Sweet Combat, starring Lu Han and Guan Xiao Tong, has reached the top of the popularity chart in China. It's actually unexpected. Why?

You might think that with Lu Han's extreme fame as an idol singer-actor, the drama will obviously be popular. However, there has been so much focus on Luhan's real-life dating news with his leading lady Guan Xiao Tong, that viewers could have shied away from the distraction.

There are also some hot competition, especially from the fascinating martial arts fantasy drama Legend of Fuyao, which is reaching its stunning grand finale this week.

Nevertheless, Sweet Combat has created its own sweet spot with a refreshing story about young aspiring dreamers who are interested in training in mixed martial arts and finding a new path in life, combined ith an adorable cast of youthful and energetic characters. As a result, the adorable dramas has found its unique niche among viewers.

Aside from the aloof heiress being tamed by the compassionate poor guy, the other young characters also have their own interesting backstories. Fans enjoy their side romances, too.

No wonder the drama has just clenched the coveted top spot in the weekly popularity index. This popularity chart shows Sweet Combat currently leading for the last week in China. It is also risen into DramaFever's exclusive Top 10 index.

The production team is celebrating the ratings success by releasing a new poster showing that the drama has accumulated 5 billion views to date. We'll also include the previous posters when the drama crossed over earlier milestones.

Scroll down to see these posters.

Aren't these posters cute?

Cheers to Sweet Combat and the entire cast and production!

If you haven't started Sweet Combat, another reason to enjoy the show is that it is only 37 episodes.


Sweet Combat - 甜蜜暴击

Starring Lu Han and Guan Xiao Tong

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