If you've recently read or seen The Fault in Our Stars, there's a good chance that it left such a big impression on you that you're not quite over it. Luckily, there are plenty of other shows available online for people who enjoy a tragic love story every once in a while. Here are 10 shows that will make you cry your eyes out, in a good way.

1. 49 Days

Two women get a second chance at life in this tale of tragedy and true love. Bright, bubbly Ji Hyun has it all—wealthy, adoring parents, a devoted fiance, and a great best friend. On the other side of town, Yi Kyung is thinking of ending it all. When a chain of events leads to Ji Hyun's death shortly before her wedding, a reaper from heaven intervenes to set things straight. For Ji Hyun to have a second chance at life, she must take over Yi Kyung's body and find three people outside of her family who will cry sincere tears of grief for her—in just 49 days. As Ji Hyun sets out to find these people, she discovers that her perfect life may not have been so perfect after all. These two women may just save each others' lives as they discover the difference between true and false love and begin to come alive again.

2. Autumn in My Heart

Eun Soo and Yoon Joon-Seo grow up the children of a wealthy professor and have an affectionate brother-sister relationship. When Eun Soo is hit by a truck one day and gets a blood transfusion, a terrible truth is revealed: she is not in fact related to Joon-Seo or his parents. Due to a mix-up by a nurse, she was switched at birth with the Yoon's real daughter, who has been raised in poverty by a single mother. When the Yoon's real daughter discovers the truth, she insists that the two be switched back. Eun Soo and and Joon-Seo lose track of each other, but they never forget the powerful connection they forged in childhood, which continues to draw them together. They still see each other as siblings, however, can they overcome their own confusion, class differences, and the interference of loved ones to discover what they might have together?

3. The Hours of My Life

The elder son of a hospital director, Sawada Takuto is a fourth year university student with vague goals for the future. Though his parents originally had hopes for him to be a doctor, they eventually began to shift their focus to their younger son, Rikuto. Takuto is popular amongst his peers and females, but he avoids deeper emotional ties due to many inner insecurities. One day, Takuto learns he is suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), an incurable, neurodegenerative disease, and does not have long to live. Now he decides to actively love and live, turning his previous life around.

4. Scent of a Woman

An awkward, under-appreciated young woman receives a grim diagnosis that she only has a matter of months to live. Deciding to live her life to the fullest, she quits her thankless job at a travel agency so she can take the trips she always planned for others but never took herself. While checking things off her bucket list, Kim Sun Ah attracts the attention of an handsome but aimless heir who is searching for meaning in his life. Will the two be able to share the love they never knew before time runs out?

5. I'm Sorry, I Love You

Cha Moo Hyuk is a man who was adopted by an Australian family but treated cruelly and then abandoned at a young age. With few other options, he takes to the life of a petty gangster on the streets. By chance, he meets Song Eun Chae, a fashion coordinator on a business trip, who has had her luggage stolen and been helplessly left by his gang. Cha Moo Hyuk rescues her and a relationship begins, but due to an inoperable gunshot wound in his head, Cha Moo Hyuk has only a short time to live. This leads him to delve into his past to find out the truth about his real family, a task that perhaps was better left undone.

6. The Master's Sun

Joo Joong Won is a rapacious CEO who is only concerned about money. His secretary, Tae Gong Sil, is a dark and reticent insomniac who is burdened with the ability to see ghosts. Joong Won and Gong Sil are an unlikely duo in every regard, but they share one thing in common: they are both intensely crippled personalities that need a lot of help. Can the money hungry Joong Won recognize priorities beyond the dollar sign, and can the lonely Gong Sil ever live a life without fear? Together, strange as it may be, it’s possible in this unique dance between yin and yang. Each episode features a different ghost with their own tale of heartbreak,` which is sure to tug at your heartstrings.

7. The Princess's Man

Princess Se Ryung is the fearless and strong-willed daughter of Grand Prince Su Yang. Seung Yoo is a noble "old soul" who captures her heart. The only problem is that their fathers are powerful rivals, and both will stop at nothing to defeat the other and ascend the throne. Featuring breathtaking cinematography and gorgeous locations, The Princess's Man is a lush historical Romeo and Juliet-style romance that will capture your heart.

8. Stairway to Heaven

Childhood sweethearts Jung Suh and Song Ju are torn apart by disruptions in their lives and families. When Jung Suh's father remarries, she gains a new family and a bevy of complications. With a new stepmother, an introverted stepbrother who is falling for her, and an envious stepsister poised to ruin her life, Jung Suh has her hands full while Song Ju studies overseas. Years later, tragedy strikes when a car accident causes Jung Suh to lose her memory. She starts a new life without her childhood love to hold her back, but when fate brings Song Ju back into her life, will she be able to remember his love?

9. Angel Eyes

As a teenager, young Park Dong Joo fell in love with a beautiful blind girl named Yoon Soo Wan, but due to tragic family circumstances the two were torn apart. Yoon Soo Wan eventually received her sight through an eye transplant surgery, vowing to live a passionate life of service by becoming an emergency worker. In the meantime, Park Dong Joo became a successful surgeon. When their paths cross twelve years later, will they recognize their first love and have a second chance at happiness?

10. My Love from Another Star

Do Min Joon's incredible looks are otherworldly, literally. After crash landing on Earth 400 years ago, Min Joon has diligently observed humans for centuries, ultimately coming to cynical conclusions. On top of being a super babe, Min Joon's got enhanced vision, hearing and agility — all the more reason to believe he's superior to everyone on Earth. That is, until he pursues the beautiful actress Cheon Song Yi for a romance out of this world. The only problem is, how can two lovers be together forever when one is destined to live on another planet?

Bonus: KARA's Secret Love

This drama with 5 short love stories featuring members of the K-pop group KARA has only just begun, but you can already tell from the trailer that it's going to be a cryfest times 5!

So what are you waiting for? Grab some ice cream, kleenex, and your favorite shoulder to cry on, and fill the whole in your heart left by The Fault in Our Stars with one of these romantic tear jerkers!