Episodes 35 and 36 of Love in Trouble bring us a few very gratifying moments we've been waiting for, apologies long overdue, and confessions. I'll recap these episodes for you before the new ones tonight. 

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Love in Trouble
Episodes 35 & 36

Episode 35 starts with Hyun Soo escaping from the hospital and from Ji Wook. Eun Hyuk and Bong Hee arrive later to the hospital, the former about to lose his mind for Yoo Jung, making her embarrassed and Bong Hee and Ji Wook a bit uncomfortable, too, so when Yoo Jung tells Eun Hyuk to shut up, the other couple sneaks away.


Bong Hee and Ji Wook are both worried and talk about the situation. He thinks she might be in danger if Hyun Soo recovered his memories so he suggests for her to return to his home, but the she rejects his offer and promises to be careful. Eun Hyuk is worried, too, but about Yoo Jung, taking her home later and even staying until she falls asleep, listening to her ranting about her feelings for having lost Hyun Soo. She does get a scolding a few days later, dragging Prosecutor Na with her.

Ji Wook is anxious, wondering how much Hyun Soo remember and listing the people he's met after the accident as potential people in risk, among them Bong Hee. Hyun Soo doesn't remember everything, actually he's quite upset because out of the people he's met with his amnesia, Bong Hee is the one he can't figure out but he feels he should. The next day he goes to the school to drop another flower and gets a new flashback of the girl from the yearbook, running in panic from someone. The memory affects him enormously.

Bong Hee and Ji Wook also go to the school, trying to find Hyun Soo and assuming he'll visit the murder scenes soon. From afar, the culprit is watching them, trying to understand who Bong Hee is. He remembers seeing her at the balcony when he was disposing a body, so he realizes he must make sure she never speaks. At night, when Bong Hee is working overtime, Hyun Soo is in the office and starts asking her who she is, what's her relationship and even demanding to know why he's like that. She tells them she witnessed him murdering someone. The man attacks but Bong Hee fights back, still the man is stronger and throws her away. He has a knife and is about to strike but someone tackles him: Ji Wook. They fight but the lawyer manages to reduce the culprit even if he gets stabbed in the process. 

Ji Wook is taken to the hospital and as he's on the way, slipping in and out of unconsciousness, he recalls how Bong Hee's father came in to save him and died trying to save the kid's parents. Much later, when he's in a hospital bed and everyone is around, he wakes up. Everyone asks if he remembers them and he asks who they are, scaring them all, but it was just a joke.

He even got me.

He's out of risk and healing, and everyone is glad. Still, Bong Hee feels extremely guilty and doesn't leave his side. Soon, Ji Wook starts feeling fed up with everyone around, finally understanding Chief Bang.

Hyun Soo is in custody, now he cannot escape the charges of attempted murder, but Yoo Jung will try to also prove his involvement in the other murders. He remains silent no matter what she says. Eun Hyuk shows at the office later to drop food, still worried about her.

Episode 35 starts with the I've-been-Stabbed team walking in, in pain for their wounds, and Bog Hee watching with worry in her eyes. Then she follows with food, forbidding Ji Wook to work or do anything. She'll take care of him as she's worried, but only as a employee, obviously. He looks terrified of the food she brings but eats it nonetheless, just for her. He is husband material. 


Bong Hee continues helping him, cleaning up his stickers and bandaging him up, and Ji Wook watches her longingly, until he accepts he's struggling to hold back so she should be careful. She leaves when Chief Bang comes with the information about Ji Wook's parents' case, declaring that it could've been an accident and not arson, but there's no way to prove it.

Ji Wook gathers his courage and confesses to Bong Hee what he now remembers, admitting he gave a false statement. She's shocked and asks why, so he explains he thinks District Attorney Jang must've brainwashed him to make him believe her father was the murder to cover up his own mistake. Ultimately, it was his mistake and he's sorry, but Bong Hee is too shaken to stay. She goes back to Prosecutor Na's home to find her crying because she got ahead of herself thinking Eun Hyuk liked her when it seems the object of his affection is Yoo Jung. Obviously, she doesn't say that and Bong Hee goes to hug her. They cry on each other's shoulders that night.

I truly hope they become real friends.

Representative Byun goes to see District Attorney Jang and finally tells him he's been wrong, the real culprit of his son's murder is Hyun Soo, and if he looks closely he'll realize it. He should also reinstate Ji Wook because he was born to be a prosecutor and they know it. The man does look into the file, noticing it is really likely it was like Representative Byun said. Then later he runs into Bong Hee who confronts him, telling him off for framing her father and her, accusing him of never caring and being arrogant and incapable of accepting his own mistakes. She insists once again her father wasn't an arsonist and she didn't kill his son.

I am so proud of her, for standing tall and proud against her nemesis.

Bong Hee is back at the office and goes to help Ji Wook, but she hasn't cleared her mind yet and asks him to wait, she reckons District Attorney Jang made a bigger mistake, but the young lawyer also made a mistake and she hasn't figured out how to act around him yet and what to do about it. He nods his head and they carry on with their daily activities, like the extremely non-productive meetings, now with Jae Hong in there, too, laughing at their antics. Later Bong Hee watches what he recorded and just cuts a clip of only Ji Wook, watching fondly.

Ji Wook goes to see Hyun Soo, telling him he's doomed, basically, but advising him to confess, Korean justice system is merciful with those who confess. Hyun Soo is nonchalant and says that there' must be someone on his side. Later, Hyun Soo actually confesses all his crimes, laughing and even mocking how Hee Joon died, crying for his father. At the other side of the window, District Attorney is watching and it seems Hyun Soo is actually confessing to him.

Ouch, that must be horrible to hear.

District Attorney Jang goes to his office, crying at the picture of his son. I hate that man but I feel sorry for him in that moment. Later, he runs into Bong Hee and actually apologizes to her (he doesn't sound really sincere, though). Bong Hee doesn't accept his apology and he just nods, walking away.  Meanwhile, Hyun Soo is escorted not back to his cell, but to District Attorney Jang's car, who takes him away. Hyun Soo looks smug. Did he mean District Attorney Jang as the man on his side?!

At home, Ji Wook walks towards his wardrobe to pick his prosecutor robe as we hear how he has been reinstated.


Dear God, I pray District Attorney Jang doesn't do anything stupid and kills Hyun Soo or something like that, the man needs to rot in jail! But honestly, I can't trust that man to do the right thing. 

Anyhow, we'll see what happens tonight and I'll see you all for the next recap.

Until then!


Love In Trouble (Suspicious Partner)

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