When a detached scientist loses all objectivity and reverts to stalker mode, you know things are heating up. Join Wendilynn, Marakeshsparrow, and me, Cici, us as we discuss how a fortune teller manages to keep her cool, while her would-be experimental suitor totally loses his on Madame Antoine.


Madame Antoine

Starring Han Ye Seul and Sung Joon

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Wendilynn: He’s never been in love or had a crush, so he’s completely unprepared for how this attraction makes him feel. I just wanted to smack him around some because he was so stupid.

Marakeshsparrow: Oh Soo Hyun, Soo Hyun, Soo Hyun //clucks tongue and shakes head// You’re so clinical it’s hilarious. Everyone is starting to recognize he’s more interested in his “Test Subject” than he wants to let on, but he is so determined not to let that happen. I even love the language he uses in his experiment journal, talking about how unwanted hormones have started to come up and that he’s determined to control every one of his neurons--hahahahaha! Oh man. I have seriously been itching to see him make a fool of himself, and ladies and gentleman, I believe we are starting to see that. He certainly did some questionable things in these last episodes.


Cici: Actually, I was pleased that he recognized that he was too involved to be able to remain an objective part of his “experiment”. Two things struck me as particularly hilarious: his rapid dismissal of so many potential replacements, and his decision that he would have to re-instate himself as a suitor. Getting from one point to the other was quite the entertaining journey.

Wendilynn: I had to roll my eyes when he tried to first get rid of Hye Rim and then was upset when it seemed to be working. He literally has no idea how to cope. And I really appreciate that they have not dumbed down our heroine. When he was clearly putting on an act, she called him on it.


Wendilynn: She clued in that her experiences mirrored the previous experiment. She is wary and on her game and I’m loving it. Yes, she’s tentatively hopeful, but she knows he’s capable of being unscrupulous now. And the look on his face when he realized she would hate him forever when she finds out was very telling.


Marakeshsparrow: Thank goodness she is not being played for a fool. I was the teensiest bit worried that she would be suckered by all the sudden attention, but she is a smart and incredibly observant cookie! I mean, her skills of deduction are practically Sherlock Holmes level! I love when she stormed into the center after hearing about the first test subject’s experiences. Carrying her shoes around and banging them on the front desk like a madwoman--but really, she had every right to be.


Marakeshsparrow: Though Soo Hyun was more or less able to calm her down, I really don’t think she’s completely sold on his explanation. I know she’s going to continue to investigate what’s going on, and since now she realized that Soo Hyun and the Professor know each other, her suspicion will certainly go up. It seems like she’s getting a little closer with Seung Chan though--I wonder if she trusts his sincerity?

Cici: Aw, even I trust his sincerity. Especially after that mean trick he played on his brother to get him to realize how he really felt about Hye Rim.


Cici: It’s like now that Seung Chan realizes that his brother may actually be able to have real feelings for a woman, he’s willing to back off and let him have her. Which will make Mi Ran so happy, lol.

Wendilynn: I agree, he’s truly sincere. But, I see him as being willing to stand aside for his brother since this is the first woman he’s brother has ever been interested in. He’s awesome that way. His trick to test his brother was hilarious. I sort of hope, though, that they allow him to help make Mi Ran enjoy her last days.I want to see that ship go on.


Marakeshsparrow: I have this sinking suspicion that he only thinks of Mi Ran as an ahjumma though. When she was walking in the ice (in heels no less, no wonder she couldn’t do it on her own) he said, “Just pretend like I’m your cane.” Ha! That made me a little sad, because I know she is majorly crushing on this sweet, studly guy. I hope the writers let her have some romance in her last days though. Gah! ・゜・(ノД`) Even saying that sounds so sad! Maybe she’ll change her mind and decide to get some treatment. I hope so anyway. I have to bring up another ship that’s making my smile, while we’re not discussing our main couple: Yoo Rim and Ji Ho. I love how she is practically taking advantage of the poor awkward kid to help “teach” him how to handle her older sister. When she told him that Hye Rim only likes deep kisses and that she would have to show him how, I was dying. Though currently it seems like he’s still infatuated with Hye Rim, I have a feeling he’ll transfer his affections to his other “noona” before too long.

Wendilynn: Loved the kisses they shared in these episodes. Trying to quantify the kisses in percentages was so him. I love when he gets so literal that he loses his focus. I agree, I think he’s going to find himself caught before he knows it.

Cici: I’m not so sure. Does Yoo Rim even realize what he wants to use that drone for? Oh, will he ever be in trouble when she finds out!


Cici: But speaking of being in trouble, how about the case of the week? That young man has some serious issues with his abusive father. I appreciate that we got a couple of drunken shirtless scenes out of it, but he is one person who should never touch alcohol. Although...at least he was able to release his childish tendencies by making a prank phone call--to Seung Chan--while he was in the shower. Thank you, writers-nim!


Marakeshsparrow: Yes! Thank you writers! Why does he answer his phone in the shower? Why should I care? We got some shirtless Jin Woon! Woo hoo! And about the case of the week--once it came out why that guy was so troubled, it was really heartbreaking. I think that actor played that part so powerfully, even though it was a small role. Bravo, good sir! BUT the first time he lost it and started screaming about boxed lunches, I almost lost it. I had to replay that part; breaking bottles, causing scenes and running into the night ripping his shirt off--boy oh boy, talk about crazy! And I had to love the moment when Hye Rim went chasing after him with the police hot on their tails. Too funny.

Wendilynn: That actor really sold his role. Eye candy aside, when he broke down crying at his dying father, I was seriously impressed. I love when a secondary actor who won’t be there long completely sells his role and you can’t help but me moved. Whether he was being a silly drunk or an emotionally damaged child, he was so convincing.

Cici: I have to agree. But the most important thing about his character was that he got Hye Rim arrested in his place. Which led to her spending the night in jail. Which led to Soo Hyun forcing his brother to get him arrested just so he could be in there with her. To me, the scene where the Soo Hyun gently touches Hye Rim’s sleeping face was one of the most tender moments in this drama. It’s a trope used over and over again, but it works on me every time.


Marakeshsparrow: I think that moment really showed us how much Soo Hyun already cares for Hye Rim. Just the fact that he’d go so far as to get thrown into jail just to see her--I honestly don’t think that was calculated to make her like him more. To me it seemed like he just really wanted to be with her while she was in jail (and maybe he felt the teensiest bit guilty over passing out during their session with their patient and leaving all that insanity to her). Still, that was my 2nd favorite part of these last two episodes. Number 1 still definitely goes to stalker Soo Hyun following Hye Rim and the professor around like a nut case.

Wendilynn: Yeah, he’s falling hard and he is trying to put distance between them, but his jealousy isn’t going to let him.


Cici: Did anyone else crack up at the methodical way he rejected every applicant that wanted to replace him in the experiment? Any guy that might have been a player, or a threat to his own popularity, was automatically out. And then to watch his reaction when the guy he did select turned out to be “better than we thought,”...hehehe. But really, how is becoming a stalker going to work for you, Soo Hyun? And who in their right mind thinks you can be invisible when you’re 6’2” in Korea? Really? A muffler and sunglasses are going to do it?

Marakeshsparrow: I felt kind of bad for the professor because it seems like he actually liked Hye Rim--they clicked. Which of course pushed Soo Hyun off the deep end. I am really looking forward to some more crazy behavior from our cold, clinical psychologist. I can’t wait for him to be completely head over heels, and I just know it’s going to happen. You don’t need to be a fortune teller to figure that one out! 

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