Every day is Valentine's Day for a very special elderly Japanese couple. Because he wanted to see his formerly always-happy wife smile again after losing her eyesight over 30 years ago, a loving husband created a garden full of beautiful pink and fragrant flowers surrounding their entire home, and now their beautiful home has become a tourist attraction that welcomes visitors from all over Japan.

When Mrs. Kuroki was diagnosed with diabetes in 1986, neither she nor her husband had any idea that she would lose her eyesight only a week later. Normally outgoing and full of joy, Mrs. Kuroki went into a deep depression, staying home all day and hardly ever showing her beautiful smile. One day, when outside of their home, Mr. Kuroki saw a  little pink shibazakura, or moss phlox. When he put it up to his nose, he realized that its beauty wasn't just found in its appearance, but also in how pretty it smelled. Determined to make his sweetheart smile again, Mr. Kuroki spent the next two years prepping and planting the garden that would one day surround their home. And now, from late March to April, the garden transforms into a world of pink flowers, love, and happiness, sometimes attracting over 7000 people a day.

Most importantly, Mrs. Kuroki is all smiles again, often spotted in the garden with her husband enjoying the flowers and the company of the many visitors who come from afar to see the garden and the couple.

The couple's Shibazakura garden 

Mr. Kuroki turned a shed into a wall of photos



Madame Antoine

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