Previous episodes of Love in Trouble left us with the worst cliff hanger, but I am here to recap episodes 25 and 26 to let you all know what happened to our beloved characters.

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Love in Trouble
Episodes 25 & 26

Episodes starts with Hyun Soo stabbing Chief Bang and leaving him to die, but Ji Wook arrives and it seems it's not too late, because as they rush in the ambulance, Chief Bang is still alive and he goes into the surgery room, leaving a devastated and enraged Ji Wook.


While Yoo Jung analyses the scene after Ji Wook requests her to do her best for this case, they wait for the surgery to be over. Everything went well, but there's chance Chief Bang might wake up with some brain damage. Just a chance, but at least we didn't really lose Chief Bang. Thank goodness, I was crying already. Bong Hee tries to support Ji Wook later, the most affected by this, scared to death for Chief Bang.

Hyun Soo has the perfect alibi, he got someone to do the deliveries for him, paying attention to details and all that. Darn it, he's clever. But obviously, the law firm don't believe him, but without proper evidence they cannot charge him. Ji Wook is so angry he wants to go after Hyun Soo, but Eun Hyuk manages to stop him and tell him he cannot be stupid.

Hyun Soo goes to give his testimony to Yoo Jung, but it's technically perfect, which is incredibly frustrating for all. Ji Wook goes to see Chief Bang and calls Hyun Soo to meet. The look in his eyes is something fearsome to behold. Hyun Soo has the face to show at the hospital room, acting worried and all that when he stabbed Chief Bang! Argh. Ji Wook takes him away, to have a talk. He suggests a quiet place, but Hyun Soo says it has to be noise.

On a bridge, wth all the cars passing by down them, Hyun Soo confesses he indeed killed them all, but he's willing to make a deal. He won't hurt any of his friends if Ji Wook stops butting in. When Hyun Soo is leaving, Ji Wook calls him once again, just to throw the first punch in their fight.  I have to admit I am pleased about this.


Episode 26 starts with the two men in the fight in the police station. Ji Wook refuses to settle, so both have to be locked up, which was the plan all along. Ji Wook tells Eun Huk to go to Hyun Soo's house to find evidence, and if there's none, then to make it.


Bong Hee goes with him and they look carefully, but Hyun Soo is a clever man and there's nothing they can use, but Eun Hyuk does still get a big kitchen knife. 

After spending the night in the cell, they settle and the lawyers go back. Eun Hyuk and Ji Wook are talking about fabricating evidence when Bong Hee comes in, eavesdropping. She offers to put the evidence as she's been in prison already.

Ji Wook narrates for us how all of them have a reason to feel guilty, for either not stopping Chief Bang, not getting there in time, changing plans, et cetera. Ji Wook comes to Bong Hee, telling her to stop feeling guilty. They should all stop.

With Yoo Jung, our team work to find a way to charge Hyun Soo. The prosecutor wishes the murder weapon would appear, and the other three lawyers look at each other, knowing that's in their hands.

Free Hyun Soo goes to walk while listening to music and once again sees his ghost girl, smiling and crying at her image that then disappears. He leaves a rose for her before going home and he immediately notes people were there. He quickly realises it was Ji Wook's work. For that, he sends Ji Wook a warning: pictures of his loved ones. Ji Wook confronts him, aggressively, and Hyun Soo just shouts that hey should leave him alone, he's doing the right thing. This makes Ji Wook realise he is almost at Hyun Soo level and for that reason tells the other lawyers they won't use the fabricated evidence unless they don't have any other option; it's going to be their last resource. They are all proud of him, me too.

Fearing Hyun Soo might strike again, the lawyers check on the people from the list Chief Bang was working on, asking them questions but they don't seem to know anything. Yet, there's one man who acts suspicious and later we see Hyun Soo is actually tailing him. Scary.

Meanwhile, someone takes the knife from Ji Wook's drawer and then Yoo Jung receives an anonymous text message, something that makes her go to beg for a warrant to search Hyun Soo's house. By putting her job on the line, she gets that warrant an go to Hyun Soo. They find the knife that was put there, the fabricated evidence, and realising he's been set up, Hyun Soo makes a run for his life. 

He takes his motorcycle as the prosecutor teams goes after him. Yoo Jung has told Ji Wook about the warrant and evidence, so Ji Wook was heading to Hyun Soo's house when he sees the man running away. He goes after the criminal, too. It's chase worthy of a action movie, but it ends tragically when Hyun Soo crashes against an oncoming car that was driven by the suspicious man-soon-to-be-target, who later escapes the scene, leaving an unconscious Hyun Soo behind.


Nooo, this isn't how it should happen. Hyun Soo needs to be put in jail and pay for his crimes. He cannot die here. I refuse to believe that. Aish… anyhow, I'll be back soon with the next recap.

Until then!


Love In Trouble (Suspicious Partner)

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