Have you ever wondered what would happen if a cold, analytical, by-the-book guy who absolutely does not believe in love was forced to work with a warm-hearted woman who believes that the root of most problems lies in a person’s desire to be loved? Well, we’re about to find out! Join Cici, Wendilynn, et moi, Marakeshsparrow as we discuss the highs and lows of the first week of Madame Antoine!

Watch the premiere:

Marakeshsparrow: Whelp! I definitely feel like we’re in for an interesting ride with this one, ladies and gents. Honestly, I wasn’t so sure how I felt about the story in the first episode. Choi Soo Hyun’s character is so cold and clinical. I mean, I get that’s the angle, but it honestly was rubbing me the wrong way. And I felt like we didn’t get much fortune telling from Hye Rim before she was thrust into the world of psychology. BUT--episode 2 definitely had me captivated and laughing. Have to say, I’m loving that she’s going to be the test subject for their second round of experiments, and the whole young men fighting over noona angle (even if it’s just for the sake of science!) is too much fun. What were your first impressions?

Cici: I absolutely cringed when Soo Hyun was describing his first experiment. I couldn’t believe how cruel and unfeeling he was. He almost reminded me of the six-fingered man in The Princess Bride--”now be honest, this is for the sake of posterity.” BUT I loved Hye Rim right away, and the fact that she speaks pretty decent (nonsense) French is a definite bonus, lol.

Wendilynn: Her French was cracking me up when I realized she had just learned some phrases and then used them to sound like she was talking for real. I sort of kept expecting Mr. Jerk to call her on it since he seemed so well traveled. I will say that Soo Hyun has a good reason for not believing in love if those childhood memories bear out. And then to have his first experiment choose money over love or appear to anyway. However, these experiments are definitely not ethical and everyone knows it… except him.

Marakeshsparrow: Yeah...I was surprised that his backers from Stanford were ok with his vague explanation of “Oh yeah, they gave their consent, they just didn’t know what they were consenting to.” But, well //shrugs// I’m going to suspend my disbelief because I think it’s going to be pretty fun along the way. As a semi-French speaker (studied in high school) I was loving her random conversational French. And I get a kick out of the fact that “Marie Antoinette” is her guide to the “other side”. I’m wondering why Soo Hyun would have used Madame Antoine as his practice’s name as well? I think he mentioned that she was one of his first patients? Or did I dream that? I’m hoping we learn a little more about that, because it seems like too much of a coincidence. Or the fates are really pulling for these two to be together.

Cici: Was I the only one who suspected that President Kim is at the heart of putting those two together, and not just for business reasons? He seems like such a yenta! I love him! I am curious to find out what relationship he has with Soo Hyun. Could he be his actual grandfather?

Wendilynn: Oh, he’s absolutely acting as matchmaker. This is not the first matchmaking grandfather role he’s played either. lol I had to laugh because I was so reminded of his role in 1% of Anything.

Marakeshsparrow: Ok, if Soo Hyun turns out to be the grandson of a Chaebol family as well as a brilliant, world renowned psychologist, I will throw my hands up in the air. Then again--he does seem to have 3 archetype males for his female test subjects: the pretty boy, the charming muscle man, and...the rich man. So...Oy… Needless to say, I was pretty intrigued that he decided to use himself as Suitor A. I would think as a psychologist he would want to stay more objective. It seems like his emotions may already be getting the better of him here. Even if he is motivated by revenge rather than anything romantic.

Cici: I have to admit that the total lack of regard for any professionalism in the way he conducts his “experiments” put me off at first. I think we are just going to have to throw out any expectations for a realistic portrayal of social or psychological study, and go with the flow of a rom-com. Otherwise I’ll spend the entire drama yelling at the screen and missing all the fun.

