The popularity of campus romance Love 'til the End of Summer has many fans coming down with a strong case of Second Male Lead Syndrome for the lovable Bai Jing Ting, the young actor who plays Lu Zhi Ang. 

In Love 'til the End of Summer, 23-year-old rising actor Bai Jing Ting plays Lu Zhi Ang, a loyal and considerate friend who is quick to extend a helping hand but can also run into troubles. Among the circle of friend depicted in the coming-of-age drama, Lu Zhi Ang goes through a series of unexpected ups and downs to finally reach happiness. Fans have praised Bai Jing Ting's youthful looks and passion to have perfectly portrayed the image and characterization of Lu Zhi Ang.

Bai Jing Ting is a relatively new actor as he just debuted in the youth web series Back in Time in 2014. He gained further notice in The Whirlwind Girl in 2015After starring in his first movie and a leading role in Yesterday Once More, he now stars in Love 'til the End of Summer. He is already cast in his next and first historical role in The Rise of Phoenixes.

Check out his recent pictorial in Cosmopolitan China:

We're not done yet — Take a look at his muscular arms!

The talented actor has a music degree and plays the piano himself in the drama. Those are some lucky piano keys!

Best wishes to you, Bai Jing Ting. You'll go far! 

Love 'til the End of Summer, starring Zheng Shuang, Chen Xue Dong, and Bai Jing Ting. is also rising in popularity on Dramafever. Have you had a chance to watch?


Love 'til the End of Summer - 夏至未至

Starring Zheng Shuang and Cheney Chen

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