Queen of romantic comedy Hwang Jung Eum and Answer Me 1988 star Ryu Joon Yul are hard at work! Lucky Romance dropped photos of Ryu Joon Yul, Hwang Jung Eum, Lee Soo Hyuk, and more at its first script reading. Additionally, the She Was Pretty actress and the Answer Me 1988 flower boy were spotted filming a romantic scene at Lake Park.

Hwang Jung Eum and Ryu Joon Yul were also spotted filming a scene at Lake Park in Ilsan on April 7. At Lake Park, the lead couple posed as if they were on a romantic picnic under the cherry blossoms.

In one of the photos, Ryu Joon Yul is behind Hwang Jung Eum as if he is about to give her a back hug.

In Lucky Romance, Sim Bo Nui (Hwang Jung Eum), an incredibly superstitious thirty-something woman, is determined to sleep with a virgin born in 1986 to erase her bad fortune. She tries to seduce her stingy landlord Je Soo Ho (Ryu Joon Yul), who is a virgin born in 1986, while Choi Gun Wook (Lee Soo Hyuk), a hot Korean-Canadian tennis player, returns to his motherland looking for his first love, Shim Bo Nui.

In the drama, Lee Soo Hyuk stars as the second lead and fights against Ryu Joon Yeol to have his noona romance come true with Hwang Jung Eum. (Check out the 5 cutest second lead couples here)

Lucky Romance will air on MBC in May after Goodbye Mr. Black ends. The drama will go head-to-head in ratings against Entertainer, starring Ji Sung and Hyeri.

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