Wendilynn: Yeah, the psychology part is all hokey. She’s more authentic then he is. That gymnast really called him on his bs. lol As for the experiment, I was all set up to be disappointed if she proved to be falling for them so fast. They spent too much time showing how smart and observant she is and I was sad she wasn’t acting smart. BUT, I shouldn’t have worried. She was willing to play along to see where things went, but she wasn’t a pushover. When she was standing on the other side of that sliding door I laughed out loud. That’s my girl. And I'm glad they had that moment because I”ll be the first to say that Episode 1 was not encouraging. If it hadn’t been for this DC, I probably would not have tried Episode 2. And now I’m glad I did, because I’m in it for the ride. I want to see this powerplay between them.

Cici: I’m with you, but what I really want to see is more of Soo Hyun’s charming brother, Seung Chan. Oh, is he cute! And I have a feeling that he’ll be the first to really fall for Hye Rim. Now that will be interesting.

Marakeshsparrow: Omo...why do I always end up with Second Male Lead Syndrome? I’m glad we brought up the other suitors, because honestly, they are both too cute. Seung Chan is just plain dreamy (and really, I have a soft spot for Jin Woon because of 2AM) and I definitely am predicting that he’s going to fall for Hye Rim for realzies. He seemed softened, once he actually had a conversation with her, and intrigued. I think he’s going to end up cracking and messing up the experiment sooner rather than later. And little Ji Ho, with his awkward social interactions, is too funny! I love that he is a math genius who went to college at age 7, so really has no skills whatsoever. Other than being a “pretty boy”, I’m a little surprised that Hyun Soo chose him to be Suitor C, but I’m seriously enjoying it. He’s so endearing. He honestly may be my favorite at the moment.

Wendilynn: I had to laugh when they were talking about girls liking bulging muscles and then they had Seung Chan lifting stuff. As we all know, the boys of 2AM all have very fine bodies. I've loved him ever since he was in Marriage, Not Dating. But, I think that Soo Hyun’s experiment is flawed. He did not pick men to appeal to who Hye Rim was. He just picked stereotypes. He’s got these blinders on where Hye Rim is concerned and its set things up to have men trying to pursue her that she would not be capable of taking seriously.

Cici: Hmmm...maybe. But Hye Rim certainly appreciated Seung Chan’s body when he was hanging up the laundry, lol. But you’re right, the only one she will end up taking seriously is Soo Hyun. She is already impressed with his credentials. Now if she can just get him to develop a human personality.

Wendilynn: I have children in their 20’s and I can appreciate a good looking younger man. HELLO?!! That doesn’t mean I’d take one seriously to date. lol

Marakeshsparrow: Yeah, I don’t get the sense that she will take Seung Chan or Ji Ho seriously at all. Though she certainly has fun with them--the whole scene in the grocery store was super cute. I loved their race with the shopping carts. But as far as Soo Hyun goes, I feel like he has a really bitter and biased view of women. In his eyes, women only would be interested in 1 of 3 archetypes (I mean...maybe… haha) but he even goes so far as to hypothesize that women have no capability to love and will always choose the one with money since that equates to love in a woman’s mind. Um, excusez-moi? I’m wondering if this somehow ties into his relationship with his mother. It seems like he was raised by a woman who was not his birth mother--did she leave for a man with more prospects? I don’t know. I’m putting on my Freudian hat here. But still, I think Hye Rim needs to educate Soo Hyun a bit about the feminine mystique.

Cici: My prediction? Hye Rim will use having fun with the two younger suitors to make Soo Hyun jealous and to teach him how a real loving relationship should work. He may be a brilliant psychologist, but he sure has a lot to learn. And Hye Rim is just savvy enough to teach him.

Wendilynn: I’m so looking forward to that education, I can’t even tell you. lol 

Well, what did you all think of the first two episodes? Were you swept up in Hye Rim's hilarity, or put off by Soo Hyun's cold view of love? Whatever the case, we're predicting there will be a serious turn in the tables and that Soo Hyun may have bitten off more than he can chew with his newest choice of test subject. Let us know in the comments below what your predictions and first impressions were, and join us next week for more psychoanalysis with Madame Antoine

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