Accidents follow us in Love in Trouble! Good and bad ones, all get caught by misfortune. I am here to recap episodes 27 and 28 before the new ones come out.

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Love in Trouble
Episodes 27 & 28

Eisodes 25 starts with the accident, an ambulance coming to take Hyun Soo to the hospital. Oh, so he isn't dead. Anyhow, Ji Wook drives Yoo Jung and tries to find out who gave her the tip, but she cannot disclosure that. Ji Wook joins the others in the hospital, Representative Byun says he saw Chief Bang moving his fingers, but he has zero credibility. Poor man.


With no one believing Representative Byun, they stay in the room making Chief Bang company and trying to keep a positive attitude, hoping for the best. Ji Wook is about to tell them what happened with Hyun Soo when a feeble voice calls his name. CHIEF BANG! Teary eyed, Ji Wook rushes to his side and thankfully the man recognises him, Chief Bang recognises everyone in the room.

Thank goodness for no amnesia. 

Well, with Chief Bang out of danger, the lawyers can talk about Hyun Soo. He's in coma but if he doesn't wake up, he won't be charged, so he needs to wake up. Another big issue is that Yoo Jung is in big trouble for how things ended as the prosecution's pride has been put on the line. She asks the others if they would hire her when she is fired, but they just stare at her. That would be awkward. But Eun Hyuk helps her, giving her the list and telling her about the suspicious man that could be behind the hit and run.

Let's focus on Chief Bang now, who doesn't have any brain damage but he cannot be a witness against Hyun Soo as he didn't see his face. Regardless of that, while everyone pesters him, he works diligently on getting better to get discharged soon.

District Attorney Bang is furious for what happened and the fact he has to go to the hospital and apologise for how things ended. He doesn't feel any remorse and he just threatens Yoo Jung to never jeopardise their reputation again. I hate that man. 

At home, Ji Wook and Bong Hee are finally alone and at ease, but that solitude gives the insomnia. Eventually, both leave their rooms to end up in front of each other to have beers and talk about the situation and their relationship, doing aegyo. Ji Wook is actually better than Bong Hee. Ultimately, she falls asleep on his lap and he watches her fondly, soon joining her.

Chief Bang is back and he's welcome with confetti and celebratory dances. But later as they have a meeting, the conversation gets out of topic, frustrating Ji Wook. Chief Bang uses that chance to tell them about these dreams in which each promised him something. They all feign ignorance. Ha!

Later, Ji Wook ponders once again who could've put the weapon and Bong Hee finds him mumbling. Recalling her mother words, she says the culprit is always the one to show up in that moment… Representative Byun. Wow, what a timing. As the man does the dishes he recalls how he heard Ji Wook talking about the fabricated evidence that he indeed put in Hyun Soo's house, even apologising to the man in coma for his lowly actions. He was indeed the culprit.


Episode 28 shows us Eun Hyuk with an old client for whom he lost the trial, an arsonist case in which District Attorney happened to be involved. Eun Hyuk asks for help, but Ji Wook doesn't want to do arson cases, and Bong Hee is reluctant, she also lost her father in a fire. District Attorney Jang is also thinking of that case and how in his youth he pointed the culprit (Bong Hee's father) to a child Ji Wook, telling him that man had killed his parents.  Ugh.

Anyhow, next morning Bong Hee comes to tell Ji Wook they are going to have a proper date, He's happy and follows her to the arcade, trying to show off, but Bong Hee is better than him in everything. Ha! Ji Wook is sulking but she tries to reassure him. It is just cute and cuter. She is reminded to get Chief Bang's medicine so while she's at the pharmacy, Ji Wook's mother comes out. Bong Hee manages to see her, putting the pieces together and trying to hide from the woman. Ji Wook wants to introduce them, but Bong Hee runs before being spot.

Ji Wook takes his mother home, just when Bong Hee's mother has dropped by to pay them a visit (and find out who's the man her daughter likes, Eun Hyuk or Ji Wook?) The mothers realise their children are involved and start bickering, when Bong Hee arrives. She tries to run, but Ji Wook stops her and declares they dating. Eun Hyuk tells Chief Bang to act surprised and that's my favourite scene in the whole K-drama.

Back to District Attorney Jang, he recalls how Bong Hee's father begged him to help him back in the day, he had been mistakenly accused, but the attorney didn't care and nowadays reassures himself he did the right thing. NO, YOU DID NOT!

Alone again at home, Bong Hee tries to distract herself and goes to do the laundry. Ji Wook goes with her to the Laundromat and while there, he reassures her about his parents but she isn't really hopeful. Then she asks him when he's giving her the present he's been carrying all day, which is a cute necklace. Those two are so cute.

Meanwhile, Chief Bang goes to see Hyun Soo, trying to confirm if it was him the attacker and declaring at the end it would be better if he doesn't wake up.

Somewhere else, Yoo Jung is drunk with Prosecutor Na, when Eun Hyuk sees them. While the sunbae uses the loo, Eun Hyuk approaches and gives his number to Prosecutor Na, confusing her. I am kind of confused too, girl.

Back at home, Bong Hee and Ji Wook are about to say good night to each other, but there's tension between them and as they walk away, they stop on their tracks and go back, kissing with the basket between them. But said basket is soon discarded as they kiss more intently and one thing led to the other and suddenly they are in her room.

Oooohh, sexy times for Bong Hee and Ji Wook.

The next morning when they wake up, Ji Wook sees Bong Hee's father's picture and recognises the man from the fire. He is shocked, until Bong Hee wakes up and cuddles up to him. He holds her tight, his face showing all his conflictive emotions.


Well, the sexy times were ruined, and it's all District Attorney Jang's fault. I really hate that man. I knew he was involved in the fire, I thought he was the responsible, but it doesn't seem to be the case, at least not exactly. 

New episodes this Wednesday, so we'll see how the story continues soon.

Until then!


Love In Trouble (Suspicious Partner)

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