1148981_344227859044830_1635573615_n   New York City's Chinatown is welcoming the official opening of its first ever "Maid Cafe." While not a new phenomenon, this particular Maid Cafe will be the first of it's kind in New York and the East Coast. According to the press release:
"Maid Cafe NY is a theme café, hoping to interest young adults by offering unique Japanese food, drink and merchandise served by professionally trained servers dressed in cute maid outfits in a fashionable Japanese pop setting. Food and drink include Japanese curry, various Matcha Green Tea sweets, frozen yogurt and Japanese style parfait and crepe will be served. Maid Cafe also offers occasional live music entertainment."
Sounds like fun! For those of you in the area, come check out the Grand Opening, slated for August 18th. There will be various J-pop performances at Mika Japanese Cuisine & Bar, Maid Café NY’s sister restaurant, on the 2nd floor of 150 Centre Street. Guests to perform at the grand opening will include Reni Mimura, Uncle Yo, Maids from Maid Café NY, Hitomo Hime, Moe Moe Honey and DJ MASA. Meanwhile, stay tuned for more updates and images as I personally visit the cafe and its adorable maids! Grand Opening- August 18th, 150 Centre Street, NY, New York 11am- 3:30pm https://www.facebook.com/MaidCafeNY