loversinprague_newsFrom the creators of hit dramas Lovers and Lovers in Paris comes Lovers in Prague, the second installment in the popular Lovers trilogy. Lovers in Prague is another adult romantic fairy tale, this time utilizing the stunning, eerie beauty of Prague as a backdrop. Starring popular film actress Jeon Do Yeon, Kim Joo Hyuk (who won the Baeksang Best Actor Award for his performance), and Kim Min Joon (Damo, Someday), it also featured supporting performances from actors who would later become stars, namely Jang Geun Suk and Ha Jung Woo. Hugely popular, its ratings stayed between 20 and 30% during its entire broadcast. Bright and beautiful Jae Hee (Jeon Do Yeon) is finishing up her time as a diplomat in Prague and attempting to get over a harsh, silent break-up of five years before, when her boyfriend left for Korea and never contacted her again. An extended break-up isn't the only thing she's dealing with however - as the daughter of the Korean president, she must constantly try to keep a low profile. When she unexpectedly meets lowly, quick-tempered police detective Sang Hyun (Kim Joo Hyuk) in Prague, romance blossoms between them. With the reappearance of Jae Hee's ex-boyfriend (Kim Min Joon) and Sang Hyun's ex, things quickly get complicated, especially with the secrets swirling around them. Torn by the difference in their social status, the president's daughter and the poor detective will have to fight to discover whether the love that brought them together in the beauty of Prague can overcome all that would keep them apart. Watch Lovers in Prague now!