Love in Trouble is over, but I still refuse to believe it. I enjoyed every episode and it was hard to say goodbye to characters I love so deeply and it's been so hard to make myself do this final recap, but here I am to recap the events and say farewell to this beautiful K-drama.

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Love in Trouble
Final Episodes 39 & 40

Episode 39 starts with Bong Hee hiding in Prosecutor Na Ji Hae's home for a whole weekend, scared of getting close to Ji Wook, but the man is done and becomes an unexpected visitor in the lady prosecutor's home, who asks for Bong Hee to be taken and also warns the girl about her bird nest hair. Ji Wook isn't appeased by her looks and just tells her to talk.


Outside, Ji Wook asks why Bong Hee is avoiding him and she confesses it's because every time they got close, something bad happened. The man doesn't care about all that and asks to date anyway, because for him breaking up is way more scary. Who could say no to that?!?! UH?!?! Bong Hee agrees and rushes to get presentable for a date and here I am struck again with the adorableness. I want a boyfriend like Noh Ji Wook. Male leads like him are the reason why I'll end up with only thirteen cats named after male leads of K-dramas.

Anyhow, with the two together it's back to work, District Attorney Jang gets his sentence after accepting his crimes and Ji Wook tells him he hopes the man will repent and feel some shame for all he did. After that trial, comes Hyun Soo's final one and he is sentenced to a life of prison, the young man looks nothing like the man we met, the life has left him and he just looks defeated. But with his sentence, Bong Hee is finally free of any charge and she has cleared her name, she goes to tell her mother and they cry together. Sadly, the same cannot be done for her father, but the two women are happy now and that's what matters the most.

As a prosecutor again, Ji Wook has Chief Bang with him and mountains of work that get in his way to meet Bong Hee. She waits for him but as he's taking so long, she ends up joining Ji Hae and Yoo Jung for drinks. They get completely drunk and Yoo Jung warns her of the tribulations of dating a prosecutor. In their drunk stupor, Bong Hee accuses Ji Hae for stealing her boyfriend and Yoo Jung nags the other prosecutor for having some interest in Eun Hyuk. The funny thing is that when they mention how Ji Hae always falls for guys that are taken, Yoo Jung doesn't realize they are saying she is the one who took Eun Hyuk.

Ji Wook and Eun Hyuk arrive at the same time to pick up the drunk girls, but it's a bit tricky for Eun Hyuk with Ji Hae asking if he used her and Yoo Jung demanding to know if he's dating someone. The two girls send him finger hearts and kisses while Ji Wook just takes Bong Hee away, enjoying their piggy ride back in their playful nature.

Eun Hyuk drops Ji Hae off first and then Yoo Jung at her apartment where she's still drunk so she stumbles and the man has to hold her. Their closeness intensifies the tension and she holds on to him, immediately apologizing but he takes her hand and kisses her, apologizing for that later, but Yoo Jung just grabs him and kisses him again… really kisses him.


Episode 40 starts with their mundane and extremely sweet dating. Bong Hee and Ji Wook constantly talking, spending time together and all that jazz that makes me feel depressingly single. Ji Wook asks her to move in again, but she wants to keep the tension and their current dynamic, with every morning meeting at the door and parting ways with a morning kiss.

I'm getting bitter over here!

Eun Hyuk finally goes to see Yoo Jung who tries to make their kiss pass as a mistake, but the young man confesses and asks her to like him back, yet she isn't sure she likes him as a man. Eun Hyuk accepts anything he can get and I'm screaming, who cannot love the puppy?!

Bong Hee gets a new case of a woman who hit her husband in the head out of bottled-up rage. The only issue is that she bottled that rage for her husband's infidelity for thirty years, which doesn't work well for the case, Ji Wook tries to explain. Bong Hee sides with the client and Ji Wook cannot fully understand, so their conversation ends in an argument where she explains with the example of that time he rejected her kiss how even if you understand, even later you can still be upset and she warns him to be careful of his head in thirty years.

Ji Wook talks to the other men trying to understand, but they fail. Representative Byun takes the lead of the role model and voice of wisdom and tells them in those situations to just agree and apologize, but later we see how that doesn't work with his wife when she asks what he exactly did wrong. Ha!

Bong Hee doesn't understand why they keep fighting over small things and Ji Hae explains because after strong problems and opposition, the mundane is what breaks them apart as they start seeing their flaws later on. And cue to her words, that's how it happens, Bong Hee and Ji Wook keep having fights over minor things, like how she asks him what outfit is better for the interview she'll have, and he cannot give the right answer.

A year later, the situation isn't much different, their fights over small things continue, Bong Hee threatens to break up after every trial and Ji Wook keeps being covered in work for being the "worst prosecutor" again. But those ordinary days are what they love and Ji Wook hopes they never end.

Eun Hyuk and Yoo Jung also have fights over small things and Ji Hae is annoyed and feeling as depressingly single as I do... probably.

Their lives continue, now Eun Hyuk leads the meetings as they discuss hiring a new lawyer as he is the one supporting them now, Ji Wook, Chief Bang and Yoo Jung are there and nobody understands why, they keep getting side-tracked, Representative Byun tells a boring story and the rest just sneaking out, like usual. I love them to death, all of them.

Ji Wook and Bong Hee walk together at night, arriving to the park where they once broke up and this time Ji Wook professes his love that Bong Hee returns. He slips a ring on her finger promising to love her forever and when she asks if he's proposing, he admits. Funnily, she asks why he's doing it without a song, just to surprise him and give him a kiss before accepting his proposal, even without a song! He smiles the happiest and they walk away together while he sings 101 Reasons Why I Love You, as they narrate how they are happy to have met each other.


With tooth cavities and diabetes, I say goodbye to this sweet K-drama. What a fluffy and lovable ending! After so much struggle and the emotional roller coaster that Love in Trouble was, it's time to say goodbye with humor and romance in the best way. This story gave us a clever and complex villain, brave and tenacious heroes, so much laughter and beautiful relationships. It was highly enjoyable and I'll keep it in my heart for a long, long time. I hope everyone enjoyed this K-drama as much as I did, I'll miss the humor so much. What is life without Chief Bang knowing and mocking grins? Ji Wook's adorable jealousy? And Representative Byun inability to keep focused on what matters? Aw, man, this show was great, don't you agree?

It was a real pleasure to recap and make gifs for you all, I hope you enjoyed the journey. I say goodbye with my last recap and how we say in my language,



Love In Trouble (Suspicious Partner)

Starring Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun

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