By Sara A. Layne Remember when all MTV used to play was videos? I might be showing my age, but I definitely do.  Well just imagine a live version of that where the idols have a chance at winning an award and you have Inkigayo.   Inkigayo airs every Sunday at 3:50pm KST and runs for about 70 minutes.  Since Korea is 13 hours ahead of us, if you wanted to watch it live, you’d have to stay up until the wee hours of the morning to see it, something that I cannot do. Thankfully Dramafever has started adding episodes so we can watch whenever we have time to do so. Back to Inkigayo! If you’ve never heard or seen it, here’s how it works. The show has the most popular artists from the week preform and whoever gets voted the most popular artist receives the award for Mutizen Song. If the artist wins the Mutizen award 3 times in a row, they win the Triple Crown. The song then gets removed from the list so someone else gets a chance to win. Here’s the breakdown of how the winners are chosen: Research (20%) Album (20%) Digital Sales (30%) Broadcast frequency (20%) Voting (10%) So if you want your favorite group to win, make sure you vote and buy their music. Of course I haven’t figured out how to do the actual voting. You might have to be in Korea if you want to do that but I do make sure I buy their music.  Personally I love when the idols get on stage and get down! Did you see Big Bang dancing up a storm when they were on? The show is currently being hosted by IU, Nicole and Goo Hara (she’s from City Hunter, you k-drama addicts). In the event one or the other can’t host the show, they get replacements, most recently like Daesung and Seungri from Big Bang. Inkigayo is a must-watch for those who love kpop. Not only is it a chance to see your idols preform live (well live-ish since you aren’t actually at the performance) but you can also watch them interact with the hosts. Idols can be very funny!  Let me know if you’ve watched Inkigayo and which performance was your favorite. Watch Inkigayo here, and read more from Sara here!