I remember buying and lugging a dozen big packages of chocolate macadamia nuts to take to Taiwan as gifts to my relatives during one of my visits. So this news naturally caught my attention: Macadamia nuts sale is soaring in South Korea following nut rage!

According to the news reports, the buttery-tasting and nutritional nuts were previously unfamiliar to many South Koreans, until the Korean Air heiress Cho Hyun-ah got upset over the way the nuts were served to her in first class and ordered the plane to turn around in what is now the internationally infamous "nut rage" incident. The heiress-executive lost her job and has been arrested due to the severity of her violations of aviation laws. In the meantime, many South Koreans have discovered macadamia nuts, and sales are booming!

Many South Korean shopping sites have reported rising sales in macadamia nus. Gmarket, South Korea's largest online shopping site that is also owned by eBay, reported a weekly sales jump of 20% in December. Another e-commerce firm, Coupang, said Mauna Loa nuts were sold out with many users wanting to buy more, as it was thought that Mauna Loa was the brand used by Korean Air.

Hamakua Macadamia Nut Co.

In case you didn't know, macadamia nuts originated from Australia and are now commercially grown in the USA (Hawaii and California,) Central America, and South Africa, in addition to Australia. The boost in sales particularly helps Hawaii, home to more than 700 macadamia nut farms and eight processing plants.

Macadamia nuts are packed with many nutrients and can lower cholesterol according to studies. "If anything should be served on a silver tray, it should be macadamia nuts," Richard Schnitzler, president of Hamakua Macadamia Nut Co., said with a laugh. 

In the meantime, the heirs who lost her temper is sitting in jail, and I doubt she gets the flavorful macadamia nuts in her daily meals. She is facing a possible penalty of 15 years in prison.

Do you think 15 years without macadamia nuts is too harsh a punishment?

~ NancyZdramaland

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