Every week we get closer to Love in Trouble's finale, but before this week's episodes I'll recap episodes 33 and 34 to show you how the reinsertion of our villain has changed things.

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Love in Trouble
Episodes 33 & 34

Hyun Soo is awake! Bong Hee, alone with him in the room, is intimidated, but as to be expected, he does not remember anything.

Can’t we ever be free from amnesia in a K-drama?

Ji Wook is struggling with his confusing memories, and he’s heading back home when Chief Bang informs him of the new situation, so the lawyer rushes to the hospital just to witness with his own eyes Hyun Soo being escorted by Yoo Jung and completely not recognizing him.


With Hyun Soo in the hospital and custody, the others just have to wait. Bong Hee and Ji Wook are quite awkward, especially now that Ji Wook realizes his memories aren’t as reliable as he thought, but he doesn’t have the guts to tell her yet. Bong Hee is depressed but she doesn’t find comfort in anyone, especially not Prosecutor Na.

At the office, Jae Hong is still around and still infatuated with Ji Wook, while fighting Representative Byun. It is both cute and hilarious. At Ji Wook’s home, he’s equally depresses as Bong Hee, but he has someone waiting to talk to him, to exactly about the issue but something else. Ji Wook has applied to be reinstated as prosecutor. Representative Byun shares he didn’t like when Ji Wook was a prosecutor, it was dangerous and he overworked himself, but ultimately he wants his adoptive son to do what he most desires.

Suspecting Hyun Soo’s amnesia is fake, Ji Wook asks Yoo Jung to help him to see the man for a while, which she grants. Ji Wook says to be Hyun Soo’s lawyer and tries to test him. Hyun Soo honestly seems to not remember, but his frustration and his personality are the same, having outbursts of rage. It's odd, but it seems to be real. His time is up before he can tell Hyun Soo what he did, so he goes back to the office.

At said office, Bong Hee comes for Jae Hong, but says that at his aunt’s house he keeps having nightmares, like Ji Wook. Ultimately, they let the kid stay around and then Ji Wook arrives. Bong Hee wants to leave but he asks her to speak alone. Upstairs, he tells her she ought to go back to work even if they need more time, but there’s work to do. She agrees and they go to have a meeting, that goes as per usual, with Representative Byun interrupting and their bickering. In this occasion, Jae Hong has been present, recording their funny moments.

Yoo Jung is doing her best to get a warrant, but things seem slow. Eun Hyuk sees her later, alone, working and eating at the same time. He approaches her and tells her to just eat, he’ll read the text and summarize it for her. Yoo Jun teases him that it’s a hundred pages document, but he cannot escape now. She seems happy and calls him friend.

At the office, Ji Wook watches Bong Hee work late and tells her it’s enough, so when she’s gathering her things he offers to give her a ride, even if she doesn’t need it.


Episode 34 starts with Ji Wook walking Bong Hee to Yoo Jung’s building, running into this woman and Eun Hyuk. It’s a bit awkward, but it gets worse when Prosecutor Na shows up, explaining Bong Hee’s staying at her place. She acts coy and good in front go Eun Hyuk, making Bong Hee suspicious. I am cackling.

After this encounter, Eun Hyuk and Ji Wook go for drinks together and Eun Hyuk tries to make Ji Wook talk, but at first the man is reluctant. He ends up explaining about his confusing memories; Eun Hyuk advises him to never break up and Ji Wook says they haven’t, yet. As Ji Wook explains the issue deeper, he doesn’t feel better and Eun Hyuk cannot provide a good solution.

With Hyun Soo recovered enough for questioning, Yoo Jung reveals his charge and Ji Wook and his team start working on the case, digging up Hyun Soo’s past to find evidence for all the cases and clean Bong Hee’s name. Bong Hee and Eun Hyuk start digging about all murder cases in his area while Ji Wook brings things that can trigger Hyun Soo’s memory, but nothing seems to work. Bong Hee and Eun Hyuk find a teacher that recognizes Hyun Soo and Chan Ho and about a case of young girls in that school that were sexually abused.

While Bong Hee and Eun Hyuk go to a restaurant to find out some more, she recognizes the tune Hyun Soo whistled. At the same time, in the hospital, Hyun Soo recognizes a girl in the yearbook. His memory triggers and he breaks down crying over her.

Ji Wook gets a call from Bong Hee telling him about the restaurant, owned by the mother of the girl Hyun Soo’s recognized. After hanging up, Ji Wook goes back inside and Hyun Soo is creepily standing, acting as if he doesn’t remember and asking Ji Wook if he really didn’t have anyone, not even someone he liked? But before Ji Wook actually asks, Hyun Soo changes topic and Ji Wook just leaves, but the man stays and more memories come back, making him remember his goal and why he’s been killing. So later, when only one guard is left, he fakes collapsing so when the guard comes in, Hyun Soo wakes up and attacks him, knocking him out and taking his clothes to run away.

He’s too healthy for someone who was in coma, isn’t he?

Yoo Jung comes with a warrant while Hyun Soo is escaping. He hides but she senses something and follows the man, who is waiting in the staircase and attacks. Yoo Jung fights back, but can’t keep up with a man recovering from a coma (this makes me angry) and she’s knocked out, too. Yoo Jung runs away.

In the parking lot, Ji Wook realises that Hyun Soo tore a picture from the year book, so he rushes back in the hospital. In his desperation, he takes the escalator and notices Hyun Soo on the one going down, the murderer looks over his shoulder and makes a run for it, so Ji Wook rushes after him, but he’s a few seconds too late, Hyun Soo gets in an ambulance and escapes.


And things got exciting again! I hate the whole amnesia plot so I'm incredibly relieved it didn't last so long, and it was good seeing how Hyun Soo's real personality slipped through his confusion. That was a bit refreshing. Soon, we'll fully understand Hyun Soo's reasons, for now we only have speculations. Also, where is Chan Ho? Did Hyun Soo really killed him?

I'll be back soon with the next recap.

Until then!


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