Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace unveils a captivating love story between Ruyi (Zhou Xun) and Emperor Qianlong (Wallace Huo) as it seeks to solve a century-old mystery, The new historical saga is supported by a stellar cast of actors who, by coincidence or luck, have surprising connections. Have you noticed? Take a look!


1. Wallace Huo plays Emperor Qianlong in the new historical drama. But, did you know his wife, actress Ruby Lin, rose to fame in the extremely popular rom-com series My Fair Princess as the missing princess who returned to Qianlong's palace? That would make Wallace her on-screen father, in an accidental cross-drama match!

In this photo, Ruby Lin was the one wearing an orange outfit, standing next to Zhang Tielin who played Emperor Qianlong. (BTW, that's Fan Bingbing playing Ruby's maid, standing at the left.)

Additionally, while Wallace and Ruby were just friends, they co-starred in The Glamorous Concubine where he, as Emperor, forced her character to become his concubine. As the show's producer, Ruby was the one who asked Wallace to play the temperamental but enigmatic character. Fans are super happy that they have a different ending in real life.

2. Li Qin plays a concubine who did not want to marry her native tribe's conqueror. She was also the princess, in Princess Agents, whose love was not reciprocated by hottie Shawn Dou's Prince Yan Xun. In a reversal of romantic fortune, she was paired with Shawn Dou in Tears in Heaven, a modern drama filmed right after Princess Agents. (In case you're wondering, there is still no new news on Princess Agents 2 yet.)

3. Janine Chang plays a concubine who is Ruyi's trusted friend. In the famous Empress of China series, she was a "frenemy" against Fan Bingbing's concubine who rose to became China's first and only female Emperor.

4. Dong Jie plays Qianlong's first wife and queen with perfect composure and etiquette, but she was the Princess Consort who was also a Ninja swordswoman with a secret mission in Secrets of the Three Kingdoms.

5. There is a special connection between Scarlet Heart and Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace!

Emperor Yongzheng, father of Qianlong, was portrayed by Nicky Wu as the famous 4th Prince who ascended the throne but lost his love in the time-travel classic. He is now played by veteran actor Zhang Fengyi at the beginning of Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace. (Zhang Fengyi is really good at playing emperors, including Tang Taizong in Fan Bingbing's Empress of China.)

In real life, Emperor Yongzheng was a hard-working monarch who spared no mercy in cracking down on corruption and those who offended him. He left Emperor Qianlong a well-functioning government and a prosperous country, according to historians.

(Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu in Scarlet Heart)

(Zhang Fengyi in Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace)

6. Joan Chen plays the demoted Empress (and Ruyi's aunt) to Emperor Yongzheng, father to Qianlong. If you haven't heard of the famous actress, then you must watch the film where she first gained international attention by playing an ill-fated Empress in The Last Emperor, directed by Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci. The Chinese-American actress now resides in the United States.

Watch Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace to see how Qianlong became the powerful emperor who was admired and feared by many, but probably only loved by only one woman, Ruyi.

See more photo stills and trailers HERE, and learn more about why Wallace Huo is perfect for playing Emperor Qianlong.


Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace - 如懿传

Starring Zhou Xun and Wallace Huo

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Aren't these connections interesting? With a huge ensemble cast in the new drama, there are probably other actors who have unusual connections. Have you recognized some others?

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