Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the 7th movie in the Star Wars epic movie anthology, is setting box office records. It seems, however, that the force that is awakened to international recognition appears to be that of K-pop group EXO and former EXO member Luhan. Find out why and check out the new promotional MVs starring the hot Asian stars.

To promote the new movie in Asian markets, the producers of Star Wars: The Force Awakens have not only engaged popular K-pop group EXO as the the movie's ambassadors for South Korea, they have also singled out former EXO member Luhan as the ambassador for China. 

Here is EXO's music video for the song "Lightsaber." The MV described as a "Star Wars collaboration project" has already garnered over 6 million hits ever since its release on November 10.

To boost the movie's upcoming release on January 9, 2016 in the huge Chinese movie-going market, the Star Wars team asked for help from Luhan, the fast rising singer-actor ranked as one of the top 10 stars in China. The young star's fandom includes more than 12 million followers on his weibo social media account. Here is Luhan's new video that was just released on December 15:

Luhan's star power is shining bright, as he was also engaged to promote the new Kung Fu Panda 3 movie with this MV.  

Will Asian audience flock to the new Star Wars movie? The opening weekend for South Korea has ranked the new movie second to Korean movie The Himalayas. We'll find out more for China in 2016 as Star Wars: The Force Awakens is due to be released on January 9.

Do you like the MVs? Will you be watching the new Star Wars movie?

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