Before the next episodes of Love in Trouble come out tonight, I'll recap episodes 7 and 8 for you all. We'll see the appearance of a character that we were missing in the scene. 

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Love in Trouble
Episodes 7 & 8

The episode starts when Bong Hee finds the shoe box with the message from the real murderer. At the same time, Ji Wook, while still thinking of her, finds once again her makeup on his seat so he calls her. Bong Hee whispers on the phone she thinks the culprit might still be there. Completely right, he was hiding behind the door and slips out when she says that. Fearlessly, she runs after him as fast as she can but the man escapes her.

Ji Wook who gave a reckless U turn, arrives and finds Bong Hee still looking for the murderer. Together they go inside her office where she reenacts in the most dramatic and excited way what happened. Such joyful representation makes Ji Wook comment on how happy she seems and reminds her she could’ve died, cornering her against the shelves. She is distracted with how close he gets and wonders if he’s worried about her, and he is, but he would whether it was her or someone else. This helps her focus on what matters and admits to be excited, after all this is the first chance after years to clear her name and save her from her poor situation. With her past, she is basically jobless. Taking pity on her, Ji Wook offers to work together on solving the case and help her, then offers to take her home but her office is also her home.


Next scene they are both in front of his house, only because "Ji Wook begged her." The attorney claims he never did that, but Bong Hee will not listen and claims she won’t be held responsible for anything that happens in the house.

Oohhh, brace yourself, Wook-ah.

They have dinner together and in Bong Hee’s mind the thing they need to clear up is whether they slept together or not, whereas for Ji Wook is something else, like the murderer. It won’t be easy for him.

The next morning he arrives late, and he actually gets congratulated for sleeping-in. He claims it was just extreme exhaustion. That aside, her friend who also is his boss, came to nag him because everyone complains about his attitude, clients and co-workers, but Wook-ah is more worried about Bong Hee, wondering for how long she watched him sleep.

Flashback to earlier that morning when Bong Hee came to wake him up because they were late. As he didn’t respond, she went inside and found him peacefully and beautifully sleeping. I don’t blame her for staring at him, though. That man is a work of art.

Anyhow~ He wakes up at some point, finding her there. Like any normal person caught in a slightly tight situation, she makes a run for her life, but trips and falls down.

Nobody said she had the grace of a ballerina.

Talking about Bong Hee, she’s with someone from the crime scene investigation who’s looking for fingerprints. The young man asks some questions, like whether Bong Hee could get a sketch, but she admits never seen the face of the culprit. The young man grins…

Oh no. Oh no.

He is the culprit! And he is there to cover any mistake, like the key chain he accidentally dropped. Bong Hee notices something in his hand, but he distracts it and saves the situation. Man, he’s clearly after all, and he’s kinda cute. I hate when the murderers are good looking.

Chief Section Bang arrives then, to Bong Hee disappointed. He’s hurt she reacts like that and punishes later with his snappy attitude. She explains it’s her fault for not controlling her feelings. Chief Section Bang guesses she has feelings for Ji Wook, and assures her the attorney has no clue, because that’s like him. She doesn’t believe him but he’s even willing to bet 50 thousand won.

Meanwhile, Hee Joon’s father gets informed Ji Wook and Bong Hee met, which doesn’t please him. And then, Ji Wook arrives to tell him he knows they were being watched. They have an argument, where Ji Wook accuses him of fabricating evidence and District Attorney Jang insists Bong Hee is the murderer. If Ji Wook is right, he’ll make the other man pay, and the other way around.

Somewhere else, Bong Hee's mother retires due to her wrists while Ji Wook’s mother is trying to get on her good side despite not liking her, just because Bong Hee’s mother is skilled. But to Ji Wook’s mother’s disappointment, the other woman didn't't notify her, only her.

