Confessions, flowers, lies, tests and conflicted feelings are what we were dished last week on Madam Antoine. Hye Rim knows all about the experiment but still wants to believe that love is real. Soo Hyun doesn’t believe in love and wants to still prove that, but can’t quite ignore his chemical attraction to Hye Rim. Join Marakeshsparrow, Wendilynn and me, Cici, as we contemplate whether or not to bend them over our knees and spank some sense into them.

Cici: I can hardly believe that Soo Hyun is still continuing with the experiment and still lying to Hye Rim about it. That’s almost as incomprehensible to me as the fact that Hye Rim is still believing that he has given the experiment up, in spite of all evidence to the contrary. What is with these people??? Spankings all around!

Marakeshsparrow: So I have to say, I was loving the eleventh episode where Hye Rim was purposely making Soo Hyun’s life a living hell. Hahaha! I was cracking up at everything she did! Making him sing to her all night long, just acting crazy in general--it was too good. I wish she’d taken the experiment a little farther though, she really just got that other woman involved as a test to see how much Soo Hyun actually cares for her. //shrugs// So much for payback. But where I start to lose my patience is with the fact that he insists on continuing to lie to her. How many times will she almost figure out the truth and how many times will he be able to worm his way out of it? Oy!--I feel like we’re going around on some crazy hamster wheel. My main question is: Why can’t Soo Hyun just find another test subject??? Then he could have love and continue to pursue his thesis without all the frustrations! I mean, that would make the most sense. But noooo…

Wendilynn: Its clear we are missing some vital information to our story. And the arrival of the woman who might be Soo Hyun’s mother may be the key to your questions. I on the other hand do not feel like I’m lost on a hamster wheel. What I feel I am watching is two people who don’t know how to trust trying to fall in love. She’s been betrayed before and while she honestly loves Soo Hyun, she knows he’s still holding onto the experiment. She doesn’t want to believe it, but she knows. She is still trying to give him chances to make it right. With him, I see a guy who is dealing with some serious abandonment issues. Who once had a crystal clear view of life that has had it knocked around by his “chemical attachment”. lol I love that he can’t even really admit it's real love, but refers to it as a dopamine addiction.


Wendilynn: And now that she has acted flaky with him by breaking up, AS SHE SHOULD DO, he’s got to be feeling even more uncertain. I can’t help but feel that he’s at war with himself.

Cici: Well, if that’s the case, he’s his own worst enemy. I understand his issues, I even understand his reluctance to give up three years of research and his reputation. But I really don’t get why he insists on using Hye Rim as his test subject. He was perfectly fine with taking himself out of the experiment for a while, why couldn’t he change the subject? And another thing that really bothered me...when he first implemented the experiment on Hye Rim, she didn’t catch on until someone spelled it out for her. But when she tried to turn the table on him, he caught on right away! That hardly seems fair, and it really makes her look stupid. One of the things I liked the most about this drama was that Hye Rim was a pretty savvy woman. Now she just looks ridiculous. Although, forcing him to make that flower confession was pretty sweet. I give her full points for that.


Marakeshsparrow: I think he knew something was going on because of how crazy she started acting with him. She wasn’t herself at all. On the flip side, Hye Rim didn’t really know Soo Hyun that well when the experiment started (and maybe doesn’t still), so it wasn’t *quite* as easy to detect that something strange was afoot. BUT, I agree--I really wish he hadn’t caught on so easily because I think that plot-line could have been stretched out a bit for more comic relief. Now something that made me actually really like Soo Hyun was how he dealt with Mi Ran and Seung Chan. The fact that he urged his brother to take her to eat something healthy (cake?) and told him to treat her well, even how he made Ji Ho promise just to keep Mi Ran’s crush between them--that me feel like deep down he’s really a decent guy.


Marakeshsparrow: I think he’s just so driven to prove his theory that he can’t behave the way he should with Hye Rim. That still doesn’t explain why he can’t find another test subject, but I’m trying to cut him a little slack.

Wendilynn: Well, I think there is money involved when you start an experiment, and changing subjects means starting over and he has a bottom line of investors to make happy...blah blah blah. I also don’t know why he doesn’t just change test subjects. I really became convinced this time around that Soo Hyun is not a bad guy. He’s got blinders on like crazy, but I really think this drama wants us to explore when two people shoot themselves in the foot romantically. It's been awhile since I’ve watched a drama where two people really sabotage themselves so completely. I think we are meant to explore this scenario of what happens when two people can’t be honest with each other. For all his lies, she’s also not telling him that she knows. She would free him of his chain to this experiment by telling him she knows. That would end it. Right now, Soo Hyun is letting the scientist be in control. And a scientist will see the ridiculousness to the end. How can you really test a theory if you don’t see it in all its mess? But he will lose everything that is starting to mean something to him by doing it.

