Hey, we're all for dressing up your food. If you want to make your watermelon look like a monster or your latte art look like Snoopy, we're all about it! But if you think it's a wise choice to dress up your peaches in panties to make them look like a woman's behind, we might have to draw the line.

But now for $80 in Nanjing City in China, you can get a nine-pack box of peaches that look like they are all posing for a seductive magazine. The peaches come in a satin box and each one is cloaked in a different color of women's underwear.

Many believe the purpose of the campaign is to get people excited about peaches again, but we think a better way to go about doing that is to not make people feel uncomfortable just by looking at them. It will be interesting to see how this new item gets treated in the marketplace; we're guessing not very peachy.

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