Tonight new episodes of Love in Trouble come out, and after the cliffhanger we were left off, we surely need to know what happens next. The murderer strikes again and we are heartbroken. Allow me to recap the events of episodes 23 and 24 before the new ones come out.

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Love in Trouble
Episodes 23 & 24

The episode starts with Ji Wook running to Bong Hee after his epiphany, asking her to like him back. Instead of a verbal answer, she bursts out crying. He watches her worried, wiping her tears and hugging her again, to comfort her this time. The poor kitty.


At home, Bong Hee ponders what to do, and when she comes out Ji Wook is waiting. She asks him why he confessed again, she felt burdened. Ji Wook honestly tells her he felt they were wasting time. He asks again what happened and this time he guesses it has to do with Hyun Soo. He asks what she knows and she turns the question back at him, so he honestly tells him his suspicions which hurt her because he didn't share that. He apologises and Bong Hee asks him to then take back his confession, but he refuses because he knows she's doing it because she blames herself. Ji Wook reassures she's wrong, she is just a victim and he won't let a jerk like Hyun Soo get between them. The lawyer asks if she is going to allow it or if she'll choose to go through it together, because that's what he chose.

Talking about the devil, Hyun Soo keeps following the man to his place, identifying his room, and we can guess who is the next target.

Now, this episodes' case come in the shape of a girl running from a boy, an ex boyfriend who threatens to kill her after breaking up. A witness luckily shows up and makes the man run away. This threatened girl is Bong Hee's friend and she calls the lawyer for help. Ji Wook obviously takes her to the police station and they take the case. Without a weapon, they can't keep the ex boyfriend locked up for more than 48 hours, so that's how long they have to find the witness and the knife.

Going back home, Ji Wook sees how worried Bong Hee is, so he takes her hand and gives him his support, the precious soul. At home she keeps thinking of that so when the new morning comes, she goes upstairs, surprising him when he's out of the shower, to tell him she accepts him and today it's their first day. At first, Ji Wook doesn't get what she means and she has to scream they are dating. Gleefully, he giggles to himself saying he now has a girlfriend.

Kill me now, I can't take this cuteness.

They are not exactly discreet with their looks and at the meeting, Representative Byun and Bong Hee get in an argument again, and a look of doom falls on Ji Wook's face. Later, he tells Bong Hee Representative Byun is his adoptive father and she just humourlessly laughs, saying she's doomed. Clearly, Representative Byun can't stomach her.

Chief Bang receives good news and wants to share them with Ji Wook, at first the lawyer nags about telling him to stop and all that, but gives in and asks Chief Bang to tell him about Chan Ho's friend and how he's going to get in contact with him. Just then, Yoo Jung calls to tell him one of the bodies is Kim Min Goo… the same person Chief Bang had identified.

Emergency meeting time! 

They expose all their evidence and accept they think Hyun Soo is the real murder, but as the others try to continue their investigation, Ji Wook tells them they are all civilians and they will leave it in the government's hands, so they better not get involved. That's why Eun Hyuk goes to see Yoo Jung, to ask her to investigate Hyun Soo, but also telling her to be careful, he is an unpredictable man.


Episode 24 begins with Ji Wook and Bong Hee at the police station for Yeon Woo's case, Bong Hee's friend. The weapon has not been found, so Bong Hee takes it in her own hands, Ji Wook doesn't leave her alone even through men toilets and rubbish. That's true love. When they get home, they are smelly but Bong Hee doesn't even notice it. Still, they send her to shower. 

Ji Wook is annoyed Eun Hyun and Chief Bang are there at that time when it's their first day with Bong Hee, so he asks Eun Hyuk to help find the witness instead as he's working overtime. Meanwhile, Hyun Soo plays with his knife, trying to decide in which order he will kill the people from the law firm, and what alibi he'll have this time. Now he doesn't have Chan Ho to erase evidence. 

Bong Hee, knowing Ji Wook is annoyed, goes tot he kitchen and boldly surprises him with a kiss, thanking him for everything he's done. He's shocked but at such display, he drops everything and almost pounces on her, but she stops him telling him that's enough for their first day, leaving him with his arms wide open. 

Can I get the hug instead?

The next day, Eun Hyuk teaches them SNS, how to post pictures and all, and watches in single depression how they just like each other selcas and do not share the love with him. 

I'll give you all the likes, Eun Hyuk-ah. 

Anyhow, SNS has help Eun Hyuk to find some girls who replied to his posts who lead him to the witness, so his mission is talking and persuading her to testify. He only has two hours left and he talks outside the girl's academy, but the time is up and the detective shouldn't keep the ex boyfriend locked, but Eun Hyuk begs, he just found the witness.

Talking with her, he manages to persuade her slash threaten her to testify, but the detective couldn't keep the ex boyfriend locked for more than 48 hours and he's not on the loose and after Yeon Woo. Said girl is being accompanied by Bong Hee after Ji Wook dropped her before going to meet Chief Bang who found out about the other man in the picture and is going to meet him. As it's dangerous, Ji Wook drives to the address while Bong Hee stays with her friend.

Just then, the psycho ex boyfriend strikes and Bong Hee fights her way, skilled as she is, until her scared friend gets in the way and she gets hurt. When Eun Hyuk tells Ji Wook the boyfriend is out and he had the knife in his cast, Ji Wook makes a U turn and goes back for Bong Hee, scared to see an ambulance. He rushes to her, but thankfully she wasn't really hurt. He is angry and scared, but she reassures him and tells him to go meet Chief Bang. Reluctantly, he leaves.

Meanwhile, in the apartment of the other man, Hyun Soo has finished his job when Chief Bang walks in, finding the body. Ji Wook calls then, asking him where he is, but before the other man says anything, Hyun Soo shows up and attacks. The two get in a fight, Chief Byun used to be a detective, so he got some moves, but he isn't enough against Hyun Soo and he loses the battle. Later, Ji Wook arrives, finding Chief Bang on the floor, stabbed. In horror and heartbreak, he tries to awake his friend but to no avail… we have lost Chief Bang.


My heart is broken, so broken. Ji Wook's cries and pain chilled me to the bone. I can't believe we really lost Chief Bang, he was one of my favourite characters. I truly loved him. Ugh, this only makes me angrier at Hyun Soo, but I know this is only the beginning, he's a caged beast and will keep attacking whoever gets too close. 

I am scared for everyone! I adore them all.

Thankfully, tonight we get the new episodes and we'll see what happened next. I'll see you all for the next recaps, I'll go hug my teddy bear now.

Until then!


Love In Trouble (Suspicious Partner)

Starring Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun

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