Episodes 9 and 10 of Love in Trouble let us know a bit more about the murderer and real culprit of this show, while we understand a bit more the dynamics between Ji Wook, Yoo Jung and Eun Hyuk. I'll recap them for you all.

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Love in Trouble
Episodes 9 & 10

The episode starts when Ji Wook is trying to sneak out of the house and Bong Hee realises the forensic guy has called her. She calls him back just when he’s in front of a dead body, and he tells her they didn’t find anything. Ji Wook is curious and walks with her, trying to hear the conversation until she tells him to stop. That’s when he heads out first, finding Yoo Jung. Bong Hee doesn’t need to ask to know who she is to know she's Ji Wook's ex. She doesn’t know what to do, so she sneaks without them noticing her, like a ninja, while they have a conversation. Yoo Jung came expecting him to be angry or anything, but Ji Wook acts cold and as if he couldn’t care less about her, which obviously hurts more. Bong Hee has kept watching them and wondering what to do, so she shows up, pretending to be the girlfriend to get Ji Wook out of that situation.


She says it’s her way to pay Ji Wook back for that time when he saved her pride in front of her ex boyfriend. He tells her to never do it again. Ungrateful, isn’t he? But Bong Hee doesn’t take it to heart.

After that encounter, Ji Wook is a bit out of it, even later when he goes to his boss’ birthday party. There it’s where he gives his resignation letter, although it doesn’t go well. Puppy Eun Hyuk tries normal conversation with Ji Wook at the end, just to be rejected. Then he gets a call from Yoo Jung and understands why the other man’s been in a worse mood than usual.

Yoo Jung, on the other hand, is trying to find out about Bong Hee and asks Prosecutor Na. The younger woman claims Bong Hee is a murderer. Yoo Jung is surprised, to say the least.

At home, Bong Hee is worried about Ji Wook who looks so depressed and she kind of spies on him, but the man finds out. Of course. Bong Hee isn’t subtle, but we love her like that. But being discovered helps Ji Wook to do something, which is feeding her. While they eat, she manages to make him tell her the story. Without much detail, he tells her how Yoo Jung cheated on him with his friend. Bong Hee takes his side, cursing out the others and that helps to lift a bit his mood.

The next day, the body of a new victim is found. A famous chef. The forensic team comes in and the murderer is one of them… for a moment I thought he was posing as one, but I see he really works there. No wonder he hasn’t been caught. Bong Hee is watching the news of this new case with the murderer himself, having a meal. She comments on it, not understanding the murderer, and the young man tries to justify, but Bong Hee is adamant that no murder can be justified. I can tell the murderer, although cute, is a psycho who thinks he’s doing it for a greater good or something like that.

Later, he gives her the shoes and even offers her a ride, but Bong Hee looks a bit suspicious. Still, she accepts his offer and is about to get in the car when someone stops her. This time is Ji Wook who reminds her they are supposed to catch the culprit together.

When Ji Wook and Bong Hee are back home, she asks him if he’s being nice because maybe he likes her, but he says it’s only love to mankind. She’s disappointed to be just a generic love, that includes even bad people like her former classmates.

Ji Wook gets mocked at the work place and Eun Hyuk steps up for him like he always does without Ji Wook knowing it.

Bong Hee starts to feel bad knowing Ji Wook is such an outcast at work. Her mother, on the other hand, finally finds a job, but this woman doesn’t know that her boss will be none other than the woman she hates, Ji Wook’s mother. I find so amusing how those women hate each other when in the future they'll be in-laws.

For Bong Hee, things are over. She has to empty her office, but she doesn’t even have money from the deposit left. Later, she runs into Ji Wook in the grocery shop and offers to pay him back by paying for the groceries. To annoy her, he starts getting a lot of things to stock up. But only later he realises she was just saying goodbye. She leaves a note thanking him and promising to pay him back when she’s stable and has enough to live. Ji Wook looks around, seeing her as she prepared and tried to help him before leaving. He doesn’t want to accept it, but he misses her. A lot.


Once again, Ji Wook hands in his resignation and he seems to get some spirit back, because before leaving he makes some sassy comments to his ex coworkers.

