Bienvenue, Madames et Monsieurs! This week we were given several juicy confessions--what a way to spend Valentine's Day weekend! Hye Rim continues to search for the truth behind Soo Hyun’s mysterious experiment, but the cold-hearted psychologist keeps evading her suspicions. Is it possible his feelings are sincere? Or, like Hye Rim, do you continue to doubt? Let’s dive in and see who’s in favor of our Suitor A, and who refuses to fall for his tricks! Join Cici and me, Marakeshsparrow, as we dish and confess some of our own feelings about episodes 7 & 8 of Madame Antoine!


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Marakeshsparrow: This week had some interesting developments, though there were also some frustrating moments as well. I’ve got to say, I’m confused by our main psychiatrist and newly reinstated Suitor A. Is he being sincere with Hye Rim? Is he still playing his role? We all know he’s started to actually have feelings for her, but I honestly can’t tell when he’s being real and when he’s not. I think he might not even know. What did you all think of his confessions to Hye Rim? (And what about that kiss?)

Cici: I don’t trust him any further than I can throw him, good kisser or not. It’s so frustrating. He is such a liar! It’s like he’s trying to see just how many times he can get away with telling Hye Rim ridiculous lies, and still have her fall for him. And she catches him, he appears to become sincere and have a logical explanation for this behavior, and she accepts his nonsense. And then he does it all over again. Ugh. I’m starting to hate him.

Marakeshsparrow: Yeah, I don’t know how many times he’ll be able to weasel out of the same accusations. This go around, Hye Rim called it exactly as it was! She put it all down on the table--she’d completely figured out the truth (which I love--she’s so perceptive) And THEN he distracts her with his ultimate trump card. KISS. And yes, though that kiss was pretty juicy, I’m not sold on Soo Hyun. I want some real sincerity, and I want him to officially give up this second experiment with Hye Rim rather than just saying he’s stopping it to appease her. Though I think we all know he won’t stop the experiment so easily--he has put a lot on the line for this. I’m glad that Mi Ran knows the truth now, and she came so close to telling Hye Rim. Though Soo Hyun tried to sway her and legitimize his actions, I don’t think she’s completely on board. As a psychologist, she knows how dangerous playing with someone’s emotions can be, even if it’s for science--what’s Choi Soo Hyun’s excuse?

Cici: I’m just so angry at Soo Hyun right now, I can hardly even muster up any sympathy for his unfortunate childhood. Yes, his mother leaving him and making him feel like he’d done something wrong was a serious trauma, but his refusal to get professional help in overcoming it now that he’s remembered it is so lame. It just shows how arrogant he’s become, thinking that he can diagnose and cure himself. I can predict one thing for sure--he will never be able to have a sincere relationship with any woman until he comes to terms with his failed relationship with his mother.

Marakeshsparrow: Yes, yes, yes. He can’t treat himself--he should know that. I guess it’s like they say: doctors make the worst patients. Still, is it so hard for him to see that his biased view of women and love stems from this trauma of his? He doesn’t seem like that intuitive a psychologist to me. Then after hearing about his trauma, Hye Rim did all sorts of things to try to cheer him up and make him happy and he responded by totally shutting her down. Until Mi Ran let him know why Hye Rim was behaving so “immaturely.” This is where his behavior continues to confuse--right after he found out, he rushed back to Hye Rim and seemed sincere in what he was saying to her. But was that just another ploy to win her over? Gah! I really don’t know. I think maybe Hye Rim should just save herself the confusion and heartache and have some more fun with Seung Chan. ( ̄~ ̄)

Cici: Now that was a confession I could totally believe. His sincerity is just oozing out of him, and he’s even willing to just be friends with Hye Rim in order to stay close to her. I thought it was touching the way Mi Ran counseled him to like her as much as he wanted to, so he wouldn’t have regrets later. Seems like she is following her own advice.

Marakeshsparrow: I am loving Mi Ran and Seung Chan more and more. She’s such an intelligent and insightful woman. I loved that she mentored him so gently on what he should do regarding Hye Rim. That was really sweet.

