lover_newsWhat happens when a beautiful surgeon and a wealthy businessman with gangster ties fall in love? Drama veterans Kim Jung Eun and Lee Seo Jin (Yi San, Damo) lead Lovers, a tie-in to to Jung Eun's earlier drama hit Lovers in Paris, the third in a trilogy of dramas all revolving loosely around the theme of "Lovers" (the second being Lovers in Prague).

Stylish, bittersweet, and lovely, starring two leads with chemistry so intense that it led to an offscreen relationship, the drama was an easy hit and is not to be missed, hitting over 20% ratings in its later episodes. 

Yoon Mi Joo (Kim Jung Eun) is a poor plastic surgeon struggling to support herself, her father, and her father's orphanage on her salary. Ha Kang Jae (Lee Seo Jin) is a mob leader whose world falters when he finds out that his long-term girlfriend, Park Yu Jin (Kim Kyu Ri) is pregnant. Reluctantly taking responsibility for the baby, he meets Mi Joo on the street one day and discovers that she is Yu Jin's neighbor. Mi Joo meanwhile mistakes Kang Jae as her good-for-nothing brother in law and impresses him with her feisty attitude.

When she saves Kang Jae's life after he's stabbed in an attack, the two are thrown together, and slowly Mi Joo begins to thaw Kang Jae's heart - a heart unused to love after he grew up an orphan. Kang Sae Yoon (Jung Chan), however, the son of Kang Jae's mob boss and his perpetual rival, is also in love with Mi Joo...

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