Well, Madames et Monsieurs, we are getting nearer and nearer to the end and it looks like midnight has struck and the magic has finally worn off. The truth about the experiment is completely out in the open and Hye Rim is no longer willing to play Soo Hyun’s games. But what does this mean for our love-shy psychologist? Will Cinderella smashing the slipper in front of him be what leads him to finally believe love is real? Or is it completely over for our two leads? Join Cici, Wendilynn, and yours truly, Marakeshsparrow as we analyze last week's episodes of Madame Antoine!


Madame Antoine

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Marakeshsparrow: So I have to say, these last two episodes made me do a complete 180 re: my feelings about Soo Hyun. While I know deep down that he deserves everything that Hye Rim dished out, I still felt really really bad for him when the spell broke at midnight and Hye Rim enacted her revenge. Maybe it’s just the timing of it all--he’d just been reunited with his mother and there were a lot of abandonment issues fresh on the surface--but whatever the case, I almost felt like she took it a little too far. I don’t know. Maybe I’m not being fair. Like she said, if he felt bad with what she did, try dealing with it for several months… But my heart goes out for the poor guy. (.﹒︠₋﹒︡.)

Wendilynn: I haven’t been as harsh on him as you guys have simply because I knew we were dealing with a guy who didn’t trust love.  At all. His previous experiments seemed to prove to him that love wasn’t real because women wanted security in the way of money and things. He has some severe abandonment issues and when Hye Rim went all flaky and angry on him last week it only seemed to confirm to him that she was undependable. So he shoots himself in the foot by continuing the experiment. One funny moment for me though is when they went into more detail about what that purple flower meant to him. I’m not sure why it symbolizes fake love to him, because purple was the color I gave eternal love back when I was a teenager. So, that was a funny moment of irony for me.

Cici: These were the episodes where I became most frustrated with Hye Rim. I understand that she wanted him to come clean and confess to her not only that he loved her but that he was still using her for his experiment, BUT this was when I really realized that if she had only been honest with him from the moment she knew he was using her, the whole thing would have stopped. So I think I am finally ready to cut Soo Hyun some slack just by default. And that scene when he realized that his “patient” was really his mom was completely heartbreaking. So, yeah, we’re dealing with two damaged, immature people who have no idea how to have an honest relationship with each other. Does that mean that it’s really over, or is there hope that they’ve each learned something from their mistakes?

Marakeshsparrow: I definitely don’t think it’s over and I’m hoping this heartbreak leads to some serious character development for Soo Hyun. All this time I’ve never fully felt that he truly loved Hye Rim--I just didn’t believe it, not only because of the experiment, but because he just didn’t seem that...in love. But in this last episode where Hye Rim more or less told him to take a hike, his attitude seemed to change. Once he couldn’t have Hye Rim, he suddenly wanted her more. And now that Hye Rim really socked it to him, I think it will go ever farther. I think to believe in love he has to truly feel it himself and understand that it’s more than just neurons and hormones. So this, coupled with the discovery that his mother wants some involvement in his life, should lead to him actually becoming a feeling human being. I hope so anyway.

Wendilynn: He at least has to learn that he’s wanted. I have to say that this week hit me hard emotionally. I connected to both of them so much. I understand where Soo Hyun is coming from because I’m also jaded. I’ve been divorced 12 years and I’m used to the majority of the men approaching me because they think I’m some lonely, fat chick who would be an easy score. So I treat everyone with suspicion to some degree, to see where their motivations really are. So I get where Soo Hyun, who thinks love is a game for possessions, is coming from. The distance he tries to keep to protect himself. But, I’ve also dealt with betrayal and so I shed a bunch of tears these two episodes as I felt both types of pain from Hye Rim and Soo Hyun. Both of them have trust issues and for Soo Hyun, it took learning that Hye Rim knew about the experiment before he realized she was sincere. I’m curious what it will take for Hye Rim to finally see that Soo Hyun has sincere feelings too.

Cici: I may be overanalyzing this, but it seems to me that Soo Hyun has taken years to build a defensive wall around him that has not only kept him from being hurt, but has kept him from feeling love or loved. It wasn’t until Hye Rim did something so shocking that she actually pierced that armor and hurt him that he realized that he’d been responsible for hurting lots of other people as well. That can come as quite a shock to someone who has always seen his actions as perfectly scientific and defensible. So while my first reaction to Hye Rim’s Cinderella act was that she really went over the top, I now think that that was the only way to finally break through to him. Realizing you’ve done something wrong is always the first step to making it right.

Marakeshsparrow: Ooo! Cici, I really like your positive spin on this. I always try to hold onto the belief that bad, painful things happen to bring us to a better place. So now that you said that, I think you’re totally right. He needed a shock to the heart like this to snap out of his doubts and insecurities about love. Very perceptive! Ok, but I have to say, my heart was not just bleeding for Soo Hyun in these episodes. When Mi Ran’s secret got out (how embarrassing to have it announced in front of everyone over speaker phone) I felt so uncomfortable and sad for her! Like she said, she just wanted to like Seung Chan as much as she wanted, without him knowing for the rest of the time she has. It pained me that she felt she had to leave after he found out. However, I’m super happy that he went after her to make her feel better. But it’s still all so bittersweet! Is she really dying? Can’t someone convince her to seek treatment? //sigh//

Wendilynn: It's about quality of life vs length of life. My heart broke for her when her secret came out. I would die of embarrassment in her situation, too. I understood why Seung Chan felt weirded out by it, but I also loved when he wanted to help her too. That bit about her being a friend/mentor/soulmate was very precious. We tend to think of soulmates as the one who want to be in a romantic relationship with for eternity, but in asian dramas, they take it to a purer place sometimes that is just sweet. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens while they are in Jeju island between those two.

