After so much tribulations, reaching so many dead ends, we get to see the light at the end of the tunnel in Love in Trouble. I'll recap episodes 37 and 38 for you all to rejoice with me in what happened.

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Love in Trouble
Episodes 37 & 38

The episode starts with Hyun Soo taunting District Attorney Jang with his confession, and getting escorted away. Ji Wook is happy to be reinstated but wen Yoo Jung calls to tell him what Hyun Soo confessed, he senses something is off and asks for the criminal and attorney's whereabouts. When he's heading out, he runs into Bong Hee who tells him what happened and how odd it felt, so they suspect something happened and decide to head out together.


As they head out, Yoo Jung confirms for them District Attorney Jang and Hyun Soo is missing, and Bong Hee thinks the man could've taken the criminal back to the apartment building, which is confirmed when Yoo Jung tracks the man's mobile phone. In said apartment, the attorney beat Hyun Soo while the young man is still handcuffed. Hyun Soo accepts he didn't meant to kill the man's son, but he was glad when he found out whose son he was. Here, the man tries to stab him in payback but Hyun Soo stops him and forces him to remember how thirteen years ago a group of boys gang-raped a girl and he didn't even prosecuted them. He is as guilty and the reason why he turned like that, so the young man attacks.

Bong Hee and Ji Wook arrive then and rush to the flat, but they only find the older man. Ji Wook runs back as Hyun Soo is trying to escape. In the parking lot, Ji Wook attacks and they fight, Hyun Soo taking advantage of Ji Wook's stab wound. Bong Hee comes running and jumps to kick Hyun Soo, knocking all the air out of his lungs. Ji Wook recovers and tries to warn her, but she's nailed it all and it's all right. Hyun Soo is taken again and District Attorney Jang is also taken for his criminal actions.

Bong Hee asks for a talk and she apologizes for taking her rage out on Ji Wook, she knows he was just a kid, brainwashed to do something. He tells her not to be sorry but instead she declares as she owes him so much and he's done that they should consider themselves even and start again, like when they met each other.

Ji Wook is back as a prosecutor and he's happy, but he isn't glad with his team. Regardless, Yoo Jung has handed him Hyun Soo's case so he's back to the interrogation room to deal with the murderer, but the young man denies any confession and makes Ji Wook's life very difficult. The prosecutor shows him the tape of the confession but he claims he isn't sane so it's useless.

Because Hyun Soo is making it difficult, All the main characters team up to go against the murderer to find solid evidence, so they start digging up more about the case, finding out about the gang rape and the detective in charge of the case who tells them he refuses to help because he's still angry. Those boys weren't even prosecuted, and the person who should've done it was District Attorney Jang.

With this new information, Bong Hee goes to see District Attorney Jang now that he is being prosecuted himself, demanding for a sincere and real apology, telling him how she isn't sorry for him because he's ruined so many people's lives. She tells him about So Young's case and demands him to tell her more about it.


Episode 38 starts with Bong Hee visiting Ji Wook after the interrogation and having dinner. She tells them how some of the seven boys that gang-raped So Young were sons of influential people who persuaded the then prosecutor Jang to bury the case. The girl not much later killed herself. With this information and recalling how Hyun Soo spoke of those boys living good lives they didn't deserve, he develops a plan. Later, in a meeting with his team, he explains his plan to charge Hyun Soo with rape instead of murder, as the hit-and-run driver was caught and confessed the gang rape and Hyun Soo involvement. 

When the trial comes and Ji Wook accuses Hyun Soo, the man claims not guilty and scoffs at Ji Wook when he presents his evidence, saying all that is fabricated, but Ji Wook keeps reading the report. However he makes mistakes in the names of who performed what, and oddly, Hyun Soo corrects him, as if he really saw that happening. Ji Wook pushes him to explain why he knows, he pushes him to say the seven names but Hyun Soo always chokes on the last name, and Ji Wook tells him it's because it was him. His horror is evident when a flashback focuses on another face… Hyun Soo's face.

Indeed, Hyun Soo was in the scene, Bong Hee found that information on the report and believes that due to trauma he altered his own memories.

Ji Wook continues, stating once again his accusation but Hyun Soo loses his temper and starts screaming he din't rape So Young, he isn't one of those guys, he is their judge and executioner, he killed them all. Ji Wook taunts him asking for evidence and Hyun Soo realises that was Ji Wook's plan all alone, making him confess in order not to be a rapist, and Hyun Soo gives in, providing information to find evidence. Said information takes the forensic team and the prosecutors to find Chan Ho's body and the murder weapon.

With that confession in court and the evidence, they can finally charge Hyun Soo with murder and clear Bong Hee's name. The others congratulate her for finally clearing up her name. About Hyun Soo, he was a bystander but he didn't take part of the assault itself. The hit-and-run driver told them that Hyun Soo was a total loser back then who wouldn't talk back and later they found out he had a crush on So Young. Most likely, the trauma of not being able to protect her made him alter his memories and start killing the assaulters.

A bit later, she sees Eun Hyuk doing the dishes, complaining how now without Ji Wook he loses more often in the ladder game. She suggests hiring a new lawyer, hopefully someone young and handsome. Then, Ji Wook shows up and Eun Hyun whispers in her ear to follow her heart, just to make Ji Wook jealous. It's so amusing how easily he falls for it. Bong Hee is about to actually follow her heart and go to Ji Wook, but she chickens out and Eun Hyuk only shakes his head to Ji Wook.

Later, Bong Hee visits the court thinking of how much Ji Wook has done for her and how his sacrifices and righteous attitude made her fall for him. When she turns, Ji Wook shows up in the room and as she stares at him, she thinks how now she also falls for him and finally follows her heart, running to him and kissing him. They pull back and this time Ji Wook takes it in her hands to hold her tighter and kiss her deeply.


Oh, boy… finally we get to find out the whole truth, the involvement of every character and why and how Hyun Soo turned out that way. I am really surprised, I couldn't believe he was a rapist (he wasn't but he was still in the scene). I must applaud Dong Ha's performance, how he showed the horror of realizing Hyun Soo was present in the assault, that he was one of the seven boys. 

Anyhow, real justice was finally served and I'll come back later for the final recap of this wonderful story.

Until then!


Love In Trouble (Suspicious Partner)

Starring Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun

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