F(x) isn't going anywhere! Following the news of 4minute disbanding and the possible end of MissA and 2NE1, K-Pop fans are beyond worried about their favorite girl groups. F(x) member Luna comforted her MeU by telling them via Instgram that f(x) has no intention of calling it quits anytime soon.

"Sweet dream. Please don’t worry MeU. We will appear with a better image and better song for MeU. Since you’ve believed in us for seven years, please keep believing in us? I love you.”

Who doesn't love f(x)? I'm so glad our talented SME girl group, who debuted in 2009, remains dedicated to their fandom. Despite Sulli's official departure last August,  LunaAmberVictoria and Krystal have stayed strong and released their hit album 4 Walls two months later.

Are you highly anticipating f(x)'s next project?

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