Cici: I think you hit on a key word here: control. Soo Hyun is a control freak. There, I said it. That’s why he can’t give up the experiment and just love Hye Rim--there is a definite lack of control in loving someone. I'm not saying I don't understand it--his sad background with his mother abandoning him at such an early age would be enough to make anyone need to be in control of every other aspect of their life. I also think that’s why he told Seung Chan to treat Mi Ran well. He had to boss him around as soon as he found out about Mi Ran's crush, even though Seung Chan was already treating her well. He should have just remembered the maxim, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” If he had just kept quiet, things wouldn’t have gotten weird, Seung Chan wouldn’t have found out and wigged out, and Mi Ran could have continued her pleasant little fantasy. That was the one part of the drama that was still fun. *Pouts*


Marakeshsparrow: To be fair, I feel like it was more Ji Ho’s fault that Seung Chan found out, because he has to be awkward about everything and take it too far. Ha ha! But I really can’t fault him for that--the boy’s so cute! I love that he’s finally discovered that the person truly in his heart is Yoo Rim. Though I appreciate that she’s making him fight for it now, that she’s not just going to roll over and accept him after he turned her down so bluntly. I loved the part where he asked if she wanted to meet him back at the spot where they’d practiced kissing, presumably to continue practice. lol! He’s such a little boy about things. But back to Mi Ran and Seung Chan--I wonder what’s going to happen now that the cat’s out of the bag? Will he continue to be all weird with her? I’m hoping not. Oh, also, on a side note--he said they had a 38 year age gap. 38 years! How old is she? He’s got to be in his late 20s right? So...does that put her in her mid 60s? If so, BRAVO! Girl is looking amazing for her age. I seriously thought she was inher late 40s…

Wendilynn: Oh, I knew she was older because she had retired before. She came back as a favor to Soo Hyun. I really hope that they don’t destroy that because now Seung Chan is going to be all sorts of weirded out. With good reason. So there is a part of me that feels sad for Mi Ran now. On the Ji Hoo front, his nightmare cracked me up. He’s fallen in love and has no clue what it all means, but he was really stupid before and hurt Yoo Rim, so he deserves to suffer for awhile.

Marakeshsparrow: So I just wanted to mention the case of the week quickly--how strange was it that Soo Hyun’s old school friend stole his identity and booked all these appearances and what not saying he was the psychologist Choi Soo Hyun? I’m still not 100% sure I understand what his motivation for stealing identities is--to impress his mom? Whatever the case, I have a feeling this is all somehow leading up to the issue with the President and his daughter. What do you think that was all about? I had seen him as a kindly ahjussi type figure, but now...I’m not so sure…

Cici: I think his friend has a serious illness stemming from his desire to please his mother, but I really hated how she assumed the blame for his problems when all she had done was to tell him that she believed in him. That just didn’t sit well with me. It’s like parents are danged if they don’t support their kids, and danged if they do. But I will say I’m intrigued by President Kim and his daughter. Oooo, what if it turns out he’s really creepy, like some kind of serial murderer?

Wendilynn: I don’t think he’s a serial killer, but this is Korean society where you are responsible whether you actually did anything or not. At first I loved how in these dramas people took responsibility for their actions, but oh boy, can they go overboard. I think something tragic happened to the chairman’s family and he and his granddaughter blame him for it. He’s got a nervous tick for a reason. As for our ‘white agent’, I think that his desire to be live up to his mom’s faith in him led him to devalue what made him special in his own right. Since he couldn’t be himself, he had to be someone else, and the secret agent delusion allowed him to justify it.


Marakeshsparrow: I’m definitely intrigued by the President’s story. And I agree, Wendilynn, my first thought was that “killing” them really just meant he’s figuratively responsible somehow… But I don’t know… he seemed a little unhinged when Hye Rim tried to convince him his daughter needs help. That makes me eager to see next week’s episodes...the push and pull between Hye Rim and Soo Hyun, not so much. Though I agree Sung Joon can be pretty dreamy. haha

Wendilynn: Next week. I think that’s going to be our kicker episodes for this drama. Our make or break spot. Clearly from the previews it all hits the fan in the next episodes. That lone scene of Sung Joon with puppy dog eyes and a single tear coursing down his cheek made me want to hug him. 

Cici: You go right ahead. But you'd better hurry. That last scene where he decides to go ahead with Part 2 of his experiment even after telling Mi Ran that he's quitting made me want to strangle him. The only thing saving him at this point is the fact that we still have four episodes left for him to redeem himself!


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