The man is going to start his own law firm and he goes to see Chief Bang first, saying how he’ll need someone exactly like him. He doesn’t exactly ask him to work for him, but he implies it, and he just acts ridiculously cute. Have I said how I love Ji Wook and Chief Bang’s relationship? No? Well, I do. Enormously.

Like that, Ji Wook starts preparing and remodelling to have his law firm. His former boss Hyun Young Hee comes to spy on him, apparently approving of it all, so he decides to go work with Ji Wook, otherwise he’ll just fail. Eun Hyuk wants to go, too, but he’s not sure Ji Wook will have him.

Bong Hee is working as Taekwondo instructor, but she’s clearly not happy and she wants to quit to find a better job. She is running out of everything, poverty clawing a hold on her. But then, Ji Wook shows up. He’s come to scout her, remembering how he asked her to work for him before. But Bong Hee refuses because it was really hard for her to give up on him and her job before, she doesn’t think she can do it again and she can't be that shameless. But Ji Wook tells her what makes her unique is how shameless she is.

Why does that sound like a compliment when it shouldn’t?

Bong Hee rolls around (literally) while thinking. Obviously wanting to go to Ji Wook, but afraid. Seven minutes later, though, she has her bags made and runs out, where Ji Wook is waiting for her.

He makes sure to tell her she’s just a hostage to attract the real culprit. She is happy she went from mankind to hostage. It’s a sort of improvement.

At the office, everyone is waiting. Chief Bang, Attorney Byun and Eun Hyuk, and it’s way too chaotic for Ji Wook. He only kicks Eun Hyuk out, though.

At night, he heads out, Eun Hyuk is waiting for him. He wants to finally explain himself, saying he doesn’t want to be any later with his explanation. Ji Wook accepts to hear him out, but the other man is stalling. Then, students cross their path, throwing a cigarette butt at their feet. As layers, they try to tell them off but the students are thugs and the lawyers get a bit intimidated as they realise that if they fight  them, they'll get charged. The conclusion is then trying to escape the fight. But more students show up and now it’s about running for their lives. Still, they get caught by more students and end up in a fight that I don’t know how else to describe but pathetic.

Later, beaten and exhausted, the two men lie on the ground. In his head, Eun Hyuk explains how he was in love with You Jung, but was too late, she confessed to Ji Wook first. He wanted to get over her, thought he had gotten over her, but ultimately failed. Obviously, he regrets enormously, but what he tells Ji Wook is that he doesn’t really have justification. Which is good, not justifying his mistake. Ji Wook says that’s why he’ll never forgive him, but as he walks away he thinks how no matter what he can’t throw Eun Hyuk away or hate Yoo Jung, because they have been their only friends since infancy.


When Ji Wook goes back home, he tries to conceal his face but Bong Hee sees him nonetheless. He claims it was 30 against 2, but I’m not sure there were that many students. She attends his wounds and even watches him fall asleep.

The next day, Chief Bang and Attorney Byun plan how to dramatically get Ji Wook to hire Eun Hyuk. The older man even throws himself to the floor, demanding Ji Wook to have Eun Hyuk. The young attorney doesn’t even care, telling him to whatever he wants.

Later, Bong Hee is watching the news with Eun Hyuk and Ji Wook, listening how the police claim to have found the suspect. But the real murderer is walking down the street, watching the same news, grinning, while somewhere else, an innocent man is arrested.


Well, it seems Ji Wook's law firm will have their first case. I wonder if they'll realise it's the same murderer than the one who killed Joon Hee. Well, as the story progress we'll surely understand the motive behind the real murderer and how our leads get closer to catch him.

Regarding Ji Wook and Eun Hyuk… I feel sympathy towards Eun Hyuk. He knows he made a huge mistake and he regrets it, and I really like that he doesn't try to justify himself, he doesn't even tell Ji Wook he was in love with Yoo Jung. Maybe it would make Ji Wook understand, but ultimately it doesn't change what he did. That's why I like he doesn't justify himself and just accepts he screwed it up.

I'll be back soon to recap the next episodes.

Until then!


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