Revenge is sweet, but true love is the sweetest! When someone commits a wrong or a hateful act, the victim often feels justified to exact a revenge. True to the unique flair of South Korean dramas, these TV shows present revenge stories that are often sprinkled with romance and give a satisfying ending when love is the ultimate winner.

1. Birth of a Beauty

A woman goes through drastic surgeries to get a brand new face and body, but the pain is nothing like what she endured to escape from her cheating and murderous husband. The man who helps her has a secret of his own. When they team up to carry out their mission, they'll find that the power of love is stronger than revenge.


Birth of a Beauty

Starring Joo Sang Wook and Han Ye Seul

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2. Pinocchio

Two brothers are separated for many years after their father, a firefighter, was falsely charged as a missing coward when he had actually perished in a fire rescue mission. The younger brother grows up under a new identity after being taken in by an old man. Not knowing his brother is alive, the older brother has sworn to revenge against anyone who had a role in his family's demise. Ultimately, the two brothers will each choose a different path in how they connect the past to the future. 



Starring Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk

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3. Prosecutor Princess

An heiress becomes a prosecutor despite having little experience. Thanks to a mysterious lawyer, the "prosecutor princess" learns a thing or two about compassion and professionalism. When she discovers that the friendly lawyer is secretly on a revenge mission against her father, what will she do about their budding romance?


Prosecutor Princess

Starring Kim So Yeon and Park Shi Hoo

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4. Sly and Single Again

A vain and materialistic woman desperately tries to win her ex-husband back once he becomes extremely rich and successful. What she doesn't know is that the ex, a computer whiz, has a scheme of his own to take revenge on her for leaving him and only wanting him again for his money.


Sly and Single Again

Starring Lee Min Jung and Joo Sang Wook

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5. Twenty Again

A woman decides to go back to college in an act of defiance and self-awakening against her controlling and cheating husband. She then discovers her professor is her high-school friend who holds a grievance against her. How will she revenge against her husband when her previous love is also plotting his petty revenge?


Twenty Again

Starring Choi Ji Woo and Kim Min Jae

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6. Mask

A poor woman agrees to pose as a wealthy socialite because of their identical looks, not fully realizing the great dangers posed by an intricate web of deceit and revenge. When the imposter marries the rich girl's fiance in an arranged marriage, will she be uncovered? Will her new husband love her for who she really is? 

As wild as some of the plots may sound, you'll reach a satisfying ending and know that true love wins.

Do you have a favorite show to add to this list?

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