Jealousy, heartache, and loneliness start us off on the last episodes of Madame Antoine. Before we say goodbye, we get heartfelt confessions, forgiveness, and just a little bit of Queen. Join Cici, Marakeshsparrow and me, Wendilynn as we remember all the ways our characters let each other know they were always going to be there.


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Cici: It kind of all started with that purple/plum tulip from last week. I did not realize that there was such a difference in the meaning attached to plum vs. purple flowers. No wonder Soo Hyun took Hye Rim’s response as one more indication that she would eventually abandon him.

Marakeshsparrow: You know that’s the one part that had me scratching my head a bit. Are those real meanings for those flower colors? It almost seemed like Mi Ran said that was what those colors meant for Soo Hyun. Either way, how would Hye Rim have known that? Anyway--despite a few questionable moments, I really enjoyed these last episodes. For the first time, in a while, I’m happy with the ending of a drama! I think everyone’s story ended on a nice note without it all being perfectly tied up with a bow. Nice job.

Wendilynn: When I looked it up, all I could get was that purple tulips are seen as royalty and pride in a person or rebirth, so I’m not sure what interpretation they were going with. But, I did like Hye Rim giving him a bouquet of tulips to reconfirm that she wasn’t going to flake out on him again. I have to hand it to Sung Joon, he was in tears most of these two episodes and never once did I feel it was fake.

Cici: I appreciated that we finally got some real emotion from our male lead. I was wondering if he was ever going to crack and let some of that pain out. Trust the mother-son relationship to finally allow him to do that.

Marakeshsparrow: Yessss! His icy exterior finally cracked! I have to say, as much as I felt bad for the guy, I kind of enjoyed watching him hit this all time low. (Does that make me terrible and heartless? lol) But he’d always been so rigid and unfeeling--finally there was a breakthrough! Can we talk about the scenes with his mother? Both were so intense and seemed so real! Bravo Sung Joon!

MAe15  agony.jpg

Wendilynn: With how much he stonewalled his own feelings so he didn’t feel hurt, when he finally let it go it was really satisfying to me. I was yelling at his mother when she got in that car for the airport. I was like, “Oh you are NOT going to leave him on his birthday!”. Lol I have to hand it to Sung Joon, for everyone who had a hard time with his unfeeling portrayal, he really tied up all the loose ends of this character. How many times do people try to act tough so they don’t hurt more? And how much does a person cry bitter tears when they can no longer hold it back? Sung Joon was fabulous.

Cici: I was amazed at how angry he finally allowed himself to get. I kind of cringed when he lit into his mother when she came to his office to say good-bye. But that had been building for so long (thirty years!!) that it was no wonder that when he finally blew, it was volcanic in magnitude! And even while I was taken aback by it, I was relieved that maybe he would finally be able to confront his pain and start to heal.

MAe20 never leaving.jpg

Marakeshsparrow: You know, I honestly felt for him in that scene and could understand his anger. The beauty of the whole thing is that he learned you can love and still make mistakes, that doesn’t mean the love isn’t there. His mother made a mistake--but it really kind of amazed me how BIG of a mistake. I mean, it had been thirty years! She never thought to look him up before then? So she lost custody--she couldn’t have told him “I love you Soo Hyun, but I won’t be able to see you all the time any more. I’ll do my best to stay in touch.” I mean anything would have been better than just disappearing! It’s better late than never and I think the important thing is that he was finally able to heal and they were able to start some kind of relationship. It was amazing how much he opened up and warmed up after this whole reconciliation as well. I was SO hoping he would do the 3rd task himself (I pictured him in a tree with ribbons, haha)--but the drama did not disappoint! I loved the magic moment in the movie theater with Hye Rim.

Cici: That was one of my favorite scenes from the whole drama! At last he realized that he had to be willing to do something without regard for the opinions of others to prove his sincerity. Given the amount of pride he had, it was a pretty amazing demonstration.

Wendilynn: I loved his third task, too. That was also a really funny scene as well. Well, more cute than funny maybe, but I still smiled like a dork. Another dorky scene that totally made me smile is when Seung Chan sang for Mi Ran in the hospital. Boy,was he relentless in getting her to finally go for surgery.

Cici: Oh, if I’d ever had any doubt as to who was my favorite guy in this drama, that scene erased it. I loved how he tried to cheer Mi Ran up with dramas, but when that failed, he brought out the big guns, lol.