Marakeshsparrow: But it made me sad how Seung Chan could tell Hye Rim was rejecting him without even saying a word. And the way he kept thinking “anyone but my brother”--poor baby! He knows how cold and calculating his brother is and believes someone like Hye Rim deserves more. And you know what, I am going to agree! I know it’s appealing to like the “bad boy,” to try to change the one who’s never loved and blah blah blah--but how about having a relationship with someone who is already well adjusted? Someone who is caring and supportive rather than belittling and confusing? //huffs// Ok. Rant over.

Cici: Oh, I agree with everything you’ve said! But for a little comic relief, what did you think of Ji Ho’s confession? I almost died when he went into his earth science lecture in the middle of trying to convince Hye Rim that he likes her. *Snort* And her sister was wise enough to encourage his confession, knowing that he’d be shot down. I did feel bad for him when he was crying, but maybe now he really will be able to open his eyes and see what is right in front of him, lol.

Marakeshsparrow: Awwww, Ji Ho’s a poor baby too! (I seriously can’t with these guys) I love him; he’s so nerdy and out of touch. I wonder if Hye Rim realizes her sister likes him? Not that that would influence her reaction to his confession one way or the other (she was definitely always going to see him as a little brother type), but when she said now he’d be able to see what was around him--it made me wonder. I hope his “heart break” doesn’t last long and he can see he already has something close to a relationship with Yoo Rim. Also, can we take a moment to enjoy those kissing lessons? Hahaha! They make a pretty cute couple.

Ok, so I really enjoyed all that kissing. #NotSorry

Cici: She is such a hoot. But talk about taking advantage of a situation. I can’t say I blame her one bit, though. With any luck, she’ll be able to snag him on the rebound. Or at least throw him down till he cries uncle, lol.

On a totally different topic, what is with President Kim? Why did he request a reading for his daughter out of the blue like that? Was he trying to trap Hye Rim? Did I miss something? It always irritates me when a minor character makes an unexpected appearance that doesn’t seem to have anything to contribute to the plot.

Marakeshsparrow: I don’t know what that was about either! He was also asking about dissociative personality disorder, which made me wonder for one tiny second, if Yoo Sun and Emma was actually his daughter. But then we learned she’d lost her parents and that President Kim has some girl (presumably his daughter) locked away in his mansion Jane Eyre style. I thought he kind of knew Hye Rim wasn’t a “real” fortune teller, so I don’t know why he would try to test her like that. Whatever the case, there’s something strange going on and I guess it’s related to his daughter. And possibly her desire to get married? He seemed pretty touchy about that subject.

Cici: All I can hope is that we’ll get a very brief explanation in the coming episodes. It’s probably not important enough to lose any sleep over, but it is a minor irritant. And I would feel really stupid if it turns out to be the key to unravelling the whole Soo Hyun mess. I must say that I’m also a little confused about the writer’s reasoning behind the case of the week. So far it seems like the main point of each one is to show Soo Hyun what a caring and compassionate person Hye Rim is. She’s actually much more skilled at helping people get to the root of their problems than he is.

Marakeshsparrow: Yup. Hye Rim is definitely winning the psychiatry race. I know I’d choose a consultation with her over Soo Hyun.

Cici: Any day. In fact, I’d choose a consultation with Mi Ran, Hye Rim, Seung Chan, even poor stiff little Ji Ho over that sneaky manipulative Soo Hyun. Oh, wait, am I being too harsh? Um...nope!

Marakeshsparrow: I’m hoping Soo Hyun will win us over eventually. I’m a bit skeptical at the moment, but the guy’s got to have some redeeming qualities, right? Like...being tall?

Cici: Yeah, like my son’s basketball coach used to say, you can’t teach tall. And Soo Hyun is a good kisser. But in my book that all just makes him even more dangerous. Get your act together, Soo Hyun!

So what did you think of these kisses, //ehem// I mean episodes? Are you team Soo Hyun despite all his schemes? Or are you rooting for one of our other boys? Let us know who you’d choose to be your valentine in the poll below! And join us next week as we dish about more Madame Antoine!

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