little we know we can assume “that jerk” is the man Ji Wook saw in his nightmare, Bong Hee’s father who died the same day. Bong Hee and her mother also come to the columbarium to pay their respects, telling him that Bong Hee is a lawyer like he was, defending the wronged out ones, and although she isn’t respected yet, she’ll get there. When exiting the place, they almost run into each other, but miss one another. Representative Byun spots Bong Hee but with everyone attacking his eyesight, he doubts himself.

Now for this episode’s case, we see a happy man in a cafe texting when another one enters. As if the first man recognised the other, he stands up to stop him from what he plans on doing. The other man, angry and confused, fights back, so they end up getting in a proper fist fight with damages and casualties. The first man, Jung Ha, hires Bong Hee and Ji Wook, the latter frustrated because he cannot understand the motives behind Jung Ha’s actions, and he only gives vague answers. It’s because of that pressure that the man answers he can see the future. As to prove it, he says, “pizza” a few seconds pizza actually arrives at the hands of Representative Byun.

So Jung Ha foresaw the other man was going to stab one of the part-timers, but there was no knife in sight so it’s hard to believe. Yet, the police then report they did find a knife in the other man so now the other employees get all itchy about it, believing their client. And the man keeps proving himself, foreseeing a cup will break and then, as if he got possessed, he claims two people in that rom might die.

Why hello there, psychosis.

Representative Byun, as the oldest, is sure he’s one of the two that will die, and to protect themselves, Chief Bang goes to get talismans for the firm. Ji Wook is away because since his parents died he goes on their anniversary on a picnic on his own, as that was the plan that was left unmade back then. Bong Hee thinks that Ji Wook might be like her and actually hope for someone to bother him. So she coincidentally goes to the park where Ji Wook is and tells him she wonders whether to bother him or not. Smiling, he tells her to bother him. But he actually gives her material to work, so she gets disappointed. Nevertheless, they read the papers and then Bong Hee gets distracted watching a father and son riding a bike. She recalls one of the few memories with her father where he was supposed to teach her how to ride, but died before that. Ji Wook jumps at the opening and drags Bong Hee to teach her. She does well, until sees a familiar pervert taking pictures of girls. When he sees her, he panics and makes a run for his life but Bong Hee rides the bike perfectly after him.

Bong Hee stops the pervert, crying out he should be locked up for good. He apologises to her, saying he saw the news and even remembers the times he lived in that apartment building but moved because of the murders there and what he saw. His words make her wonder if she possibly witnessed something she shouldn’t. Ji Wook takes her to the apartment building to investigate, and they run into Prosecutor Na and Yoo Jung, and after Bong Hee and Prosecutor Na’s fight, the latter gets intimidated when Bong Hee steps too close. Those two are hilarious.

Regardless, Ji Wook takes Bong See to see the rooftops and quickly they find one with a suspicious and smelly water tank from where blood water is leaking. The police find bodies in there and the theory Bong Hee witnessed something she shouldn’t have gets stronger. Hyun Soo passes by and notices them there, but he doesn’t worry as no traces were left behind.

At home, Ji Wook tries to apologise to Bong Hee for not finding those bodies before, but she just teases him because he’s trying to hit on her. Because they are unable to keep work and personal lives separated, she has decided to give him an answer to his confession. His smile is automatic and he goes to hug her, but she hasn’t accepted him, she’s just thinking of setting a date. Like a cute puppy, he bargains and persuades her to set that date on the next day and he leaves with high hopes, loving her attitude. His smiles and all are too cute like I might die of giggles.


Episode 22 shows how Ji Wook and Bong Hee receive the new morning with hopeful and excited smiles, putting so much effort in looking nice for one another. Please stop, I’m dying. But the day takes a bad turn or Bong Hee when she runs into Hyun Soo. They bump into each other, dropping their belongings. As they pick the papers, Bong Hee recognises the melody coming out of his earbuds. He hides them before she can say anything and she acts as if she didn’t, but he isn’t stupid and notices her change. He follows her later as she freaks out, not wanting to believe Hyun Soo is the real murderer and that she persuaded Ji Wook to defend him; but all her collected evidence point at Hyun Soo and she can’t deny it… and it breaks her heart. Hyun Soo doesn’t want to hurt her and begs silently for her not to recognise him.

At a cafe, Yoo Jung spots Ji Wook and tries to talk to him, but he’s waiting for Bong Hee and doesn’t let the other woman sit. Bong Hee spots them and although she doesn’t misunderstand, she takes that chance to avoid Ji Wook. He goes after her and she says she knows it wasn’t what it looked like, but she is still annoyed they always seem to find each other. She uses that chance to tell him she changed her mind and won’t give him an answer, and he should keep his word and respect her decision. He does, but he notices there’s something going on with her, but Bong Hee doesn’t tell.

Bong Hee calls Eun Hyuk for an ear and she confesses how much more scared she is know, because she has more precious people to be afraid for. Eun Hyuk guesses it’s about Hyun Soo. He is a quick-witter beautiful friend.

When Bong Hee makes it back home, it’s raining and she doesn’t have an umbrella, so her only choice is running but when she opens the car door, Ji Wook is waiting outside with an umbrella. I melt. He walks her inside but stops midway, offering her a moment of sincerity, saying they should tell the other what they have not said, but Bong Hee refuses, her mind is not ready, her thoughts are all twisted inside. He promises to give her the time she needs.

At night, she writes down all the evidence and clues she has against Hyun Soo, knowing the banner boss is the one she should talk to, thinking he was threatened to recognise Chan Ho as the one who was supposed to call her (he actually was threatened). She goes out, running into Hyun Soo himself. He smiles and acts nonchalant, but approaches intimidatingly. Bong Hee gets nervous, but just then, like a gift from the skies, Eun Hyuk shows up, saving her. Hyun Soo is frustrated and Bong Hee thinks he was testing her.

The trial comes and Ji Wook asks for more time for settlement, they are working on that. Jung Ha is more interested in sending lovely text messages, though. Chief Bang finds out the other man in the case, who was MIA, went back in the cafe and attacked one of the part-timers. Now they really believe Jung Ha.

Meanwhile, a man comes back to Korea, and he must be one of Chan Ho’s friend because Hyun Soo is tailing him.

As Ji Wook and Jung Ha walk away, the latter explains he is just so eager to see his girlfriend after a long time. He is so invested in texting that he does not see the car coming and ends up flying in the sky as he realises he predicted his own death. Ji Wook watches in horror but goes to the hospital with him. The man refuses to get surgery until he sees his girlfriend because he has little chances to make it and prefers she is the last he sees. Jung Ha tells Ji Wook this is proof he isn’t a fake. He also tells him, after getting another of his visions, not to cry too much, things will be fine. He doesn’t explain further and then the girlfriend arrives, just in time to see her one last time before passing away.

The experience shakes Ji Wook up and desperately he calls for Bong Hee, running to her when she tells him where she is. He realises everyone has lost someone, and in this life that will keep happening, so when the uncertainty haunts him, they should embrace the present. So he runs to Bong Hee, pulls her in a tight embrace as he begs her to please like him back already.


This episode was so cute and moving, although it kinda throw me off the prediction of the future. I didn't see this show as "supernatural" and having this inclusion just felt unfitting for the style of the show, although I do understand it was to push them to fear to lose loved ones, and let go of the past and embrace the future but still… is Jung Ha a cameo from another drama I have not watched?

Anyhow, I'll be back soon for the next recaps.

Until then!


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