Marakeshsparrow: Oh the feels! Seung Chan and Mi Ran were killing me in these last two episodes. I love love love their relationship, and though maybe it’s not that romantic relationship that gets many viewers in the heart, I almost felt like this was the most sincere and real relationship out of the three couples. Seung Chan truly cares for Mi Ran and wants to stand by her through her illness so she can live a long and happy life. I’m so so so glad he convinced her to have surgery--I was praying she would change her mind, since she’s such a lovely person. She honestly might be my favorite character from this show. And the scene where he sang that Queen song for her had me literally grinning like a fool. I would have been happy if the drama ended right there! It was that good. Haha

Cici: Mi Ran is the best. I was also really glad that she had the guts to take Hye Rim aside and explain Soo Hyun’s abandonment issues to her, and to point out that her rejection of him made it so that she was the only one who could fix him. I’ve got to say that Hye Rim’s Cinderella treatment last week seemed so harsh and out of character, that I was really relieved when she went back to being kind and supportive.

Wendilynn: Considering that he faked her out and played her for 4 months, I thought the Cinderella move was what he had coming. Harsh, yes, but deserved. It was just unfortunate that it also reinforced the abandonment issue. I will say that I got really mad, pissed even, that Mi Ran basically told Hye Rim that it was all her fault. What circular logic was this? I was really fit to be tied, but then they showed how much Soo Hyun was suffering and how arrogant he was NOT being, that I was willing to just go with it. But, make no mistake, I did not agree that Hye Rim was in the wrong, per se. When you have been betrayed at that level, leaving is a move of sanity.

Marakeshsparrow: I think what Hye Rim did came across as particularly cruel because of the timing--he’d just had his mommy issues brought to the surface, but how was Hye Rim supposed to know that? Her actions were not uncalled for. And I don’t really think Mi Ran was trying to say it was all her fault (though it did kind of come across that way) but just wanted Hye Rim to know what he was going through. Everything she said were facts and what Hye Rim did, deserved or not, happened to make his pain that much worse, pushing his abandonment buttons. I’m glad Hye Rim decided to be the bigger person though and realized that she needed to use love to heal him rather than coldness. On a slightly unrelated note--has anyone ever seen a cuter dog? Every time little Hye Rim was on screen I was practically squealing. I love how Soo Hyun recognized (in all his psychology wisdom) that he needed something that would stay with him and never leave him. So cute! lol

Cici: I loved how he used “taking the dog for a walk” as an excuse to travel by car all the way to Hye Rim’s new location. Just another version of the ever-popular, “The dog did it!” And yes, that little Pomeranian is one of the cutest fur balls in Kdrama.

MAe15 go for a walk.jpg

Wendilynn: That wasn’t a dog, that was a fuzzball. I was laughing that this big tough guy had picked out a beanie baby to adopt. It really shows you how warm and fuzzy he considered Hye Rim that he adopted a cottonball and named it after her.

Marakeshsparrow: And he even went so far as to buy Hye Rim an expensive necklace! Hahaha! Too dang cute! Ok, so one adorable element we haven’t talked about yet--Ji Ho and Yoo Rim. What did you think of their engagement? I understood why Hye Rim was worried, Ji Ho is really young, but was his proposal cute or what? I love how he brought in the drone Yoo Rim won him to ask her to marry him.


Cici: That proposal was adorable, but honestly, it took me completely by surprise. Don’t people usually date for a while before deciding to get married? No wonder Hye Rim was upset, especially considering how well young marriage did /not/ work out for her. But it was pretty cool how those two came up with a ten-year plan to show how they were actually serious about their relationship.

Wendilynn: This is Ji Hoo we’re talking about. That boy wouldn’t know about going slowly to save his life. He’s a plow forward until a brick wall stops him and even then he’d probably just go through it. Lol I didn’t like that bit where Yoo Rim said she could walk all over him. That will come to bite her,eventually.

Marakeshsparrow: I didn’t like that either! Poor little guy. I guess we know who’s going to call the shots in their relationship, haha. But over all I think they’re sincere about each other and really care. And I think they are actually a really good fit for one another. Yoo Rim can be pretty single-minded and odd herself from time to time. And she doesn’t mind Ji Ho’s quirks, so...I think their relationship will have a better future than Hye Rim’s first marriage. I get why she was worried, but I think Ji Ho is very different from Hye Rim’s ex. I can’t imagine him cheating on Yoo Rim even in several years time.

Cici: Which brings us back to our theme of the week. All three main relationships, as different as they were, ended up with the promise of a strong future. Good job, drama!

We are so glad you joined us while we had fun discussing this show.  Don't forget to add your thoughts in the comments below. Did you think Sung Joon brought his character full circle?  Who was your favorite couple?  

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