After Bong Hee has been declared innocent and Ji Wook lost his job as prosecutor, episodes 5 and 6 of Love in Trouble come to show us what happens next. I'll recap them for you.

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Love in Trouble
Episodes 5 & 6

The episode starts with a happy Bong Hee, rejoicing in her new love and marvelling in how easy and fast it was for her to fall in love with Ji Wook. But all her hopes and dreams are crushed when said man declares their fat is ill. Before he walks away, however, she thanks him and apologises for inconveniencing him, and that she’ll repay by catching the real culprit. Here, she tells him about the melody she heard and the coincidence of this, yet that’s all she has, which is obviously very useless. They walk away and Ji Wook tries not to worry, but it’s not like he can really stop thinking about Bong Hee.

On the other hand, Bong Hee has nightmares of the culprit coming after her. Yet the only person that comes after her is Hee Jun’s father. He is still convinced she’s the real murder and he’s angry she’s free. He bows to do anything to put her in prison, while she bows to find the real culprit for everyone’s sake. I still think it’s odd that man is so set on the possibility she killed his son.


Ji Wook goes to his father to apologise for failing him (in my opinion, his father wouldn’t be disappointed in him for what he did), before he goes and join his friend’s law firm where Puppy Eun Hyuk also works and gives him a cheerful welcome the ex prosecutor doesn’t appreciate. Even if Ji Wook hates the other lawyer, they share office so no matter what, they’ll be seeing each other.

Bong Hee has become an outcast, and that’s okay with her because she needs to find the culprit first, even if it means listening to every song in the world and even putting up an announce to find him. She goes to the place the murder weapon was found, trying to figure something out. It’s quite creepy at sunset, and when someone approaches she almost has a heart attack. But it’s only Ji Wook, who keeps claiming he is not worried.

He totally is…

When they walk back home, in a rain of cherry blossoms, Ji Wook offers to give her CCTV that would help her to recognise the culprit, but she admits to have no idea what he looks like. He gets angry and can’t believe her. He admits to worry about her, he did, for the two months she worked for her but not anymore. Like that, he walks away. Bong Hee swears she’ll find the culprit and restore his honour.

Like that, time passes by where she gets some energy to carry on by just stealing glances at Ji Wook. Everyone else in her class get good jobs but her, but the most worrisome thing is that the murderer has seen her seeking ad and now has her contact information.

Oh boy.

Ji Wook, on the other hand, can’t stop acting like a prosecutor and hates his job, hates his clients and everyone in that law firm. He even goes to the Prosecutor District office to talk to Bang Gye Jang, still craving the life of a prosecutor. He cries out how much he hates being an attorney. Gye Jang tries to tell him that he just has to do things he doesn’t like at times, that’s life.

When Puppy Eun Hyuk joins them, Ji Wook only gets more moody.

In the same building, Bong Hee runs into Na Ji Hae, having a little quarrel before meting in court. Bong Hee is doing her job, but then Ji Wook comes in the room and she gets distracted, claiming her client guilty when she was supposed to say innocent. Embarrassed, she gets out of the room, but from outside she still steals peeks to Ji Wook. She’s caught by Puppy Eun Hyuk, who just seems to find so amusing what she’s doing and imitates her.


Bong Hee gets a call from a client when she’s fixing her shoes, and as it would take a while, she takes Ji Hae’s when she sees her, and runs to meet this new client, hoping it’s someone normal. All her cases before have been nutshells.

At first sight, it looks like a normal boy who was too much in love and couldn’t accept his relationship was over. He continued following her, so the girl got a restraining order. Accidentally, they met again and the girl panicked, so she pushed him and the boy fell of the bus. Now he’s demanding her.

The girl sees Ji Wook’s help and she looks really traumatised, believing the young man followed her.

Bong Hee and Ji Wook meet in court and as they expose their client’s sides, she realises what she did was stalking too, and Ji Wook’s words are actually about her, he hates what she’s been doing.

They agree on settling so they meet later, with their attorneys and it seems to go well, they part ways easily. But the fact it was so nice makes Bong Hee suspicious. She has a bad feeling and as she can’t get in contact with her client she cals Ji Wook.

Bong Hee’s client was lying and he follows her, running after her, chasing her in the most creepy way. The girl manages to hide inside her home, but she drops her phone. Later, she opens the door to get it, but the stalker was waiting and makes his way inside her home. Horrified, she hides in her room but the stalker is losing his temper and trying to force his way with violence.

Right in time, Bong Hee shows up but the stalker threatens to attack her. She’s ready to fight, she’s a Taekwondo black belt, but Ji Wook shows before she can defend herself, throwing the stalker over his shoulder.

The police come to take the stalker away and Bong Hee feels guilty but at the same time it makes her realise the impact of forcing her love on someone who doesn’t love her back. This is why after going to the police station for their testimonies, she decides to put a restraining order on herself.

Ji Wook drops her home and she tells him that unless work or coincidence, she won’t approach him and she assures him that she really, really doesn’t like him. Ji Wook is shocked, not really understanding her. 


At her office, that’s also her home, she doesn’t have time to mop. She feels something and gets up, finding a box with a pair of shoes and a note on the cap, saying that if she looks for him, he’ll find her. She realises it comes from the culprit and he’s been following her, he saw her getting her shoes repaired.

The real murderer is here! Things are definitely getting more exciting. I'll come back soon to recap the next episodes.

Until then!


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