After Bong Hee becomes a suspect of murder, episodes 3 and 4 of Love in Trouble come to give us more clarity into the situation and to show us how the story continues. I'll recap these episodes for you before the new ones air today. 

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Love in Trouble
Episodes 3 & 4

The episode giving us some more context of what happened before the murder. Bong Hee was writing a letter of gratitude for Ji Wook, but she was going a bit overboard with her compliments and stopped herself. In her fidgeting she falls back and with the hit she recalls some more of the night with her superior. It seems that as she threw herself at him, the man got caught and leaned in for the kiss. She doesn't remember more, but it's enough to make her flustered and feeling hot. That is why she opens up the windows but not wearing her glasses she can't really see a murderer getting rid of a body. The murderer, however, does see her.

Later, when she heads to the convenience store, her ex boyfriend comes to see her, still mumbling nonsense about her supposed feelings for him. But he has the worst timing because when he crosses the door, the murder has come to silence the witness. The wrong witness.

We know what happens after that, and Bong Hee calls the police and ambulance, but she stays in a state of shock even in the police station. She manages to pull herself together and swear she didn't kill him. 


She is doing great, until Na Ji Hae comes to cause a scene, really believing Bong Hee killed her ex, crying out about the threatening song. That only digs Bong Hee's grave and now she really is a suspect.

In jail, she calls Ji Wook who can't believe she's there for murder. He's worried and angry, but he believes her and thinks of helping her… until he is told by his superior, who happens to be the murdered cheating ex boyfriend's father, tells him he must convict Bong Hee no matter what or he'll be fired. Now it's Ji Wook's career over Bong Hee's life.

So now Ji Wook wears his prosecutor face as he tries to make Bong Hee confess, but she knows him and it won't work. Knowing she's honest and didn't kill her ex boyfriend, but not able to help her himself, Ji Wook calls Eun Hyuk, even if that makes him sick to the stomach, just to ask him to be Bong Hee's lawyer. The other boy, I insists, is like a happy puppy that his adored Ji Wook called him at last.

Bong Hee's mother comes to see her and brings her the girl's old glasses. They talk animatedly, keeping smiles but it's evident they are holding in. It slips the mother that she's gone through something similar before, with Bong Hee's father. More is not revealed. When Bong Hee is taken back inside, the mother breaks and shows her real emotions.

Eun Hyuk comes to meet Bong Hee and can barely hold his laughter when seeing her with the new glasses, but all his goofy attitude is put to a stop when Bong Hee tells him about her struggles to get where she is and that he needs his serious help, not pity or jokes, because her life depends on it. Finally, he takes her seriously.

Ji Wook and his assistant go to the crime scene again to see if they find evidence, but it feels like they are prying in their acquaintances's personal life. The assistant finds Bong Hee's planner and can see everything she's written on it about Ji Wook, so he tries to keep it from the prosecutor. It doesn't work, he takes it no matter what and reads what he wrote about him, including that he's also cool.


The real weapon has been found, but another one at the crime scene, which means one is fabricated and Bong Hee is innocent. He takes both weapons to forensic analysis and keeps it confidential because he suspects his superior is behind the fabricated weapon.

Ji Wook meets with Eun Hyuk, the latter is so excited and happy, asking Ji Wook if he finally forgave him. At the negative response, Eun Hyuk follows him crying out how he'll keep begging because he loves him. Confirmed, he is a puppy. I officially nickname him Puppy Eun Hyuk.

The investigation is finished, soon the trial will come and Ji Wook knows he has to convict Bong Hee after he's received the results. Everyone is paying attention to the trial and Puppy Eun Hyuk is doing quite well, invalidating the witnesses' opinions on Bong Hee claiming she is the murder. Her confession is controversial, however, as she makes it look like everyone has wanted to kill their boyfriends or husbands. She gets on the bad side of the press.

Ji Wook presents the weapon, the one found on the crime scene. Puppy Eun Hyuk didn't know about this and wasn't prepared, but with it Ji Wook asks for maximum sentence for Bong Hee. Here the prosecutor has the biggest issue. His father was a prosecutor, one that fought against crime as he lost his sister to it. When he died like that too, Ji Wook promised to follow his legacy. But in his current position he feels he has failed the man. That is what pushes him to reveal the other weapon, declaring one was fabricated, ergo nullifying the trial. He drops the charges. Bong Hee is free to go home.

Ji Wook has lost his job. When he is asked why he did that by his friend, the prosecutor replies that it's because of fate. Ji Wook is also beaten by the superior, which is odd to me. Wouldn't a father want the real culprit instead of any culprit? Or is this a revenge because she was dating his son? Odd…

Bong Hee is happy, grateful with Ji Wook but as she was leaving the court, she heard a whistling that she recalls from the murder night. Ohh, the real culprit is after her.

The next day, Bong Hee goes to see Ji Wook, with her heart fluttering as she realises she's started to like someone new. They see each other but while she smiles brightly, he looks sick. When they are face to face, he tells her they were brought together by fate… not a beautiful fate as she thinks, but an ill fate and he doesn't want to see her again.


Ji Wook did a great sacrifice for Bong Hee, although more than for her, he did it because it was the right thing to do. Now he's lost his job as prosecutor and can't follow his father's legacy, which obviously will affect him enormously.

Bong Hee is in danger though, and we'll see how the story continues tonight so wait eagerly.

Until then.


Love In Trouble (Suspicious Partner)

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