Popular leading man Luo Jin (The Princess Weiyoung) brings us a new romantic thriller, Love's Lies, where he plays a mystery man involved in illicit deals. He also sings a love song for the new drama. Often actors will sing theme songs to promote the show, but did you know Luo Jin really can sing?

"Confession" is the song that Luo Jin sings for the new drama, and it is played at the end of each episode.

Unfortunately the MV is not English subbed. Basically it's about keeping the memory of his true love in the deepest part of his heart. In the drama, his character, Jin Yuan, left his fiancee at the altar and has been missing for years.

Here are a few verses translated by me*:

In the vast crowd

I say goodbye to my love

Goodbye, my eternal confession

I know you'll keeping wating, my love

The meandering road around the mountain

recalls the lingering memories

I have never left

You know that I will be there in the future

Once we begin, it'll never end again

Love's Lies stars Luo Jin and Pan Zhi Lin in their first pairing as an on-screen couple. The suspenseful drama has premiered on DramaFever this week, with 2 new episodes a day. Check it out!


Love's Lies - 真爱的谎言之破冰者

Starring Luo Jin and Pan Zhi Lin

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*My translation is my own version. If you copy it, please give credit. There may be an official translation.

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