The past is catching up with the present in Love in Trouble and our leads have to decide how to take the news. I'll recap episodes 29 and 30 for you all.

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Love in Trouble
Episodes 29 & 30

Ji Wook wakes up and is horrified to see the picture. While snuggling Bong Hee, he is still struggling. Later, as he gets a steamy shower, he recalls the few times she has talked about her father, putting the pieces together and realizing he killed his parents. The man doesn’t know how to feel, he’s clearly struggling and his attitude is odd, even his cooking sucks.


Ji Wook is trying to keep his thoughts away from what’s happening, he asks Chief Bang to help him find more about his parents’ case, wanting to confirm who was the culprit. He is so desperate to get away from his thoughts he offers to help Eun Hyuk, even taking the arsonist case. Yoo Jung has to deal with someone who confesses to have committed arson but she is told to bury this mistake by the prosecution. But this man looks familiar to Eun Hyuk.

The case the firm is working on is about the man who was declared guilty because he had a motive and and a witness recognized him, but Eun Hyuk believes he isn’t guilty. Ji Wook's attitude is that he isn’t innocent until they find evidence, which is kind of nasty and is making Bong Hee kind of suspicious there’s something going on.

They look for clues about the case, anything that can help, going over the documents. Bong Hee tries to reassure herself she hasn’t done anything wrong, she isn’t the reason Ji Wook is acting that way and she continues feeling happy.

Chief Bang arrives with the information and the confirmation Bong Hee’s father was the culprit. Chief Bang read the report and confesses of such. Ji Woo claims Bong Hee isn’t guilty by association, she has nothing to do with it, but he looks as heartbroken as he is and Chief Bang, although he agrees, doesn’t really believe him.

At night, Ji Wook is having nightmares about the fire and seeing Bong Hee’s father face, going to attack him. He wakes up seeing Bong Hee trying to choke him, but she is there just to check on him. He pulls himself together and relaxes, even cuddling her as they talk. She asks why he became a prosecutor (for his father) and why she did (to defend people wrongly accused). She claims his father must be proud of him, but as he hugs her, he only hugs halfheartedly.

The next day, he continues trying to convince himself it wasn’t Bong Hee, but he cannot control himself when she gets too close and flinches, hurting her with his rejection. He tries to make up an excuse, but it doesn’t sound convincing. Still, Bong Hee persuades herself.

Eun Hyuk is trying to figure out why the man he saw with Yoo Jung is familiar, and Bong Hee’s comment about the witness makes him realize that man was a witness in the case of the arsonist. He claims his love for her for helping. Cute.


So this man, Joon Hae, testified saying Eun Hyuk’s client started the fire. They get the theory Joon Hae, an arsonist himself, is the real culprit so they need to gather evidence to prove that.

Ji Wook is acting more normal, kind of, being more affectionate, but his comments about criminals keep bugging Bong Hee. Later, at home, she confronts him, and asks if he’s hiding something. He denies it, but she reads him better and figures there’s something. She exposes her feelings and he says this has nothing to do with her, it’s his issue. She’s hurt she’s not letting her help him.

Eun Hyuk goes to see Yoo Jung, but she isn’t at the office so he goes to her place. She takes him inside, making him uncomfortable, but handing him information about Joon Hae, saying she was ordered to bury it but not wanting to, so she gives him her blessing. He asks her why she didn’t tell Ji Wook nothing happened, and she confesses because it didn’t matter, it could’ve happened. She asks the same and Eun Hyuk says that because regardless, he still hurt Ji Wook. She jokes inviting him to sleep over, but Eun Hyuk tells her to stop acting like a witch, that doesn’t suit her.

I love him.

Eun Hyuk and Ji Wook are having issues, and Chief Bang is fed up they are not paying him any attention, but gives up on them. The young men get drunk while he only drinks cider, and later Bong Hee scolds him thinking he also got drunk. Poor Chief Bang.

They take the drunk men home and Ji Wook clings to Bong Hee, telling her that no matter what, they cannot break up, she cannot leave him. Aw, the poor baby.

The next day, Eun Hyuk comes for his session with Bong Hee, but she has decided not to talk about her relationship. He’s smart, he manages to make her talk but reassures her it must be the case. He explains what Ji Wook went through, how he was the only survivor and everything else.

Then the trial comes and Eun Hyuk uses what Yoo Jung gave him (after she nods encouragingly) accusing Joon Hae. While watching this, Eun Bong realizes why Ji Wook has been acting so weird: because her father was the “culprit” of the fire. She excuses herself and outside has a breakdown for not realizing before.

After the trial, Ji Wook looks for her and he is acting sweetly, taking her on a date, buying food and taking pictures (or trying to). They walk hand in hand, but there’s tension. Bong Hee stops and tries to take her hand away, but Ji Wook holds her tighter, so she has to use both hands to break the touch. She looks up and tells him to break up.


Noooooo, my heart is breaking too. I am not surprised, it was to be expected, but it still hurts and makes me angry. Insert deep sigh. Well, I'll be back shortly with a new recap.

Until then!


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