Cici: I was so glad that Hye Rim finally told Seung Chan that Mi Ran was really sick. (A/N: actually it was Soo Hyun!) It seemed to bring out his compassionate and understanding side. They were so cute together playing Go-Stop! I suspect that Mi Ran actually knew how to play all along, and went in for the kill on the second game like a true card shark. I laughed so hard when he ended up owing her over $4,000! But I, for one, would be satisfied if what we saw of their relationship ended here. They have both come to comfortable terms with each other, and that is a truly precious thing that supersedes age and illness. In fact, when Mi Ran went to sleep on the couch, I wondered if she hadn’t just passed away. Which would be sad, but not tragic.

Marakeshsparrow: OMG. I’m hoping that wasn’t her passing away, I mean I guess it would be an ok way to go, but...but… Maybe I’m just being selfish, but I want a little more from her storyline before the end comes. I do agree though, that I’m pretty happy with where their relationship is. The only thing is she hasn’t checked off walking down the beach arm in arm with a cool guy on her bucket list! I’m hoping we at least get that in the last episodes, if nothing else. Still, even though this was technically a sweet moment for Mi Ran, the whole thing left me feeling sad and empty. Thank God there was at least a little bit of relief from Ji Ho and Yoo Rim. I was laughing at the “experiments” Yoo Rim made him undergo and even found it amusing when he passed out in the sauna. I’m glad she was there to nurse him back to health. ;)

Wendilynn: lol, being nursed back to health wasn’t the only thing he got out of her. (wink wink nudge nudge) He was so conscientious about getting back into her good graces and doing everything she asked whether it made sense or not. It’s hard to stay mad at someone when they do that.

Cici: He’s still so awkward and stiff, but he’s getting better! It’s so funny how he takes everything literally. She’s going to have to be careful about that in the future, lol. And yes, he is completely adorable. I giggled like a mad woman every time he came into a room wearing his sauna hat with the toothbrush sticking out of his mouth. Who wouldn’t fall for a guy like that?

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Marakeshsparrow: He is indeed adorable, he he he. From the beginning he’s been a favorite of mine because he’s just so ridiculous--he always makes me smile. I wish Soo Hyun would take a page from his book and learn to be a little more straightforward and innocent. But maybe that’s asking too much...

Wendilynn: Soo Hyun is too hurt. He lost his innocence when he was abandoned by his mother. Did you guys notice the change in the speaking level once the truth was known? Both Hye Rim and Soo Hyun spoke in quiet tones when speaking normally to just about everyone. Up to this point, both have been sort of on the boisterous side, but they were both hit so hard on a betrayed level that their tone of voice even took a hit. Even when they were addressing the issues with the President and his daughter, they tended to take a quieter tone of voice. I was just really struck by that. Soo Hyun and Hye Rim really reflected how hurt they both were on so many levels.

Cici: Well, I tend to think that that’s a good thing. Sad, but I’m hopeful that it means that the scars they’ve been carrying so long, which have just been festering below the surface, will finally be opened up, cleaned out, and allowed to heal. Speaking of healing, what did you think of the complete turn-around that President Kim did with his daughter? Fastest end to amnesia in Kdrama history!

Marakeshsparrow: I’m a little surprised by how quickly that storyline wrapped itself up, but I guess it goes to show the power of the work that Hye Rim actually does. His guilt was eating him up inside, making him seriously mentally ill, but he also believes Hye Rim is a true medium, so he didn’t doubt her when she said his family did not blame him and wanted him to be happy. I thought that was really touching and I realized that poor man had been dealing with some serious pain. I’m so glad he came around and realized that he was pushing his daughter down the same dangerous road and that if he wanted to hold onto her actually needed to set her free. Very emotional stuff! But yeah, also the quickest recovery from amnesia I’ve ever seen. Haha--if she had been a lead character, it would have lasted much longer, guaranteed.  

Wendilynn: I don’t really consider this fast, because we had 4 episodes building up to this resolution. And her amnesia was stress induced forgetfulness. Not really the same thing. She thought her dad was totally unemotional to what tore their family apart and couldn’t handle that. Learning how guilty and lonely her dad really was allowed her to wake up and face that she wasn’t alone in her suffering. These episodes just had me crying all over the place. I just don’t get how people can say this show is unemotional. It slays me all the darn time.

Cici: Well, being emotionally distant is a key point of Soo Hyun’s character, and his realization that he needs to overcome that is his main point of growth. So I haven’t had a problem with it at all. The rest of the show is so emotional that I actually appreciated the little break Soo Hyun gave us. However, I have a feeling that is all about to change. Now that he understands that his mother left him as a result of losing custody, and that she has suffered being apart from him, I hope that he can mend that relationship a little more fully and then move on to becoming a whole person.

Marakeshsparrow: I’m really looking forward to next week’s final episodes. I know this is all going to force Soo Hyun to make some serious changes in the way he’s viewed the world so far. It pained me to see him so hurt by what Hye Rim did, but he definitely needs to be brought to his knees so that things will change.

Wendilynn: The preview has him standing on a roof contemplating his nothingness…. I’m not sure how far down on his knees we need to bring him.

Marakeshsparrow: Well you know, once you hit rock bottom there’s nowhere to go but up!

So what did you think of these last episodes? Are you glad Hye Rim broke the spell (and the slipper?) or do you feel bad for Soo Hyun and think she went a bit too far? And what about Mi Ran and Seung Chan? How do you think everything will be wrapped up next week? Should we expect a happy ending or ready the tissues? Leave your thoughts in the comments down below and join us next week for another Madame Antione Drama Club!

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