As delicious as cup ramen is, it never tastes like the real thing. A new powder seasoning attempts to change that.

Flavorful broth is important for real ramen lovers. A new seasoning made of mackarel and bonito powder will give your cup ramen broth the richness of real ramen broth. The powdered broth that comes with your cup ramen is made with cheap artificial seasoning, but this new powder will make your 200 yen instant udon or ramen taste almost like the 1000 yen bowl at your favorite ramen shop! Perfect for soy sauce, miso, curry or cream sauce flavored ramen, the powder will give your broth the little extra something that will be sure to satisfy your craving for that rich ramen taste. All it takes is one small scoop of the powder, just mix it with the powder that already comes with your cup.

There are two types of the powder, black pepper and shichimi (Japanese red pepper), which both sell for 525 yen. If ramen is your thing, but you can't afford to eat it as much as you want, this magic powder may just be your ticket to ramen paradise.