At the recent press conference for The Master's Sun, leading man So Ji Sub stepped out in a mauve colored suit. Opting not to go for a classic black, navy, or even crisp white suit, So Ji Sub stood out among all his cast members in this odd yet completely fascinating suit. Paired with a gray shirt and some colorful trim or tie tucked near the collar (I don't even know!) he topped it all off with a pair of brown dress shoes.



To be completely honest, I can't remember if I've ever seen a mauve suit before in my life. I don't actually know what to think about the head to toe color. I don't really think it's bad, but maybe it's the overall fit and pairing with that gray shirt that makes me dislike it so much. This suit is just not fitting him correctly. The style is not flattering on his body at all; look at his sleeves. You can tell the jacket is too short by the length of the sleeve. His depressing gray colored shirt can be seen peaking out from under his jacket sleeve. Also notice how the pants do not in anyway compliment is long legs.


I honestly don't mind the color after staring at it for 15 minutes, but I do mind the style and cut of the suit not being right for him. His shoes look comfortable and awesome though! Overall even though I don't totally love it I don't totally hate it either. KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE