The stars have converged on a truly auspicious day as we have Lunar New Year greetings from 3 impressive princes. These princes are His Royal Highness Prince William, Billionaire prince of Facebook Mark Zukerberg, and our own K-drama prince Kim Soo Hyun. Enjoy the videos as we also wish you the best of luck and success in the new year.

1. Prince William starts off with saying "Greetings everyone!" or "Da Jia Hao!" in Chinese: 

At the end of his greeting, Prince William also added extra good-luck wishes in Chinese: "I wish you have a happy new year with great fortune and prosperity."  

2. Facebook Prince Mark Zuckerberg is particularly impressive in that his message is completely in Mandarin Chinese. (I'll provide a translation following the video.)

Mark said, "Greetings everyone! Happy New Year! We will hold a big Spring Festival celebration at Facebook. We will have a lion dance performance and lots of Chinese food. I hope you'll have a happy new year and enjoy a happy time with your family. I sincerely wish you'll have fortune, happiness, and success in the Year of the Sheep."

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3. Kim Soo Hyun spoke (in Korean) a New Year's Greeting via Tencent:

Kim said, "Greetings everyone! I am the Tencent Mobile spokesperson, Kim Soo Hyun. The new year is about to arrive, and I wish everyone to have a happy new year and enjoy prosperity in the new year. I hope everyone will realize his or her dream. Thank you."

I hope you enjoyed watching these three princes' greetings. Wasn't that fun to watch?

Happy Lunar New Year, everyone! 

And, Mark, how about inviting me and some DramaFever friends to your Facebook celebration party? The lion dance and Chinese food sound so really interesting.

~ NancyZdramaland