The cast of Good Doctor recently held a press conference for the show, and lead actor Joo Won looked interestingly cool in his suit. Wearing a navy blue suit with a blue, white, and gray flower printed tee shirt underneath, he looked very young and fresh to me. I loved that he opted to wear a tee shirt instead of regular button up. It made him look relaxed and comfortable, except there was just one minor, okay, two minor issues with his outfit.

I have no problem with the fit of the suit jacket or the pants, but I do have a major issue with the pant length. Look, I know its summer and its hot, but where’s the flood? That cut-off right above the ankle is just so awkward looking to me. It’s like when you go to the dry cleaners and ask them to take an inch off the pant leg and they mess up and take like 3 inches off. Joo Won has these amazing long legs and the ankle cut off ruins his body line.

I really do love his outfit, I just can’t look past the pant length! I even like the shoes, they look so comfortable and the color is cool but maybe not for this outfit? A more casual looking shoe probably would have worked better but the ones he’s wearing are still nice either way.

Overall, I’m gonna say I have a strong “like” for his outfit, almost would have been a “love” if it wasn’t for that annoying pant length!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE