Before tonight's episode of Love in Trouble we need to know what happened in episodes 31 and 32, and let me tell you, it was a lot. I'll recap it all for you, don't worry. With these recaps you won't miss a thing.

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Love in Trouble
Episodes 31 & 32

The episode starts with the couple walking by the park and Bong Hee breaking up with Ji Wook. He tries to hold on to her, telling her to talk it through. She says she feels guilty and hates feeling like that, and even if Ji Wook tells her they can make it through, she refuses and walks away, crying her eyes out.


Bong Hee doesn’t know where to go now, so she goes to Prosecutor Na, as she hates her and it’s her revenge. You know what? I love those two and their constant bickering. It gives me joy. But then it gets sad when Bong Hee loses her smile, heartbroken and wondering if she really did the right thing. It seems Prosecutor Na takes some pity on her and lets her stay.

The next day Bong Hee doesn’t feel well, but the thermometer shows she’s all right. Ji Wook texts her about the meeting and she’s upset he is acting naturally, but Prosecutor Na tells her that’s good.

Bong Hee goes to the office, but there’s no one else and she hands her resignation but he refuses, saying she signed a contract for two years. Yes, it’ll be awkward but they need to be professional, she wanted that. Mercifully, he gives her some days off and then tears the letter apart.

Ji Wook goes to see District Attorney Jang, asking about the case, not understanding why the culprit sought revenge for such small conviction. The man claims it was the witness, and that witness was Ji Wook, he pointed the culprit. He is too shocked to find out his involvement in the case, when he doesn’t remember any of it.

Prosecutor Na arrives home to find Bong Hee looking pale and weak with her suitcases, but the other woman doesn’t kick Bong Hee out. Our girl checks her temperature over and over again, but it’s always 37 degrees even if she looks very poorly. The next day she doesn’t even wake up when Prosecutor Na comes to see her, realizing the thermometer must be broken because Bong Hee is burning up.

She calls Ji Wook and Eun Hyuk who come running to check on Bong Hee, Ji Wook going to see her. She wakes up and wonders if it’s a dream, he says it's not and she smiles, taking his face in her hands and pulling him to a kiss.


Then episode 32 doesn’t start there! No, it’s actually with the two mothers talking, in an attempt to get friendly? But they keep bickering, although when Bong Hee’s mother accidentally hits Ji Wook’s mother where it hurts the most, she apologizes. Later, she tells Bong Hee that woman won’t be that bad of a mother in law and that she’ll train her. Bong Hee doesn’t say they broke up and then she gets a call from the police station. In there, a kid claims she’s his lawyer.

The kid witnessed a murderer, but he claims to not remember anything. She takes him to the office where everyone is happy to see her (it seems it’s been a while). She acts awkward with Ji Wook, but there’s no mention of the kiss so she probably doesn’t remember.

Ji Wook doesn’t seem fond of the kid, and they need to keep him somewhere safe. Ji Wook wants him anywhere else, but he ends up taking him in, although the forbids the kid to ever go upstairs. Why is he so scared?

Eun Hyuk takes Bong Hee home and while talking he asks her for her health, revealing they went to see her at the hospital. Bong Hee realizes it wasn’t a dream and wants to die, but Eun Hyuk tells her to stop or they’ll get in an accident.

The poor kid gets nightmares and goes upstairs and Ji Wook looks terrified even when they are in bed. What is this and why am I laughing so hard? The kid asks whether it’d be his fault if he doesn’t testify, and relating to him and remembering how District Attorney Jang pushed him to testify, Ji Wook tells him it would never be his fault and it’s up to him.

The next day Bong Hee goes to pick up the kid, Jae Hong, but he isn’t at the gate. He’s running away from someone and ends up bumping into the man with blue trainers from the murder scene, who happens to be one of the detectives.



Bong Hee finds him there, shielding the kid who keeps claiming he doesn’t remember anything. Poor baby.

Ji Wook is waiting then and Jae Hong realizes there’s something between them and actually teases Ji Wook. That’s adorable, how the kid laughs and laughs. He’s really cute.

The next night Jae Hong has more nightmares but Ji Wook has warmed up to him and comforts him, even hugging him. His conversation gives Jae Hong the courage to testify, he declares his decision the next morning and Ji Wook takes the kid to the police station for his statement.

There, still fearful but determined, trusting Ji Wook to protect him, he points the detective as the culprit, recognising the ringtone and the trainers with blood. The man denies accusations, but they take him way while all the others look in horror.

At the station Ji Wook remembers himself saying he didn’t remember anything, which is opposite with his previous memory of claiming who the culprit was. That clearly confuses him, so he leaves Jae Hong with Chief Bang. As he leaves, he remembers District Attorney Jang telling him the man in the picture was who killed his parents.

Meanwhile, Bong Hee goes to the hospital to check on Hyun Soo, but nothing has changed. She talks to Chief Bang over the phone, reporting the situation. When she hangs up and turn around, Hyun Soo is standing and staring at her.


She stares in horror as the man stares back at her, just standing there.


That really surprised me. Was Hyun Soo awake from before? It's odd that he's just standing there. We'll find out tonight, I guess! Whop, whop. I'll see you all for that recap, to see if Hyun Soo will claim amnesia or anything.

Until then!


Love In Trouble (Suspicious Partner)

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