Ji Wook and Section Chief Bang meet to eat. The latter has already heard the rumours about Ji Wook’s fight with District Attorney Jang, said man spread them just to make Wook-ah more of an outcast. Wook-ah claims he did it because he just feels like Bong Hee’s guardian. Chief Section Bang comments on how Ji Wook doesn't look upset at all.

Ji Wook then narrates how his life was dull and peaceful before, and now with Bong Hee there's nothing of that, which is oddly good. And this girl who makes his life exciting now is waiting in front of his house, persuading herself she can do this, she just doesn’t have another option. Her landlord cut water and electricity supply. Drunk, Ji Wook approaches her and startles her with his agreement. She twists and sprains her ankle in her surprise. He makes sure she’s okay before, out of the blue, declaring he’s drunk.


Bong Hee is delighted that Ji Wook is taking care of her ankle, but it doesn’t last much as he falls asleep. Carefully, she makes him lay down more comfortably. But even if he looks peaceful, his dreams are nothing but that. He recalls the ominous words from District Attorney Jang who claims he did a big mistake, like his father. And we see how said man died in a fire, trying to reach young Ji Wook who kept crying in fear as a shadowy man approached.

Why do I have a gut feeling it was District Attorney Jang? That man is shady as hell.

Somewhere else, Bong Hee suffers with how expensive is to find a place to live, wishing she could be shameless enough to stay at Ji Wook’s. Meanwhile, inside the cafe behind her, another woman witnesses how three men try to steal the belongings of a customer who went to the toilet. The woman is a badass who has no problem dealing with the three thugs. But one goes over the line grabbing a chair to attack her. Yet, right in time, Bong Hee comes with a high kick that knocks the guy, yet her injured ankle gets worse.

With the tugs being taken by the police, the other woman takes Bong Hee to the hospital to treat her ankle and they exchange cards. The woman is Cha Yoo Jung, a prosecutor.

When she’s back Ji Wook is alarmed to see her ankle and thinks it’s his fault. She stops herself from clearing it up because his guilt make him do all sort of things for her and she enjoys them too much. That’s evil but I love it.

Bong Hee’s ex classmate goes to see Prosecutor Yoo Jung, obviously trying to suck up to her. We now learn that Yoo Jung is Ji Wook’s ex, the one who cheated on him and now she’s back to get him back, claiming to have forgotten about the other man. Ouch to Puppy Eun Hyuk.

Talking about the puppy, both him and Ji Wook are ordered to socialise and be friendly with their others co-workers, so they go to drink, yet it doesn’t seem to go too well.

Bong Hee goes to the same place because a former classmate is helping her to get a job. She does her best to please the hopeful employers. She gets warned by Ji Wook to stay away from lowly people like them, but she’s desperate for a job. But a job as attorney because what she gets is a job as secretary and she feels betrayed by her friend who didn’t warn her.

Outside, Ji Wook, clearly drunk, stops her from doing something she’d regret. Outside he tells her she’s not inconveniencing him and that he wants to work with her again. But then he passes out on her.

The next morning Ji Wook wakes up naked in bed and when he recalls what happened, his memories show him he threw himself on Bong Hee. His conclusions are not good. When he goes down and meet Bong Hee, she does the same thing he did to her and doesn’t answer if they slept together or not.

Ha, take that.


Meanwhile, our murderer calls Bong Hee but when she doesn’t pick up, he uses the key chain that reads NFC to open the door.

Ji Wook tries to sneak out of the house, but Bong Hee catches him. She gets distracted when she sees the call from the "Forensic", thinking the results came out. When they are leaving the house, outside Yoo Jung is waiting for Ji Wook.

Ohhhhh… the murder has really shown up and he's after Bong Hee. Things ought to get more and more exciting. At the same time, I just love how Bong Hee gets back at Ji Wook. But you know, I'm really curious to know if something really happened two years ago between the two.

Ohhh Yoo Jung! I wasn't expecting she'd be a bad ass! And the two female leads like each other. This only promises more and more for the future of this K-drama.

I'll see you all for the next recap.

Until then!


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