In a statement released by his agency earlier this month, actor Ji Chang Wook confirmed he will be enlisting in the army on August 14. The Love in Trouble (Suspicious Partners) actor will join the army in Cheolwon, Kangwon Province. To give his fans a proper goodbye, he is hosting a fan concert on July 22. Scroll down to reveal the details!

The actor’s agency Glorious Entertainment shared a letter on their website detailing his enlistment. Below is the translated letter:

“Mr. Ji Chang Wook will join the base camp on Aug. 14, receive trainings, and be stationed in an army base to serve the country.

“Mr. Ji Chang Wook, who debuted in 2008, has 10 years of experience under his belt, and has expanded his acting spectrum through dramas, films, and musicals.

“He plans to successfully complete Love In Trouble and serve the country like all Korean men do.

“We hope you would root for him so that he could learn, grow, and return as a more mature version of himself.”

In the July 22 concert, which takes place in Seoul's Olympic Park, fans will have the chance to vote for Ji Chang Wook’s best on-screen character, ask him personal questions and write him a letter, according to the agency.

Please stay safe and well, Ji Chang Wook. You will be missed.

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