In 2009, manufacturing giant Luolai Home Textile, based in Shanghai, launched sub-brand LOVO exclusively for their huge numbers of online shoppers interested in home fashion —beds, baths, kitchens, and beyond. LOVO's sales remain some of the highest in the land, and this month the company has two reasons to celebrate: 1) its 6th anniversary, and 2) signing international star Rain to a 2-year contract as its new brand ambassador.

LOVO conducted a survey of its mainstream customers aged 28--38, asking what actor they would prefer as the company's next spokesperson. When the choices were all in and then the votes all tallied, a delighted LOVO contacted the handsome South Korean entertainer and offered him the job. Other actors high in the running were China's Deng Chao and South Korea's Hyun Bin

Rain is following previous brand ambassador Ian Somerhalder of The Vampire Diaries, who called LOVO a "stylish, fashionable textile brand, America style."

A LOVO representative explained that they are sticking with a male spokesperson for another season because that's what their female consumers like. (I take that to mean the gender that spends the most money rules. *wink*) The rep also said that Rain's healthy, youthful appearance and positive energy go hand in hand with their vision.

Browsing the LOVO site, I saw cookware, storage items, and bedding that I'd love to buy for my own place. Gorgeous. There are even romantic collections for couples! Adorable.

This is Rain's fifth endorsement contract in China since finishing up his military duties in 2013.

Congrats, Rain! China's consumers have fallen in "lovo" with you. 

If you're a fan of Rain, check him out in the action-packed drama Runaway: Plan B:

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